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JeArmin is the slash ship between Jean Kirstein and Armin Arlert from the Attack on Titan fandom.


In the "sudden visitors" OVA Armin is in team with Jean and tries to help him beat Sasha in a cook off. When Armin breaks his leg he is unhappy that he can no longer be of use to Jean.

On their first scouting mission, Jean admits that Armin used to creep him out, but he has always believed in his abilities.

During the rematch between Eren and Annie, Jean and Armin are seen talking on the rooftop before working together to lead Annie into a trap. In the aftermath of the fight they have a couple scenes together, talking everything over.

Armin tries to protect Jean from a titan after he is knocked unconscious during the Scouts' operation to retrieve Eren. On their return back he and Jean are on horseback together.

In the cabin, the two of them are shown together when Eren wakes up after remember Ymir and Bertholdt's conversation.

When Armin and Jean are disguised as Historia and Eren, Jean struggles to watch as one of their captors fondles Armin and makes him cry. Later when Levi instructs Armin to fix the man's gag, Jean does it for him to spare him any more distress.

When Jean is about to be killed by one of Kenny's subordinates Armin shoots her to save his life, despite this going against his morals.

Jean and Armin are seen talking to each other and working together on Historia's orphan farm.

Jean seems to place great faith in Armin as shown when he repeatedly turns to him for advice when their situation becomes dire during the Battle of Shiganshina.

When Bertholdt burns Armin, Jean cries at Armin's supposed death and is relieved and emotional at his revival.

In Attack on Titan: Junior High!, Jean said, “Maybe I haven’t got a girlfriend because we’re always together.“ which means they always hang out and do that kind of stuff together.


Armin and Jean are seen together at the end of some volumes, like volume 21.

JeArmin is shipped mainly by manga readers and a few anime viewers. It is one of the most popular yaoi ships in Attack On Titan.



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