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Jiminette is the het ship between Jim Lake Jr. and Marinette Dupain-Cheng from the Tales of Arcadia and Miraculous Ladybug fandoms.


As Marinette and Jim are from different series, even though both of their home universes are filled with magical objects and creatures, along with their two separate series being shown on Netflix, they have never met in canon.

Both Marinette and Jim are young teenage heroes who use magical objects to dawn on their hero looks, the Ladybug Miraculous earrings and the Amulet of Daylight. As they use them to protect their home city and town with their allies, while doing what they can to keep their enemies from taking away their Miraculous and Amulet. Even though they have done a lot of good as Ladybug and the Trollhunter, their duties get in the way of their social life and school, along with being forced to hide their second lives from their friends and families. Jim was lucky to have Toby and Claire's support as fellow Trollhunters beside their two troll friends, while Marinette keeps her best friends in the dark and even though she lends them a Miraculous whenever she needs their help, she doesn't tell them or her partner that she is Ladybug. Until season four when Marinette felt that she has to tell Alya her biggest secret. Like Jim was with Claire, Marinette has trouble talking to Adrian without making a fool out of herself, while Toby and Alya try to help the two become closer with their crushes. One of those times has led to Jim and Marinette becoming stars in a show that Claire and Adrian are in. Similar to how Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! help Jim mater the amulet's abilities, Marinette has Tikki and Master Fu to guide her. Along with the trolls and Kwami telling the two that they their protector and superheroin duties connections to a line of hero champions. Just as Jim uses magical stones to grant him new abilities and weapons through his amulet, Marinette uses a set of potions to gain power up forms through Tikki. Jim's main weapon is a sword, and while Marinette's is a yo-yo, she did wield the Dragon Miraculous's sword tool when she merged the two Miraculouses together. Their time as the Trollhunter and the ladybug-themed heroine has allowed them to build up the confidence in themselves and to face the challenges of their two lives head on.

Outside their hero lives, the two use their cooking skills to help their families and share the food they make with their friends from time to time. As they try to hide their secret lives and to throw people off the sent, their panic causes them to come up with many strange excuses and at times made fouls of themselves. Even though Jim was able to befriend his former bully, Marinette was close to helping Chloé Bourgeois become a better person but ends up becoming enemies with her again, but she was able to gain a friend with one of her love rivals. Even though both Marinette and Jim have a habit of getting roiled up whenever they see someone filtering with Adrian and Claire, and both Steve and Kagami were considered as one of their love rivals before they became friends. Similar to how Jim wanted to free Draal from Gunmar's mind control, Ladybug does what she can to free many akumatized villains from Hawk Moth's hold, some of those villains were her friends. Marinette was close to becoming an akumatized villain herself, while Jim was temporally turned into a loyal puppet of the Arcane Order. While most of Marinette's opponents are brainwashed people there have been times when she fights monster-like creatures, like the none troll creatures that Jim fights, as well as Sentimonsters and Golems requiring the two teens to find the Amok and Animus Totem in order to beat them.

There have been times when their own powers and weapons have been used against them, just as the two teens have come up with ways to use their enemies' abilities, tool or what they can find around them to win hard battles. One of those borrowed abilities allowed them to freeze time so they can get their hands on an item, as well as them traveling through time itself. During their time trips, their friends were enemies and did what they can to help them become good again, along with them visiting alternate timelines. When their magical items were temporally taken away from them, Jim and Marinette didn't let their absences stop them from helping a friend in need. Even though the parts they played in the destruction of the amulet and the theft of the Chinese Miracle Box crushed their spirits and began to doubt themselves, until their friends helped they to get back on their feet.


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Jiminette is a well like ship of the ML/ToA crossover fandom, since both teens are young child heroes who have a few things in common and those traits have inspired fans to ship them together. Most fan work has Ladybug helping Jim with his trollhunting, along with them swapping one another's magical hero outfits for fun. Those who don't ship them romantically, however, prefer to have them as friends who can share one another's secrets. Like Jim had with Aja until the timeline changed. In some of the ship's manips that are set in Arcadia, they feature Marinette taking Claire's place in Jim's story.

In AO3, the ship has 14 fanfic. Jiminette also has a small fanbase on Tumblr.



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