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JayDick is the family ship between Dick Grayson and Jason Todd from the DC Comics fandom.


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Both Dick Grayson and Jason Todd were adopted by Bruce Wayne on separate occasions, Jason inheriting Dick's former title Robin when he did so. Jason typically tried to prove himself to be better than Dick, while Dick tried to be more of an older brother.


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In one of the 2021 annual stories of the Nightwing series titled, Blood Brothers [1], Dick learns from Barbara that someone posing as Red Hood has killed three FBI agents and an informant in a high profile case when she showed him the video of the deed, while thinking that it was in fact Jason who killed them. Dick on the other hand refused to believe what he saw in the video, but knowing that Jason would blamed for it, he goes in search of his brother. As he addressed Jason as his brother when he tells Barbara that he is going out to find and help him.

During a flashback scene of when Dick was fired as Robin and a young Jason was still learning what it went to uphold Dick's former title, Alfred had called Dick to come over and talk to Jason. Knowing that it would do the both of them some good. Even though Dick wasn't aware of that fact until after Alfred had led him to Jason's room. Dick learns that Jason was benched from not meeting certain standards, Dick's standards as Jason felt that Batman wants him to be more like the golden boy that Dick was as Robin. The two then go back and forth on the subject until Dick tells him that there is more to being Robin than Batman alone can teach him, so he offers to train Jason while their "father" is out of town. The two then suit and go on portal in the Batmobile, Jason asks Dick the point he is trying to make with him, Dick begins to explain Robin's role beside Batman. As Robin is the more talkative one who serves as a distraction, along with how he and Batman were an effective team by Dick being the annoying one of the two. Jason liked that and tells Dick that he can do that. Dick then tells him that Robin also needs to be there for the victims. When the two came across an injured man had his son Sam taken by a robber, the two go to save him. After they found and saved the kid from the robber, Dick sees Jason pushing the man and goes to stop him, as he tells him that he had gone too far. On the drive home Dick tells Jason that can understand why he has so much anger and that there will be times they want to hurt the criminals they face, but they have to be better than them. Jason tells Dick that he is sorry and if Batman would be told of what he did, but Dick tells him no and that he is sure that brothers are meant to keep each other's secrets.

Back in the present, Nightwing finds Red Hood who tells him that he wasn't the one who killed those men. Nightwing tells him that he knows that he is innocent or Jason would how owned up to it, he then asks Jason to remove his shirt so he can see if he has the bruise to conform a theory and after seeing it is on the wrong side he takes off. Red Hood helps Nightwing to search for a clue to who the fake Red Hood is, even though he wasn't happy that Nightwing was having him search for it in the sewer. Nightwing explains that the bullet that hit "him" wasn't recovered and fell down a sewer drain. After Red Hood finds it the two go to the Batcave to scan it, as the clay results confirmed his theory of who the fake Red Hood is. With help from Barbara the two go to comfort him at the restraint he was attacking, and when the two go there in the Batmobile Red Hood asks Nightwing to hit his imposter hard. Which he does as it gets Clayface to reveal himself before the two former Robins began to attack him. When Clayface got Nightwing in his clutches, Red Hood hits the criminal with the freeze gun to save him. The two then get Clayface to tell them who got him to masquerade as Red Hood, or else they'll turn him into the world's disappointing ice cream. The name of the man behind it all causes Red Hood to freeze and then smash Clayface. Nightwing asks Red Hood if he was okay, and Red Hood tells him that he isn't okay as the man the FBI are after is a drug lord and killer who got away with it when he disappeared. Knowing how much Red Hood drug hates drug dealing criminals, Nightwing gets Barbara to lock on the man's location so he and Red Hood can stop him from leaving the country, and then hands Red Hood the key to the Batmobile so he can drive it. After Red Hood drives the Batmobile into the wheels of the plain to ground it, the two go to find Wolfgang. Who Red Hood beats with his crowbar, until Nightwing told him enough. As much as he wanted to punish the drug lord for his many crimes he decided to do the right, and let the law deal with him. This pleased Nightwing.

After the two walk back to the damaged Batmobile Red Hood stated that the two need to get the car back to the cave, before Batman noticed that it was gone. Nightwing then asks Red Hood if the world's greatest detective would notice the damage done to it. Red Hood smiles as he tells him that while Batman will notice the two of them don't have to own up to it. After all brothers are meant to keep each other's secrets.


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The Autumn of Terra set Batman film, Gotham by Gaslight features Dick and Jason as orphan children beside Tim, who are forced to steal for Big Bill Dusk. Because neither of them have parents and have had much taken away from them, the boys became each other's family. Dick being the oldest has him looking out for Jason, even though Jason had first appeared as the leader of the three when they tried to attack an elderly couple for money, while Dick reminds Jason to not use their names in front of their targets. They have heard rumours of Batman but didn't believe in them, as the two tell Tim that he is only something that grownups make up to ensure that kids like them behave. Until the night they come face to face with the Batman himself, who tells the three to return to their mothers. Dick and Jason tell him that they don't have parents and are each other's family, while taking back from Gotham as they know that Big Bill will only come after them if they were to run away from him. This gets Batman to give the boys a chance to get a head start when they go to seek refuge at a church that takes in orphans. When Alfred caught Jason trying to steal from one of the carriages Dick asks him to not turn Jason over to the police, before scolding Jason for going against what Sister Lesly had been trying to teach them at her funerial. Because Alfred showed them kindness by giving them food, Dick, Jason and Tim agree to deliver an unknown package. Not knowing that is in it has Jason wanting to steal it, along with the cart and the horse, but Dick was on Tim's to do what they were asked. Along with reminding Jason that he is one of the three who can read. After they help Alfred and Tim save Batman and Salina, Dick and Jason tell them that they shouldn't be sad for the burning fair and that all of them can create something that is real and better.

Batman Ninja has Nightwing and Red Hood being sent back to the feudal era of antient Japan beside the other Robins and Gotham City's top criminals, before Batman joins them two years later. During those two years Nightwing, Red Hood and the other two Robins get taken in by the Bat Clan who teach them the ways of the Ninja and how to survive in their timeline. Red Hood being the loner that he is has him serving as a scout who keeps an eye on Gotham's criminals who have each made themselves feudal lords, while Nightwing remains with the others, since their youngest Robin has befriended a monkey who has away to find the messages that are sent to them. Sometime after Batman gets reunited with his Robins and has recovered from their battle with Joker, Red Hood regroups with Nightwing and the others as they prepare for their epic battle with Gotham's criminals, so they can get their hands on the machine that will send them all home.

The relationship between Jason and Dick depends on the choices that viewers make in the interaction movie version of Under the Red Hood, Batman: Death in the Family. In the versions that have Bruce die in Jason's place, Dick does what he can to be there for Jason as he recovers from his injures while using the Bat computer to help them find Joker as his way to work through their loss. Jason had promised Dick and the others that they'll bring in Joker the right way together, while Jason secretly wants to kill Joker alone. Jason's monolog has him calling Dick a big brother and had became annoyed by Dick telling him Batman stories over and over again. With Bruce gone Dick becomes Batman in his place while Jason continues on as Robin. The second part of this version also depends on what Jason does after he kills the Joker at a dinner, allows himself to be arrested for what he did or becomes a murderer version of Red Robin as he makes it his mission to kill all criminals. Dick as Batman tries to stop Red Robin knowing that he has to be stopped. The ending of this version also depends on what Red Robin does next, in the one that has he getting defeated by Two-Face and begins to regret what he did Dick welcomes him back as Jason tries to atone for what he did as Red Robin. The other version of Red Robin's battle with Two-Face has him meeting Tim Drake who becomes Bat Kid, while Dick makes sure that the redeemed Red Robin doesn't stray from the path Bruce set the two of them on again. While in the versions that does have Jason becoming Red Hood in an attempt to lore Joker out, Dick tries to arrest Jason for what he did as Red Hood, even when one of the option endings has Jason not killing Joker and needed the support of his family when he realises that he broke his promise to Batman. Dick eventually welcomes Jason back in the version that Jason deciding to save Bruce after he learns that Talia al Ghul had brought a broken minded Batman from the dead, and later brings Bruce back to the Bat family so they can all look for ways to cure him. Jason decides to let Dick do the field work while he takes time off to truly recover after he burns his Red Hood gear and clothes. In versions that have both Jason and Bruce surviving the blast, an angry recovering Jason sees Dick as a victim of Bruce's mummy-daddy issues who is giving him false smiles to find his true pity thoughts of him and no longer wanted to be part of a family, while Dick was only happy that Jason was alive, as all those negative thoughts were in Jason's head.


Lego Batman: Family Matters

  • After Red Hood reveals himself to be Jason, he and Nightwing briefly bond over the amount of money Bruce would give them from doing their chores.
    • Along with how Batman would tell the two that they have to earn their way in the world.
  • Nightwing asks Jason why he attacked and captured them, while reminding him that they were family.


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While there are those that ship the two just as brothers, some see them not as this due to both of them being adopted. Their blue and red color scheme and how they act with one another through their brothers-like bond has inspired a small group of fans to compare the two with Leonardo and Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The relationship between the golden boy and rebel is one of main key elements that draws fans to them and other brothers and siblings who are similar to the two. As one group enjoys their rivalry, while another group enjoys the brother bond they have formed.

Those who are exited for the upcoming Gotham Knights game were pleased when the resent demo sneak peak focused Nightwing and Red Hood. As it had the two fight beside each other, along with giving fans a tested to what their relationship in the game will be like. When Dick was trying to help Jason with their shared grief of losing Bruce [2].

Fanworks of the pairing have appeared on YouTube, Archive of Our Own, Tumblr, DeviantART, Wattpad, and Based on works posted at Ao3, it is the most popular pairing for both of these characters and is particularly popular in the DC comics fandom. This pairing also appears in Teen Titans and Young Justice fandoms. It is also the second most popular pairing in the live actions Titans TV series fandom, despite the two's limited interactions.



JayDick posts on Tumblr


  • The two are set to appear in Gotham Knights.



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