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Jetave is the het ship between Jet and Wave from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Jet and Wave are both members of the Babylon Rogues along with Storm the Albatross in every canon where the two appear. As such, Jet and Wave usually appear together.



Jet and Wave comprise two-thirds of the current generation of the Babylon Rogues - a legendary band of thieves with ancient ties to the genie-like Babylonian race. Jet was handed leadership of the Rogues from his father while Wave succeeded her own father as the group's mechanic. Together with Storm, Jet and Wave continued the group's legacy, stealing valuable treasures and receiving world acclaim. A critical part of their success was through their mastery of Extreme Gear - advanced hoverboards first developed by previous generations of the Rogues to quickly traverse the globe and find treasure. Wave was a master of maintaining and upgrading the group's Gear while Jet was so masterful in riding it that he earned the title of "Legendary Wind Master".

Sonic Riders

On a particular night, Wave (along with Storm) became aware that the notorious Dr. Eggman wanted to talk to Jet aboard the Rogues' personal airship. Wave arrived in Jet's office shortly after Storm barged in, berating Storm about entering unannounced. Wave is briefly sidetracked from delivering the news when she and Storm notice the Key to Babylon Garden - an heirloom passed through the Rogues' leadership - on Jet's desk, prompting a discussion about how it could lead to their ancestral home of Babylon Garden and the treasures said to be held within. Wave attempts to reach for the key, but Storm pulls it away from her thinking she would use it in "some crazy experiement". The ensuing argument is interrupted when Jet yells at them, getting the two back on track with telling him about Eggman's arrival - right as the scientist arrives in the office. Wave stands aside as Eggman reveals to Jet that the key also requires the Chaos Emeralds to reveal Babylon Garden, and offers the Rogues a job in acquiring them by participating in his EX World Grand Prix - an Extreme Gear racing competition with an entry fee of a Chaos Emerald with the winner getting all seven. Jet agreed to the plan, despite Eggman introducing them to their main obstacle in the form of Sonic.

The Rogues traveled to Future City and stole the Chaos Emerald that was hiding there to use as their entry fee for the Grand Prix. Sonic and his friends, who were also there to find the emerald, saw the Rogues making off with it and tried to intercept them. Jet manages to easily swerve around Sonic when he tried to go around them while Wave had catch Storm when Knuckles punched him off his Gear. Sonic continued pursuing them atop Storm's Gear, easily passing him and Wave but eventually being blown away by Jet as the Rogues make their escape. The next day, the EX World Grand Prix began with the Rogues and Sonic's team quickly progressing through their races, though Sonic's team gained an edge when Knuckles beat Storm and eliminated him.

Following Storm's loss, the Rogues convened aboard their airship to discuss the fact that Eggman was hiding something. Determined to find out what, Jet sends Storm to infiltrate one of Eggman's bases and find something. While Storm was searching, Jet and Wave proceeded to the forest where the Grand Prix's semi-finals were being held. Wave was getting antsy about Storm's absence, but Jet wasn't nearly as stressed and told her to calm down. This prompts Wave to begin lecturing Jet about his responsibilities as leader, though Jet gets bored and sneaks off when he notices Sonic practicing nearby. Upon Wave finally noticing Jet had run off, she laments that nothing will ever get done unless she takes charge. Jet eventually wins his match, but Wave loses hers to Sonic's friend Tails.

Jet and Wave reconvene at Sand Ruins - both the site of the finals and where Babylon Garden lay - and are met by Storm's return, who had found a computer chip containing part of Eggman's diary. The three discover that the supposed treasure in Babylon Garden wasn't actually treasure, but rather the Babylonian's advanced technology which Eggman wants to use in his world domination. Jet initially wants to forfeit the competition, not having an interest in ruling the world or any advanced tech, but Wave points out that whatever Eggman is searching for could potentially be more valuable than silver or gold. This reignites Jet's desire to compete (though only after Wave knocks him out of a daydream he was having) and he proceeds to compete in the final race against Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Jet nearly loses to Sonic, but Wave detonates the explosive she secretly planted on Sonic's Gear, allowing Jet to win. With the Key to Babylon Garden in hand, Jet collects the Chaos Emeralds, only for the resulting collection to accidentally reactivate and reveal Babylon Garden from the sands underneath. Unfortunately, Eggman subsequently steals the Key from Jet's hand and flies off, forcing him, Wave, and Storm to return to their airship and pursue the mad scientist.

Above Babylon Garden, Jet disembarks and pursues Eggman (while also having a final race with Sonic) while Wave and Storm are forced to help Tails and Knuckles in escaping a horde of the Doctor's robots. Wave manages to reunite with Jet after Sonic gave him back the Key after the hedgehog blew Eggman away. Jet is furious that Sonic is seemingly pitying him, only for Wave to point out that "treasure is treasure" while taking the Key and proceeding to the Garden's entrance. Swallowing his hurt pride, Jet reunited with Wave and Storm and the three entered their ancestral home, eventually making it to the treasury where the treasure most likely was. The three were met by a genie-like guardian that they were able to deal with thanks to some help from Sonic's friends.

As the guardian vanishes, it leaves behind the chest containing the Treasure, which Jet and Sonic open as everyone marvels at the contents. This is interrupted when Eggman arrives and holds the group at gunpoint, demanding the treasure. Snickering at Eggman's possible reaction, Jet complies and hands Eggman the treasure - an ornate carpet. While Eggman is recovering from the shock of all his efforts getting him a "piece of junk", Wave reveals that it's not just a carpet - it's actually the prototype Extreme Gear developed by the Babylon Rogues' ancestors - with Jet marveling that they are really descended from genies. Outside the garden, the Rogues depart to continue hunting for treasure, with Jet also vowing to race Sonic again the next time they meet.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Several months following the Grand Prix, the Rogues are at the Gigan Rocks to acquire an artifact known as the |Ark of Cosmos. After Jet successfully acquires the artifact, a shooting star passes overhead, which he and Wave begin wishing on. Unfortunately, the impact of a nearby meteor causes the Ark's booby trap to trigger, nearly killing the Rogues. However, they are saved when Jet accidentally uses the Ark's ability to manipulate gravity to stop the falling boulders. Excited by the possibilities of this discovery, Jet and the Rogues return to their airship to figure out their next move.

Aboard their ship, Wave had been analyzing the Ark and informs Jet what she found: namely that it's actually a part of Babylon Garden's engine, that there are five total Arks, and that the Arks seem to be drawn to each other. Jet suggests that Wave use that last fact to build a radar to find the others, but they are interrupted when Storm barges in and reveals there was a robbery at the Megalo City Museum. Apparently, another Ark of the Cosmos was at the museum but it had been taken by one of the city's security robots. The three reach the city and pursue the bot, eventually reaching the one of the city's botanical gardens. While searching for the bot, Jet notices that Sonic and his friends were there and that one of them - Amy Rose - had an Ark, as well. Jet is furious at this development but Wave soon arrives and calms him down, allowing them and Storm to follow Sonic's group.

They eventually follow them to the headquarters of MeteorTech - the group that manufactured the security bots currently going haywire across the city. The Rogues' attempt to sneak around is blown when a security camera find them, forcing Jet to use the Ark to repel the oncoming security bots - while also drawing the attention of Sonic and company. Now face-to-face for the first time in months, Jet orders Amy to give him the Ark she possesses, but the threat is interrupted when more security bots arrive. Jet and Wave pursue the escaping Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles as the trio head for the HQ's control room, during which they discover that the trio had a second Ark with them. Upon arriving at the control room, Jet, Wave, and company discover that Eggman was the owner of MeteorTech as well as that he's unable to control his bots after he sent them to find more Arks of the Cosmos. Eggman's explanation reminds Jet that Amy had an Ark, but he and Wave find out that she and Storm weren't around. Eggman's computer finds the two of them being pursued by the lead security bot.

Jet and Wave return to their airship to get to Storm, while Wave takes the opportunity to decipher some ancient Babylonian texts. They are interrupted by Storm's sudden reappearance along with him possessing two Arks of the Cosmos, the one Amy had and the one from the museum that SCR-HD had on it. With Jet happy at the sudden upturn of luck, Wave reveals she finished translating some more information about the Arks, information that sounds like a warning. Jet impatiently notes that the lore can wait when more Arks are out there - only to find the Arks that Storm brought were suddenly missing. They find that Eggman snuck aboard and took them during Wave's translation, which angers Jet as he orders the Rogues to follow him.

The pursuit leads the Rogues to Crimson Tower - the signal tower used to coordinate MeteorTech's robots - and also leads the Rogues to reunite with Sonic and company. After the Rogues explain why they were there, Tails deduces that Eggman wants to use the combined power of the Arks to cause all of MeteorTech's robots to go berserk and rampage the planet. Sonic attempts to head in to stop Eggman, but Jet stops him and instead offers a wager: the first to reach Eggman's control room gets all of the Arks of the Cosmos (which surprises Wave and Storm) and the title of "Fastest Creature in the Universe", a wager Sonic accepts. The two groups race up the tower with Sonic and Jet eventually tying as they accidentally knock Eggman into his computer and interrupt his attempt to integrate his Arks with the Master Ark already installed in the tower. Without a break, the groups discover that Babylon Garden had appeared outside the tower, which Wave theorizes was brought there by all five Arks of the Cosmos being brought together.

As Wave packs the Arks to bring them to Babylon Garden, and Jet feels irritated that he still hadn't settled things with Sonic, Tails finally pieces together that the Arks can't be brought back to Babylon Garden. Unfortunately, a reactivated SCR-HD arrives, takes Wave's case, and flies to Babylon Garden. This causes the Garden to turn into its true form of Astral Babylon and begin activating its engines - powered by a black hole that will tear the world apart should the ship launch. As the black hole begins pulling things in, Jet asks Wave how to stop it, with her saying that disconnecting the engine's core unit will do it. They, along with Storm, join Sonic and friends as they reach Astral Babylon and defeat SCR-HD's upgraded form - Master Core: ABIS - and stopping the launch. As they watch Astral Babylon from below, Jet reveals to Wave that he wanted to stay on Earth regardless of their now knowingly-alien origin.

Sonic Free Riders

The Babylon Rogues are one of the participating teams in the second World Grand Prix. The race was another ploy by Eggman, going under the disguise of "King Doc of Toreggmania". Due to how the story is structured in this game, the order of who the Rogues face and what happens in those races are variable.

Team Babylon

Before the first round, the Rogues are interviewed by Omochao, with Jet displaying confidence in their ability to win and Wave displaying impatience at getting the cash prize as soon as possible. She and Jet agreed that they should feel pity for their first opponent. Said first opponents were Team Dark, consisting of Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat and a robot designated E-10000B - in truth Metal Sonic in disguise. Jet is angered by Shadow's and Rouge's trash-talking of them, but Wave tells him to wave it off. Following the Rogues' first win, Rouge claims to Jet that it was a fluke, with Wave getting angered at how she's talking to him. The Rogues ultimately beat Team Dark, with Wave once again displaying satisfaction and Jet saying that Sonic is his only real challenge.

For the second round, they face a slightly altered Team Rose featuring Amy, Cream, and Vector. Following the Rogues' first victory, Wave comments how hard it is for the competition to race while babysitting, prompting Vector to say he would get serious in the next race. While Vector's teammates are shocked he wasn't being serious before, Jet simply dismisses the threat. The Rogues would eventually triumph over Team Rose, with Jet starting to complain he's getting soft from all of their low effort wins.

The final round finally pits the Babylon Rogues against Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Jet's only displayed interest in beating Sonic while Wave puts down Tails' skills with making Extreme Gear. Following the Rogues' first win, Wave secretly sabotages Team Heroes' Extreme Gear without Jet knowing. She assured Jet the Babylon Rogues would win, which made Jet suspect Wave as he claims that his reputation was at stake. After what should have been the final victory, Jet was unhappy about how easy the victory was, which only worsened upon eavesdropping that Sonic was apparently having mechanical trouble during the race. Remembering Wave's earlier comments, Jet confronted her about it, but she denied that she did anything. Feeling cheated, Jet demands a rematch with Sonic, which he the Blue Blur accepts. After finally winning on fair terms, Wave compliments Jet's skill as the Rogues offer compliments to Team Heroes for their challenge.

Team Hero

Following Team Hero's defeat of Team Dark, after hearing Knuckles berating Rouge about only joining the race for the cash prize, Wave butts in asking what is wrong with that. Jet cuts in by saying that regardless of motive, they were there to win. After their first loss, Jet is exasperated that Wave is low-key congratulating Tails' growing skill with Extreme Gear and Storm is doubting that the Rogues can win. Following their final loss, Jet is livid at Wave as he reveals that his Gear suddenly started malfunctioning partway through the race. After examining the board, Wave apologizes for an unforeseen problem that had occurred, spurring Sonic to offer a rematch with Jet, to which he accepts. After the Rogues' truly final defeat, the competition's camera crew follows the Rogues, with Wave complaining that they're being followed for no reason. Jet, for his part, takes the opportunity to vow defeat on Sonic the next time they meet before departing.

Team Dark

The Rogues are the first opponents of a just put-together Team Dark. Both Jet and Wave are dumbfounded that they're using a team they formed right on the spot. It turned out to be effective as Team Dark manages to beat the Rogues, after which Rouge comments that it's a miracle they get any treasure by being so slow. Jet and Wave rebuke that they'll take the cash prize right then and there. Unfortunately, they don't get the chance as Team Dark defeats them a final time. Wave is sad that their fans are disappointed now while Jet, in a tranquil fury, orders the Rogues to leave so that they can begin planning their revenge.

Team Rose

Following Team Sonic's defeat against Team Rose, while Vector is complaining a comment Knuckles made, Jet taunts him by calling it a temper tantrum and claiming it's like kindergarten right then. Wave clarifies that Jet was looking at Vector when he made that comment, angering all three members. Team Rose funnels that anger into defeating the Rogues, something that Jet claims only happened because he was taking it easy on them. With that comment, Wave tells Jet to focus on winning the next race. Upon finally being defeated, Jet and Wave are in heavy denial and claiming their loss was due to lots of bad luck as Team Rose continues on.

Final Story

At the awards ceremony, the Rogues were among those waiting for the winner to be crowned. Eggman, still in his King Doc disgiuse, arrives but challenges all of the teams to a final race against his "Ultimate Gear-Jockey Robot" to give the crowd more enjoyment. Jet is skeptical of this "Gear-Jockey Robot", especially when it's revealed to be Team Dark's E-10000B. After beating it, Jet and Wave lambast the robot for it's ineptitude and "King Doc" for not being knowledgeable on Extreme Gear. At this point, Eggman drops the charade and reveals to the competitors that he had been using E-10000B to gather everyone's race data and perfect it and create the ultimate racing Gear. Upset by the deception, the competitors (including Jet and Wave) challenge Eggman to stop his plans.

Upon Eggman's defeat, he's despondent that his data was wrong. Wave and Jet mock Eggman for seemingly overlooking an obvious problem. The truth is revealed when E-10000B reveals itself to be Metal Sonic, having taken all of the data and feeding Eggman fake data. Jet and Wave eventually witness Metal Sonic racing, and ultimately losing, to the actual Sonic. Upon Metal's defeat, it's revealed that there was no prize money. Wave is upset by the development as it would ruin the Rogues' reputation, though Jet is calm as he had a good time with the entire event.

Other Game Appearances

In Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, both Jet and Wave appear as guest competitors. Due to guest competitors being limited to one particular event (Football for Jet, BMX for Wave), the two aren't able to be in a team together. The two also appeared as playable characters in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

Archie Comics

In the Pre-Super Genesis Wave universe, Jet and Wave were originally members of the Battle Bird Armada, but both did something that caused them to end up in their prison. The two and Storm met in imprisonment, and they escaped after Jet set them free. The three decided to team up and find the Babylon Garden before the Battle Bird Armada could.

The three were later involved in a battle for a Sol Emerald. Their opponents fighting for it were Team Dark, Team Rose (Amy, Cream, and Blaze) and Team Hooligan (Nack, Bean, and Bark). In the end, Team Babylon failed to get the Emerald, as Blaze was able to get it and took it back to her homeworld where it belonged.

In the Post-Super Genesis Wave, their story is roughly the same as in the games. At some point, they had an encounter with Blaze and the Hooligans.

IDW Comics

Bonds of Friendship

Finding an opportunity, the Rogues arrived at Spiral Hill Village in order to raid the village's Mineral Museum. Jet took many of the gems on the ground floor while Wave cleared the top floor. After grabbing sackfuls of gems, the Rogues retreated back to their airship to take stock of their gains, where Wave was astounded at how much loot a "podunk backwater" had while Jet just worried about how much of it would go into Gear maintenance. Their joy is brought to a halt when it's revealed Storm accidentally kidnapped the museum's curator, Jewel, in the chaos. Wave is horrified that they kidnapped someone and the three are also quickly invaded by Jewel's childhood friend Tangle and her new friend Whisper.

Jet, feeling cocky, challenges the two to a race for Jewel's freedom, but Wave angrily reminds him that the Babylon Rogues were thieves and not kidnappers. Jet counters that they have to save face since Storm made them look incompetent. This disagreement evolves into a full blown argument until Wave realizes they are wasting time on something that could be solved by simply throwing them out. Jet relents and tells Storm to throw them out, but Storm takes it too literally and actually throws Jewel off the airship, breaking one of her wings in the process. Jet and Wave admonish Storm for making them look incompetent AND violent and are about to try and save her until Tangle reveals that she and Whisper got it, though not before warning them to not come to Spiral Hill again. Tangle promptly jumps out of the airship - while also grabbing all of the Rogues' stolen loot with her tail. Jet is shocked by that while Wave just wants to leave since the entire day had been a hassle.

All or Nothing

Ever since the outset of the Metal Virus crisis, the Rogues had been in ensconced in the safety of their airship. They are eventually called by Amy, who need help with something that could bring an end to the crisis. Arriving on Angel Island, the trio are met by the remainder of the Restoration as well as Eggman and Metal Sonic, with Jet noting how weak Sonic was before saying the Rogues would only agree to help for the right price. Wave tries to make Jet agree by pointing out they'll run out of resources eventually, but Jet wouldn't budge. It takes Sonic admitting he needs help and that the world needs the "Legendary Wind Master" for Jet to finally agree.

The plan the Rogues would be a part of is that they and the other combat capable survivors would travel to the locations of the Deadly Six - the current controllers of the crisis - via an Tails' and Eggman's Multi-Portal Generator, defeat them, and take their Chaos Emeralds simultaneously so that Sonic can go into Super mode. Through process of elimination, the Rogues are sent to deal with Master Zik, who Jet confidently thinks will be easy to beat due to his age. They arrive in Winterberg and attempt to attack Zik from the air, only for the Zeti to use his magnetic powers to force them off their Extreme Gear and onto the ground. The trio attempt to fight through, but end up assaulted by their own Gear until Jet blows Zik off his perch. While Jet is initially confident, Zik directs his attention to the fact that Wave and Storm are surrounded by Zombots.

While Jet angrily attacks Zik to make him let his teammates go, Wave comments that she told him a frontal assault was a bad idea. When Zik tries to get Jet to beg for him to release her and Storm, the hawk responds by claiming the Babylon Rogues "don't beg, don't give up, and don't lose" before blowing him down towards Storm, who punches him away - but not before Wave snatches his Chaos Emerald from his harness. Wave hands Jet the Emerald and tells him to go through the portal, citing that he has the only function Gear left. Rather than listen, Jet ties the Emerald to his Gear and sends it through the portal before taking position to help Wave and Storm, reminding them that the Babylon Rogues don't lose. Whether they're infected or not by the ensuing Zombot horde is unknown.

Out of the Blue

As the world recovered from the Metal Virus being siphoned from the world thanks to Sonic and Silver, the Rogues celebrate surviving the battle. Wave asks if Jet is ok, to which he brushes off her worry and noting that Zik had escaped. That second observation prompts Wave to thank Jet for sticking with her and Storm when he could have easily left with the Chaos Emerald. Jet is initially stunned by that heartfelt thanks, but quickly going back to his self-absorbed self, saying that it was his duty as the "Legendary Wind Master" to help. To that, Wave simply laments that the moment was ruined.

The Rogues are eventually invited to a party the Restoration is hosting at Spiral Hill Village to celebrate the end of the Metal Virus. Jet is ticked off that there isn't an ice statue of him given his contribution in ending the crisis, but Wave and Storm simply take the opportunity to party alongside the others. The party, however, is crashed by the sudden appearance of Eggman in a new mech. Instead of helping the Restoration fight him off, the Rogues instead take the opportunity to try and loot the Mineral Museum again. However, they find the museum devoid of gems, having been looted by Rouge (who was well aware they would try again).


Jetave is the most common ship for both characters, rivaling Sonjet in popularity, as they have mostly appeared together in the Sonic Riders series. However, it is also controversial for the major gap between Jet and Wave's canon ages, 14 and 18 respectively, with some instead preferring alternatives such as the aforementioned Sonjet, Jetamy, Stormave, and Wavouge. It also is rarely a main ship, but rather a side ship shipped alongside pairings that involve more major characters. As Jet and Wave were introduced in the same game, the pairing did not caused conflict with any pre-existing ships.



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