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In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in. And I don’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? That’s weird

Jughead Jones is a principal character from the Riverdale fandom.


Jughead is a jaded, outwardly cynical guy, who is at times wise beyond his years thanks to his father's criminal activities and inability to provide Jughead with a safe, consistent family life. Due to his father's failings, Jughead's mother has left him and Riverdale, taking along with her his little sister, Jellybean. Jughead's childhood best friend, Archie Andrews, provides a relief from these circumstances occasionally, as does his relationship with another childhood friend – Betty Cooper. All of Jughead's jaded quips and dark humour is a cover for how scared he is to form a true, close bond with anyone.



Chuckhead — the ship between Jughead and Chuck Clayton
Fanghead — the ship between Jughead and Fangs Fogarty
Jarchie — the ship between Jughead and Archie Andrews
Jilton — the ship between Jughead and Dilton Doiley
Jugpea — the ship between Jughead and Sweet Pea
Jugson — the ship between Jughead and Jason Blosom
Kevhead — the ship between Jughead and Kevin Keller
Moosehead — the ship between Jughead and Moose Mason
Reghead — the ship between Jughead and Reggie Mantle


Bughead — the ship between Jughead and Betty Cooper
Chughead — the ship between Jughead and Cheryl Blossom
Jeronica — the ship between Jughead and Veronica Lodge
Jethel — the ship between Ethel Muggs and Jughead
Jopaz — the ship between Jughead and Toni Topaz
Jugbrina — the ship between Sabrina Spellman and Jughead
Jugsie — the ship between Josie McCoy and Jughead
Mughead — the ship between Jughead and Midge Klump


Betty Cooper

Main article: Bughead

Childhood friends, Betty and Jughead begin to spend more time together trying to uncover what happened to Jason Blossom, and eventually also Betty's sister, Polly. This brings them closer and they begin a relationship. Betty supports Jughead through his ordeal with FP, and he Betty's with her parents' craziness. They do eventually uncover Jason's murderer and continue to support each other through multiple crises, growing closer. When Jughead's father's imprisoned, it changes everything as Jughead has to attend Southside High. Amidst trouble between the Northside and Southside of the town, Jughead starts keeping things from Betty, and she does the same. Under threat from the Black Hood, Betty breaks up with Jughead, who, unbeknownst to Betty, is now a Southside Serpent. They reconcile after Betty confesses to Jughead about the Black Hood, but the two eventually break up again, with Jughead intending for the separation to be permanent, as he’s afraid that he won’t be able to protect her after Penny Peabody’s threat.

Toni Topaz

Main article: Jopaz

Toni volunteers to show Jughead around Southside High, seemingly as an in to slowly induct him into the Serpents. While Jughead is reluctant, he does find Toni interesting and soon begins to like her. She supports him when he's jumped by the Ghoulies and as he decides he has to fully join the Serpents. Although Jughead's with Betty, he flirts with Toni. After Betty breaks up with Jughead (via Archie), Jughead becomes a member of the Southside Serpents and shares a kiss with Toni.


Archie Andrews

Main article: Jarchie

Jughead and Archie are best friends.



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  • Jughead has, since the beginning of the comics, been portrayed as uninterested in girls and romantic relationships, which had led some readers to define him as asexual. Although it has never been stated, it is a common perception of the character.
    • In a recent Zdarsky issue of Archie comics, Jughead was identified as ace (asexual), which has yet to be seen on Riverdale and has been criticised for LGBTQIA-erasure and irresponsible portrayals.[1][2]
    • Some hope that Jughead's discovery of his sexuality can feature as the series progresses, or that the character could also be portrayed as aromantic, which leaves room for a sexual relationship, albeit not a romantic one.[3][4]
  • I think it’s also worth highlighting the differences between “asexual” and “aromantic” as identities. Although I’m neither myself, I do know that it’s something that’s important to differentiate, and it’s not something that we yet know about Jughead–since no writer has specified whether he is aromantic in addition to being asexual – THE MARY SUE[4]



  • Series creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has said, regarding Jughead's sexuality:
I think all of the kids are discovering themselves, and a big part of that is discovering their sexuality, their sexual selves. Rather than have everything fully formed — for instance, we're not going to start with Archie's band or Jughead's asexuality or any of the things that have become canon — those are all stops on the way to the journey[5]
  • Sprouse (Jughead Jones) had advocated for Jughead to realise that he is and will identify as either asexual or aromantic, which is true to some comics portrayals,[6][7] but recently commented:
In multiple iterations he's asexual, in some iterations he's aromantic, and I think because this is a new universe this is definitely a different iteration[8]
“While I think that representation is needed, this Jughead is not that Jughead. This Jughead is not Zdarsky’s (the asexual) Jughead and this Jughead is not the aromantic Jughead,” he said. “This Jughead is a person who is looking for a kind of deeper companionship with a person like Betty and Betty ends up being this super nurturing, caring, care-taking person that with Jughead’s screwed-up past they end up diving into each other and it ends up being a beautiful thing”[9]

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