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Jeiro is the polyship between Shiro, Keith and James from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Season 7


During a flashback, Keith and James are classmates in their formal operational years. Shiro comes to their school looking for “the next generation of astroexplores.” James is excited, while Keith only looks out a window. Soon Shiro has them and the rest of their class outside at a flight simulator. James and others complete the simulator, with no one making it past level 3. Only Keith left, he excels and completes level 5. James looks over Keith’s shoulder, saying, “No way! Keith made it past level 5! Thing’s gotta be broken…” Shiro is impressed, asking if Keith is on the list of students that his teacher made. He is not; instead she introduces James as he has the highest grades. Moments later Keith steals Shiro’s car, with James looking on in absolute shock and Shiro silently stunned.

Later, Keith and James are now cadets at the Galaxy Garrison. Shiro, along with observing senior officers, is intruding them and other cadets on what to do during a simulation flight. Keith gets bored and starts “showing off,” resulting in the simulation coming to a stop. The entire group of student ends up in trouble. As the group is lined up, James looks to Keith, sarcastically saying, “Thanks a lot.” Not missing a beat, Keith quips back, “My pleasure.” James and Keith got at it for a moment before James brings up Keith's parents. Keith immediately punches James, knocking him down. Before Keith could land another blow, Commander Iverson picks Keith up off of James, thus breaking up their fight.

Soon after, Keith and James are sitting outside an administers office, James is frowning right at Keith as Keith looks down. Shiro comes out of the office after speaking with the woman inside. As Shiro opens the door for James, James continues looking at Keith, never reverting his eyes until he's inside the office.


With Shiro/Keith already being one of the fandom’s most popular ships, and James/Keith proving itself to be more than just a “crack ship,” it wasn’t long before the two of them came together with their shared history. In most Jeiro works, Shiro and Keith are in an established relationship with James pining for Keith, where he’s then invited into Shiro and Keith’s relationship.

Jeiro had its first dedicated week, which ran from November 12th - November 18th, 2018. (Under the name “Shaith.”)



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Jaith refers to the ship between James and Keith
Shames refers to the ship between Shiro and James
Sheith refers to the ship between Shiro and Keith


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