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Jlaire is the het ship between Jim Lake Jr. and Claire Nuñez from the Tales of Arcadia fandom.



Part 1

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Part 2

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After Jim went into the Darklands without Claire and the others, she made it her miss to find away to bring Jim back from there. Along with covering for Jim's absents in Arcadia through the use of a magical mask that makes her and Toby look and sound like Jim, Claire pretends to be Jim at school while Toby covers Jim's home life. While on the real Jim's end, he had made a carving of Claire and their friends on the wall of the small cave he made his campsite, until he finds Claire's baby brother. Jim talks to the wall drawing of Claire and the other when he was having dinner.

When Gummar took over Heartstone Troll Market, Jim and Claire work to evacuate as many trolls as possible in which led to Claire using the full might of her Shadow Staff. Even though Claire was exhausted from over doing it and Jim had saw the staff hurting her as she did so, he was glad to see that Claire is alive and will recover with rest. While the two of them are unaware of the danger that is coming, by using Claire as the unwilling puppet for her plans to kill Jim.

Part 3

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After the escape from Troll Market, and during the first part of part three, Jim could see that Claire's health still hasn't fully recovered from the event and didn't want her to use the staff again or take part in Trollhunting until her cold is gone. Even though her mother's campaign signs did give the two and their friends to keep the town safe from Gumm-Gumm attacks. When a punk rock boy, Douxie, appeared at their school and can see that Claire is smitten with him, Jim grew jealous and tries to keep them apart, but Claire uses Jim's advice about balancing her life by signing for Battle for the Bands with their girl friends. After the two took down normal criminals for a change, Jim and Claire felt that they might have a future in crime fighting after they defeat Gummar for good. With Claire's cold getting worse and paying Doctor Lake a visiting didn't help, Claire decides to take her friends' advice to get some rest. Jim is glad that Claire taking care of herself allowed her to miss out the weird day they just had at school. Even though Claire is feeling better after her day of rest, NotEnrique could tell that there is something odd about her of late and that it wasn't a good idea for Claire to go on a date with Jim and their friends.

Before Claire would stop it she gets possessed by Morgana, a witch who wishes to kill Jim for being Merin's current champion. Once Jim realised this and that it was the reason for her odd behaviour, he calls in friends in hopes that they'll be able to save Claire from the witch. Luckily Jim and Toby were able to free Claire from Morgana when the two went into the shadow realm to find her soul, Claire was also able to win for control over Morgana's staff when she clamed her body back. Claire's possession had even allowed her to gain some of Morgana's memories, one of those memories shows Claire that the blue jewel in Jim's amulet is a map to Merlin's tomb, and only destroying it can help them find it. When Barbara Lake's memories returned she informs Claire's parents of her, Jim and Toby's secret. At first Jim was on Claire's side to keep their big secret from their families, but after Barbara convinces Jim that she, the Nuñezs and Nana Domzalski have a right to know of the dangers their children get into, Jim tells Claire that it was time for them to tell their families the truth. Mrs. Nuñez wanted to alter the town of the danger she just learned, but Claire, Jim and the others were able to talk her out of it.

As the two and their friends find Merlin's tomb, but had failed to stop Gummar and Angor Rot from taking the wizard's staff, they did come across the said wizard who has been sleeping for centuries until the jewel of Jim's damaged amulet woke Merlin up. Luckily Merlin was able to repair Jim's amulet and when a small part of it was missing Jim asks Claire to give them one of her hair clips, to replace the missing piece. When Merlin had showed them his memories of Killahead Claire could tell that seeing the faces of their dead friends were upsetting Jim, as he blames himself for not being able to save Vendel or Draal. Now that Merlin is on their side and wants to help them defeat Gummar, as well as Morgana to gain back his lost magic, Jim and Claire are given a list of items Merlin needs for a spell; while he makes Claire and Toby their own suits of armour. Either of when knew what the said spell is or what it is for, until Merlin informs Jim that it will turn him into a troll. So he can be both troll and hunter. Because Claire had left to find Jim's mother at the time, she didn't learn this until Jim made his decision to go along with Merlin's plan. Before Jim immerged him in the spell he thought about Claire and the times they shared together, as a human.

Because the drained of life Heartstone prevents the trolls from staying in Arcadia they have little choice but to leave for New Jerzy, where another Heartstone is said to be. As Jim says his goodbyes to his mother, he first thought that he'll be saying goodbye to Claire as well, but the number of Claire's credits allows her to graduate early and this has her parents being already with her joining Jim and the trolls on their journey. This pleases Jim as it means that they'll stay together, and before the two leave with Merlin and the trolls they promise Toby and their loved ones that they'll return someday.


Jim and Claire don't appear a lot in 3Below, since the second story arc is of the friends the two had made in "In Good Hands" and only appear during part one. Due to it taking place in the same timeline as part three of Trollhunters, while part two takes place after Jim and Claire had left Arcadia; but Toby does mention the two from time to time. Part two of 3Below also briefly shows a battle that Jim (as well as Claire off screen) gets himself caught up it; Claire's involvement in the said battle is later revealed in Wizards.

Part 1

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On one of their troll hunts, Jim, Claire and their friends were chasing after the Trickster Troll, Porgon, just before they caught up to him the item that Porgon finds has caused him to disappear. Porgon's disappearance also began a time loop that only Jim remembers, due to his amulet, until he dumped into someone who also remembers it and asks Aja Tarron to use her shield to protect Claire and the other's memories of it as well. With Claire now being aware of the time loop and had gained new friends who can help her and Jim stop Porgon, as well as the none stop time jumps he creates with the piece of Akiridion tech, the two and their friends begin to for a plan of attack. Even though they were able to stop Porgon and get the alien technology away from the said troll, Jim and Claire had ended up exposing both their and the Tarron's big secrets. In order to fix this Krel gets everyone to make one final time jump that will have Jim and Claire take out Porgon on the night they first encountered him, but it will also mean that they'll lose their memories of the time loop and the friends they had made during it. With faith that fate will bring Jim and Claire back to their new Akiridion friends again, they created their last time jump together.


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When the two were attacked by someone who call himself the Green Knight, he injures Jim by piercing his chest with a small onyx shard that is making its way to his heart. After Merlin helps the two and Binky escape to the safety of the flying Camelot castle, where the said wizard places the Trollhunter in a crystal stasis chamber to buy them time, Claire felt terrible for not being able to protect Jim; and believes that she would have been able to do so if she still had her staff. Not long after the mysterious Green Knight and the Arcane Order finds them their attacks on the flying castle causes Jim's stasis chamber to move around it, while Claire does what she can to ensure that she doesn't lose him again. After it fell into the time rift to the past Claire goes in after Jim, with Douxie and Steve beside her. As they get trapped in a era where is was dangerous to be a troll or wielder of magic, since Claire is now able to use shadow magic with out the Shadow Staff and had used her new powers to save Jim from the sun's light when King Arthur ordered for his death. Claire tries to save Jim when from being taken to the castle's dungeon, but Douxie tells her to not interfere until they can come up with an idea to save Jim. Along with searching for away for them to return back to their home time. The one good thing that came out of their trip to the past is that it has caused the shard in Jim's chest to be frozen in place.


Jlaire is the main ship of the Trollhunters/Tales of Arcadia series. After 3Below had Jim forming a friendship connection with Aja Tarron in "D'aja Vu", before the timeline was altered to keep both of their secrets, fans began to rival Jlaire with Ajim. Just as part three of Trollhunters and Wizards inspired fans to also rival Jlaire with the ship between Claire x Douxie. Since some fans compare the look Claire gave Jim and Aja in "D'aja Vu" to the one Jim gave Douxie in "Night Patroll". When they aren't shipping Jlaire beside Darby.

After Jim was turned into a half Troll in "Jimhunter", a few fans began to draw Claire as half human troll so she can be just like him. Some role switch AUs of both the fandom and ship have Claire as the Trollhunter while Jim is a half-human Changeling who becomes close to Claire, despite the fact that he was ordered to take the amulet from her. Troll!Jim and the fanon Changeling!Jim has also got fans to place him and Claire in a Beauty and the Beast AU, which later became a trophy in ship when Claire's love for Jim turns him back into a human and gives him a second chance at life. That moment mirrors a similar one from the Disney film. There also been fans who compare Claire and TrollJim to Elisa Esposito and the Amphibian Man from The Shape of Water, and other human-nonhuman couples. Since most Jlaire fanwork had commonly depict Jim as his half troll self, due to Merlin's statement of Jim remaining that way for the rest of his life; until Claire's love for Jim made him human again at the end of Wizards.

On AO3, it is the most written ship for both characters. The ship is also supported on FanFitcion.net, Tumblr and Deviantart.



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  • In the 3Below episode, "Lightning in a Bottle", Jim and Claires' initials were seen carved onto a tree beside other couples' initials in a large heart. Meaning that Jim and Claire had at some point visited the "kissing tree", before they met Merlin.
    • Since the episode takes place after Jim and Claire had survived Merlin's tomb, as Claire had mentioned their survival after she used her shadow staff to bring Jim, Toby and herself to the safety of the woods. While the next day is of 3Below's side of events from the Trollhunters episode, "In Good Hands".





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