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Jill Valentine is a character from the Resident Evil fandom.


Jill Valentine is an American Special Operations Agent (S.O.A) of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.), of which she has served since its foundation in 2003, being one of the original eleven members. Jill has built up a career in destroying bioweapons and fighting the producers and sellers of those bioweapons, starting with the Mansion Incident of 1998.



Burtontine — the ship between Jill and Barry Burton
Jilleon — the ship between Jill and Leon Kennedy
Lucentine — the ship between Jill and Parker Luciani
Nivantine — the ship between Jill and Piers Nivans
Valenfield — the ship between Jill and Chris Redfield
Valenstone — the ship between Jill and Josh Stone
Valenvaef — the ship between Jill and Nicholai Ginovaef
Valeveira — the ship between Jill and Carlos Oliveira
Vickertine — the ship between Jill and Brad Vickers
Weskertine — the ship between Jill and Albert Wesker


Abertine — the ship between Jill and Alice Abernathy
Chambertine — the ship between Jill and Rebecca Chambers
Helentine — the ship between Jill and Helena Harper
Rachill — the ship between Jill and Rachel Foley
Red Valentine — the ship between Jill and Claire Redfield
Sherantine — the ship between Jill and Jessica Sherawat
Valenwong — the ship between Jill and Ada Wong
Valomar — the ship between Jill and Sheva Alomar


Nemestine — the ship between Jill and Nemesis


Nivalenfield — the ship between Jill, Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans
Valenfieldton — the ship between Jill, Chris Redfield and Barry Burton
Valeveriafield — the ship between Jill, Chris Redfield and Carlos Oliveira
Weskentinefield — the ship between Jill, Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker


Chris Redfield

Main article: Valenfield

In 1996, Chris and Jill met at the newly founded S.T.A.R.S, where the two became good friends and partners. Chris tends to establish close bonds with the people he’s worked with, his relationship with Jill going beyond a mere partnership. Having been apart of Albert Wesker’s Alpha Team during the 1998 Mansion Insistent, and the two feeling angry and betrayed, Chris and Jill fully cemented their bond by working together to take down Umbrella. In 2003, they, along with nine other people, became the founding members of the B.S.A.A, a counter-terrorism organization fighting bioterrorism across the globe.

Carlos Oliveira

Main article: Valeveira

Albert Wesker

Main article: Weskertine



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# of works portmanteau characters type
361 Valenfield Chris Redfield het
310 Valeveira Carlos Oliveira het
104 Weskertine Albert Wesker het
93 Red Valentine Claire Redfield femslash
61 Valenfield Chris Redfield friend
59 Nemestine Nemesis non-binary
42 Valenvaef Nicholai Ginovaef het
37 Jilleon Leon Kennedy het
23 Valeveira Carlos Oliveira friend
19 Chambertine Rebecca Chambers femslash


  • Jill’s father was French, and her mother was of Japanese migratory descent.


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