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Jeanlumi is the femslash ship between Jean Gunnhildr and Lumine from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Archon Quest

In Act 1 of Mondstadt's Quest, Lumine first meets Jean at the Acting Grand Master's office, Jean introduces herself. Jean tells Lumine that they simply ask that repose in Mondstadt while they help her seek out her brother.

In Act 2 of Mondstadt's Quest, Lumine sees Jean talking to someone. Lumine let her finish talking to someone and she'll go to her and say hi. After Jean finished talking to someone, Lumine then went to her. Jean thanked her help, Lumine wanted to tell something to the Knights of Favonius so Jean and Lumine went back to the Headquarters of the Knights of Favionus. Lumine gave a teardrop crystal. Jean asks Lumine a flavor, Jean then tells Lumine to accept the title of Honorary Knight and the graditude of the Acting Grand Master. At the tavern Venti and Lumine were there with Diluc due to Lumine stealing the Holy Lyre Der Himmel, Diluc bringed Jean, Jean was surprised as Lumine was the one who stole the Holy Lyre Der Himmel. While Diluc wanted Venti to persuade him and play the song again, Jean believed Lumine that she wasn't the one who stole it.

In Act 3 of Mondstadt's Quest, after Lumine defeated Dvalin, Lumine meets Amber. Amber tells Lumine that Jean told her all of Lumine's heroic deeds.

Leo Minor

When Lumine was about to give Jean some commissions, Jean then fainted so Lumine took her to the Cathedral. Lumine helped Jean with all the commissions. When Lumine went back to the Cathedral to see Jean, Barbara tells her that Jean is at Windrise so Lumine went there to see Jean if her condition is now okay. Jean and Lumine came across a Pyro Abyss Mage so they followed the Pyro Abyss Mage. When Lumine was hurted, Jean asks if she was fine, she said she'll use her dandelion field to heal Lumine, they then continue to find the Pyro Abyss Mage. After defeating the Pyro Abyss Mage, they then went back to Mondstadt. Swan tells Jean to go to the tavern since it was important, when Jean came inside the tavern, she was welcomed a thank-you party, Kaeya told Jean that Lumine was the key organizer behind all of it. When Lumine talks to Lisa, Lisa tells her that Jean went upstairs to the balcony alone, now it was her chance. When Lumine went upstairs and went to the balcony, Jean wanted to thank her again.

Jean's Birthday Mail

In her first birthday mail, Jean gives Lumine one of her specialty which is the Invigorating Pizza, Jean also gave 10 Philanemo Mushroom, Jean tells Lumine that she would like to discuss this issue with her face to face and listen to your suggestions. Jean then tells Lumine that she has have seen a lot during her travels, so perhaps she can recommend a fitting celebration method. Or perhaps their meeting can be the celebration.

In her second birthday mail, Jean gives Lumine 3 Windwheel Asters, 2 Chaos Cores and her specialty, Invigorating Pizza. She starts off saying she was chased out of her office by the other knights, then heading to Starsnatch cliff where she found some potential hazards.


Jeanlumi is a small ship and it doesn't get that much attention. It's considered a rarepair within the fandom since it's overshadowed by its rival ships. Jeanlumi's rival ships are Jeanlisa, Jeanluc, and ChiLumi, which are far more popular ships. On AO3, Jeanlumi currently has only 9+ romantic works and 18+ gen works. As it's a small ship, it also doesn't have a lot of fan art created.



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