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JayGar is the slash ship between Jason Todd and Garfield Logan from the Titans fandom.


Season 2


In the training room, Jason is wearing a blind fold and holding a wooden sword. He tells Gar not to hold back when they fight, and Gar nod's. Jason asks if he just nodded and Gar says that he did. He won't hold back. The two spar for a while, till Jason turns his back and Gar hits him in the head. Jason's offended, but Gar points out that he was the one that said "don't hold back". Rachel and Dick walk in and Dick asks what's going on, and Jason says that Gar went nuts on him. Gar says that Jason said "don't hold back

Jason, Rachel and Gar wait in the training room trying to figure out what Dick is doing with Rose. Jason says that he's probably going to offer her a spot on the team, and Gar says he knew people would join, just not so soon. Jason says that they don't know who or what she is, and Rachel says she's a person who needs help. Gar suggests she's an alien, and Jason says that she can fight and has had training. Gar says that her eye is gone but already fully healed, and Jason asks if he's serious. He votes to kick her out, and Gar asks if they even get a vote. Jason then says the he knows how they can find out who she is.

Gar and Jason use a facial recognition software to identify Rose. When it comes through, Gar reads it, including that Rose's dad is Slade Wilson. Jason recognizes that name and Gar asks who he is. Jason call him Deathstroke.


Gar asks Jason if he's okay, and Jason says that he's been knocked down before. Gar says that Dick didn't mean anything by what he did, but Jason says that he did. Jason knows that he's just a favor in the house of rejects, and Gar says that he's not a reject. Jason wasn't referring to Gar, and Gar says that Jason isn't a reject either. Jason offers to help with monitor duty, and Gar allows it. Jason points out a black spot and Gar says that their heat sensors can't read in the train station. Jason suggests that the station has their own, and Gar gets in. They get inside and calls Jason amazing, since they found Dr. Light. Gar goes to tell Dick, but Jason thinks that they should go ahead just to make sure. Gar knows what he's doing and says no, but Jason says that he needs a chance to show Dick what he can do. Gar says that Dick knows what he can do, but Jason insists that they go. Gar gives in, and they head out.

They arrive at the subway and Gar points out the if it was just doing reconassaince, Jason wouldn't be wearing his Robin suit. Jason points out that they're looking into a homicidal pschopath, and that safety should come first. Gar says that he's calling Dick, but Jason convinces him to wait. He suggests they split up and Gar questions if Jason has ever seen a horror movie. Jason says that they can get it done in half the time, and splits off on his own, must to Gar's terror.

Gar is searching on his own when he suddenly hears Jason screaming. He calls for him and runs towards the sound, only to find a stretch of blood on the ground.

Season 3


Gar goes to Molly's house and asks if she's scene Jason. Molly tells him about the last time she saw him and Gar says that Jason's in trouble. Molly asks what he'll do when he finds him and Gar says that he just wants to help him. Molly says it's like the old Jason is dead, and Gar asks if there was anything different about him when he came back. Molly asks what he's actually asking her and Gar says that he needs to talk to Jason. To fix what's happening. Molly asks if Gar thinks he's the one for the job, and Gar says he won't be alone.


Gar turns a corner and see's Jason, but Jason yells that Dick sent him and he's on their side. He shoots a cop to prove it, and Gar thanks him. He tells Gar to set up the router while he takes the hall. Gar tells Dick that he should have told him about Jason, and Dick asks if he would have gone inside if he did. Gar says that he still should have told him.


Season 2


  • Jason tells Dick to tell it to "tiger boy".


  • Gar stops Rachel from hurting Jason.
  • Gar watches Jason confront Dick.


  • Gar tells Dick and Rachel what happened to Jason.
  • Rachel tries to comfort Gar about Jason being missing.
  • Gar takes his frustration over Jason being missing out on Rose.


  • Gar mentions Conner saving Jason.


  • Jason reads Rachel's text about Gar being in trouble.

Season 3

Barbara Gordon

  • Kory tells Gar and Conner that Jason was killed by the Joker.

Hank & Dove

  • Gar call Bruce about Jason being alive.
  • Gar remakrs on how they don't go after their own, in regards to Jason.
  • Gar asks if Jason really wants to kill Hank.

Lady Vic

  • Gar talks with Dick about what he planned to do with Jason.


  • Gar mentions that Crane is controlling Jason, and when Dick says that's no longer Jason, Gar becomes sad.
  • Gar looks through Jason's room and is able to find a clue as to where he is.
  • Kory reassures Gar that they'll find Jason.
  • Gar goes to Molly's house and shows her Jason's letter, saying he wants to help him.


  • Gar tells Dick that Jason wants to meet.
  • Gar tells the Titans that Jason deserves a second chance, just like he got.

Purple Rain

  • Gar immediatly guesses the security code when told Jason came up with it.
  • Dick says that Gar always saw Jason behind the Hood.


Due to their shared moments in season 2, JayGar quickly turned from a relatively background ship to a fan favorite. As a result, JayGar is decently popular in the Titans fandom. Fans of the ship enjoy their friendship and wanted more scenes between the two in season 3. The ship is fairly popular on TikTok. On AO3, JayGar is the twelfth most written ship in the Titans (TV 2018) tag.



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