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“You and I against an army. I love those odds”
— Laurel to Jo[1]

Jaurel is the femslash ship between Laurel Lance and Joanna de la Vega from the Arrow fandom.



Joanna tells Laurel that they can’t win their case, but Laurel says that if they can’t win against a man who swindled so many people out of homes then they’re not fit to be a legal aid office. Joanna tells her that if they go bankrupt in the process then they won’t be a legal aid office. They have an army of lawyers, but Laurel says that she loves the odd’s. Joanna sarcastically asks why Laurel hates her and walks away.

Joanna goes over to Laurel, and tells her that their judge got changed, to one in Adam Hunt's back pocket. Joanna says it’s fun being Laurel’s friend since she gets to say “I told you so” a lot. Laurel says that she can still do it, but Joanna tells her that they’re not as rich or as dirty as the other guys. Laurel says they don’t need to go outside the law to find justice, Joanna saying that it’s Laurel’s dad’s favorite jingle.

Laurel ends her calls as Joanna tells her that she got a call from one of their clients against Adam Hunt, which Laurel did as well. Joanna says that Star City has a guardian angel, and that Laurel’s cute friend is there.


The ship is a rare pair in the Arrow fandom. The fandom liked the friendship and Jo a lot, but as she was written out halfway through the first season, following the death of her brother, the relationship didn't have a lot of time to develop a following. Joanna also didn't get a lot of screen time, which was fairly diminished following the Pilot, or individual development. This lead to Laurel being shipped more with other women, like Helena Bertinelli.



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Notes and references

  1. Pilot (101)


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