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Jelsa is the het ship between Elsa and Jack from the Frozen and Rise of the Guardians fandoms.


Elsa and Jack never meet due to Jack being a DreamWorks character, while Elsa is a Disney character.

Both Jack and Elsa have cryokinesis powers, that they both use to bring joy to others and to walk across water, along with them being older siblings. The two have also became the fifth members of a magical group of four, the Guardians of Childhood and the Spirits of the Enchanted Forest, after they helped them to bring peace and joy back to the world. Similar to how Jack had remembered his forgotten from his Memory Box, Elsa visited a magical place to see the memories of others, which allowed both of them to discover who they really are and meant to be through their powers. Even though it was Jack's own selfless action that granted him his abilities, Elsa's were do to the actions of her mother.


The crossover pairing is very popular in both fandoms. Due to this, Frozen was added to the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom and then renamed the fandom as Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons. It's the largest pairing for Elsa and one of the top pairings for Jack Frost as well. However, the lack of any new Rise of the Guardians media has caused a decrease in popularity and not as massively phenomenal as it once was. Overexposure and negative interactions with fans could be another cause of the ships decline.

Elsa is sometimes portrayed in her modern clothes from Ralph Breaks the Internet when placed in the Guardians setting. Elsa getting frozen led fans to theorize that Elsa became an immortal like Jack. Most explore this in fanon so she and Jack can forever be together.

There have also been times when fans feature the two as siblings. One of those rare occasions sometimes has Loki of the Marvel universe as their father. While the Frozen Tangled Guardians crossover fandom has Jack as Elsa's father.

On AO3, Jelsa is the fourth most written ship for Jack and the third most written for Elsa. It is also the fourth most written ship in the Rise of the Guardians (2012), Guardians of Childhood & Related Fandoms and Frozen (Films) tags. While on YouTube there are quite a few videos that commonly have Jack and Elsa singing duets of Elsa's sole songs.



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Elsannack refers to the ship between Elsa, Anna and Jack Frost
Hijackelsa refers to the ship between Hiccup, Jack and Elsa


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