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Kacchako is the het ship between Katsuki Bakugou and Ochako Uraraka from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

During the first of the quirk tests, a measured ball throwing, Uraraka throws at a distance of infinity, thanks to her Zero Gravity. Bakugou reacts surprisedly at this, as seen in the full class reaction.


“But they make me laugh!”
— Uraraka Ochako to Yaoyozoru Momo & Bakugou Katsuki

There is a minor interaction in manga Ch 13, on the bus ride to the USJ. Momo calls Bakugou’s conversation vulgar with a look of disdain on her face. But Uraraka states, "But it makes me laugh!," with a genuine laugh and smile on her face in reference to a classmate saying, "Bakugou, you are one foul mouthed guy." In the anime version, she says, "But I like this stuff!"

Tumblr inline pb8x0wuGaK1rpxsa2 400.png

Bakugou and Uraraka are the only two students to conclude that Kurogiri is vulnerable beneath the mist of his quirk.

Sports Festival Arc

Bakugou and Uraraka’s first major interaction is in the Sports Festival Arc, during their match in the tournament bracket. Bakugou, states that he doesn’t remember everyone’s quirks to his classmates before the Cavalry Battle, but at the start of his match with Uraraka, he states, “You’re the one that can make things float.”

At the beginning of the match, Bakugou refers to Uraraka by the nickname “Round Face”, as he does with all people and classmates. He also refers to her as “Pink Cheeks” in the English dub of the anime. Saying, “You’re the one who screws around with gravity, right Pink Cheeks?”[1]

He battles Uraraka just as seriously as he does his other opponents, using his explosions to keep her away from him, rather than going in for close-quarters combat.

During the match, Bakugou is booed by the crowd for “toying” with Uraraka, as they perceive it, and Aizawa steps in to put words to Bakugou’s actions. He states that Bakugou is fighting the way he is because he is taking her seriously and that anyone who disagrees needs to quit being a hero if they think Bakugou should go easy on her because of her gender.

The crowd is not aware that the entire match was a part of her plan, and Bakugou is surprised by her words thanking him for not dropping his guard.'

Screenshot 2020-06-02-02-15-21-924.jpeg

She is the first opponent to push him to his physical limit. To which he responds with a genuine smile, and shout for the real match to begin as he calls out her surname; his sign of respect. Bakugou is also surprised when she falls, unlike with the opponents from his other matches (save for Todoroki), and watches thoughtfully as she is carried away to Recovery Girl.

After the match, Bakugou returns to the stands, and Kaminari remarks that he can’t believe Bakugou would fight such a weak and defenseless girl, to which Bakugou responds without looking at anyone, “Nothing frail about her,” in the manga translation, and “I wouldn’t call that girl frail,” in the US dub.

In the manga, after the match, when he meets Deku near the practice rooms, he accuses Deku of being the mastermind of, “that plan that had her fling herself so dangerously.” Showing concern where he has not previously shown any for other classmates before.

Screenshot 2020-06-02-00-14-56-465.jpeg

Additionally, during his match with Todoroki, Bakugou complains about people who, “make light of their opponents” and continues to say that, “If you haven't got the intent to win, then don’t stand before me,” as the frame sits on Uraraka, which provides extra insight into his fight with Uraraka, and signifies that he sees her as someone worthy.

Screenshot 2020-06-02-00-18-56-357.jpeg

Bakugou is a source of inspiration for Uraraka. After the Sports Fest, before the students choose an internship, Uraraka remarks how “It hit me after my match with many more possibilities would open up to me if I were stronger.”

Screenshot 2020-06-02-00-34-10-266.jpeg

Final Exams Arc

In Ch 60, Uraraka was the first to notice when Deku's moves were similar to Bakugou, implying that she was watching Bakugou enough to be familiar with his moves while none of their other classmates notice this. She also notices that Deku learns to hop around like Bakugou with Full Cowling.

Uraraka explains her observations to their classmates as well, and often provides insight to Bakugou’s feelings to help her classmates understand him.

In Ch 66, All Might states, “Bakugou my boy! For when there’s a wall before your eyes, you laugh.” In the manga frame, one of the times All Might remembers Bakugou smiling at a challenge is during his match with Uraraka.

Screenshot 2020-06-02-00-31-05-120.jpeg
Screenshot 2020-06-02-00-24-19-189.jpeg

Special Summer Training

Bakugou tells Uraraka to take account of the hostages and villains, showing that he recognizes her capabilities. Overall, Bakugou seems to be more patient with Uraraka than most of his other classmates.

BNHA Movie: Two Heroes

Bakugou states Deku shouldn’t even try to match his score in I-Island’s tournament because it’s pointless, to which Deku agrees. But Uraraka indirectly antagonizes Bakugou by stating that if Deku doesn’t try, then they’ll never know who’s better, causing Bakugou to immediately agree to Deku participating in the tournament.

Near the end of the movie, as the class is fighting their way to the top of the tower, Uraraka floats Deku and Melissa but refuses to release her quirk as robots appear and speed toward her to attack. At the last moment, Bakugou flies in, exploding them away from her. This action is important to note because Bakugou doesn’t seem to particularly believe in rescuing people so much as battling, and he later fails the License Exam for not rescuing anyone, arguing with the civilian actors to save themselves.

Screenshot 2020-05-20-02-10-28-496.jpeg

In the same scene in Two Heroes, it is clear that the flowers on Bakugou’s vest are the same as the flower pinned to Uraraka’s hair; a white rose.

Forest Training Camp Arc

When the students are cooking, Uraraka notices Bakugou’s knife handling skills and is impressed by it, to which he yells, asking what’s so special about it.

Tumblr inline pb8x1ian8I1rpxsa2 540.png

Despite shouting at her, Bakugou does not ask her to go away or call her an idiot. Ochako is also shown to be standing beside him as he chops throughout the entire scene.

Kaminari comments that Bakugou would have blown up anyone by then, though he hadn't.

When Class 1-A is informed that Bakugou is the target of the attack on the Summer Camp, in Chapter 78, Uraraka and Kirishima are the only two to shout, “Bakugou!?” with concern. The anime replaced her with Iida. (Kamilecn source)

Screenshot 2020-05-20-16-00-25-276.jpeg

Hideout Raid Arc

When Class 1-A discusses Bakugou's rescue after he is kidnapped, Uraraka is the one to mention that Bakugou would not appreciate them rescuing him, showing that she cares for his pride and is the only one that thought about what he may feel.

Tumblr inline pb7dzpxnEo1rpxsa2 500.png

While explaining his plan to save Bakugou, Deku thinks back to Uraraka’s concern that Bakugou wouldn’t appreciate being rescued, and is able to correctly identify that Kirishima is the key to the plan and that Bakugou would only let himself be rescued by someone he sees as an equal. Solidifying Uraraka’s understanding of Bakugou.


Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Screenshot 2020-05-20-16-17-09-010.jpeg

When Class 1-A is creating their special moves, she is shown to be paying attention to what Bakugou’s doing, and comments, distracting her from her practice. (Kamilecn source)

When the students move into the dorms, Bakugou and Ochako have rooms on the same floor.

Students' dorms

Joint Training Arc

During the team battles, Uraraka proudly looks on Bakugou, remarking how his team seems to trust him.

Endeavor Agency Arc

At the start of the arc, Uraraka shows concern for Bakugou being cut from the interview but tries to spin it as a positive.

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

When an elderly woman offers Bakugou a treat to thank him, Bakugo denies coldy, Uraraka then leans over saying he might as well accept her kind offer, Bakugou denies again stating that she only wanted to try one for herself.

During Bakugou and Deku's battle with Shigaraki, Bakugou has a flashback to when Deku was training to use float and black whip, Bakugou talks to All Might about the way he treated Deku, at one point stating that Deku not realising he was special annoyed him, and he wanted to distance himself from him because of it, almost exactly like when Uraraka told Bakugou it was like he was scared and wanted to distance himself from Deku in the Omake, showing again that Uraraka understands Bakugou.

As Gigantomachia is thrashing through a city to get to Shigaraki, Uraraka thinks to herself about how ever since the USJ attack, things have been getting worse and worse, one of the memories she thinks about during this is when they learn Bakugou had been taken. After the situation wih Tomura Katsuki and Ochako noticed that Izuku left UA but they decided to go after him and save him. But, Izuku refuses to go back to UA but Katsuki and Ochako and everyone in class 1a are planning to get him back by force because he's their friend. Bakugo then later on watches in respectful silence as Uraraka gives an impassioned speech about Deku to the citizens.

Side content & Spin-offs

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BNHA School Briefs (Light Novel Spin-off) Omake

Screenshot 2020-05-27-02-20-35-751.jpeg
  • In BNHA School Briefs I, Bakugou asks Uraraka to float him so he can propel himself to reach the villain faster during a fight against a villain.
  • In BNHA School Briefs II, The girls are talking about who is boyfriend material. At one point, Uraraka says, “well, what about Bakugou?” To which Jirou says, “No way.”
  • In BNHA School Briefs II, Kendo asks the girls which boy they would want to be for a day, to which Uraraka replies she would choose to be Bakugou. When Jirou asks to confirm, Uraraka smiles and blushes.

BNHA Smash (Manga Spin-off)

  • In Full Moon Ochako, Bakugou is hit with what seems to be a bishounen quirk. He refers to Uraraka as the full Moon and compares himself to the Sun.
    Screenshot 2020-06-01-23-17-58-233.jpeg
  • In a different issue, Bakugou takes some of Uraraka's salt-flavoured onigiri to use in a dish.
  • One issue explores the white rose motif Bakugou and Uraraka's formal wear share in the Two Heroes movie. While the girls exclaim that it's so gaudy, Deku mentions that a white rose means "I'm the one for you
Tumblr inline pb5hpr4ZE41u1ptev 1280.jpeg
  • At first glance it seems that Uraraka and Bakugou have the same flower as Melissa, but if you take a closer look Melissa looks to have a regular white rose as to where Uraraka and Bakugou's flowers seem to fold inwardly like Japan's white Camellia flowers. Japan's White camellias represent admiration.


  • In another chapter, they are beside each other with looks of determination while talking over their feelings on a game, with Uraraka saying, “Losing isn't an option!”, to which Bakugou emphasizes with, “You said it, Round-Face!”
  • In chapter 76, Bakugou and Uraraka’s mothers are seen together in many panels, chatting or sitting beside one another while the students cater to them.[2]
  • The chapter where Uraraka is the director of a video reenactment of the Battle at Kamino Ward between All Might & AFO has her casting Bakugou as All Might, and hyping him up during the climactic final Smash. [3]

BNHA Team Up Mission (Manga Spin-Off)

Screenshot 2020-06-01-23-37-52-180.jpeg

  • In Ch 0:
    • Bakugou and Uraraka are seen walking together to Mirko’s office.
    • When Mirko walks into the office, Bakugou looks at Uraraka.
    • Uraraka tells Deku that she trusts Bakugou.
    • Mirko notes Uraraka’s feelings about Bakugou, thinking, “It seems you are trusted, Bakugou.”

BNHA Smash Tap (Mobile Game)

  • Uraraka and Bakugou are often placed together in cards or released at the same time in the game.

Bakugou refers to Uraraka as, “the one with the face of a doll.”

  • In the game, Bakugou refers to Uraraka as, “the one with the face of a doll.” And tells her to “go with all her power” as she has the hinaare (rice candy) which protects her.

My Hero: One's Justice (Video Game)

  • During the game, Uraraka and Bakugou face each other in a fight, in which Uraraka wins. Uraraka thanks Bakugou for not holding back and cheers happily over her win.
    Bakugou comments that he knew she would put up a fight but he couldn't believe he could be so weak against Uraraka to let her do that to him.

Promotional Material

  • Uraraka and Bakugou are often placed together for promotional materials for Smash Rising.
  • Uraraka and Bakugou are often released together in promotional merchandise.

Manga Omakes and Sketches

  • Uraraka and Bakugou make mochi together (mochitsuki/amotsuki) twice, the first time in Horikoshi's 2015 New Year's sketch and the second one in a New Year's extra released with Chapter 256 in 2019.
    Screenshot 2020-06-02-01-26-51-380.jpeg
  • In an omake from the manga volume 16, after chapter 145, Bakugou turns to address Deku only to find that Uraraka has taken his seat. She says she can read his “Baku Rage Aura,” and confronts Bakugou about his relationship with Deku. She says that he looked cool during their fight at the Sports Festival, but that he shouldn't act so menacing toward Deku. Bakugou, of course, threatens her as Deku enters the room.

    Bakugou and Uraraka also share the same hero suit designer.

    Although she wasn't able to change Bakugou's attitude, she showed her understanding of his values. It’s worth noting that Bakugou, even in his anger, still refers to her as Uraraka and not Round Face during this interaction.
  • Bakugou and Uraraka also share the same hero suit designer. It is recognizable by the shared black double dots signature on their costumes.
    • In Chapter 248, Uraraka was revealed to have a costume upgrade which made her costume resemble Bakugou's even more. Her gauntlets were larger and her helmet was replaced with a two-piece headpiece with pink extensions that extend diagonally towards the back, similar to Bakugou's orange and black headpieces.

6cc6c59d-tumblr inline pqu4xu2yrl1sss5ih 540.png

  • In the Manga volume 23 character page, Bakugou introduces characters from the manga. When he gets to Uraraka he states that “her guts and roundness are the only things likable.” (Some translations have his statement translated as “Her guts and roundness are respectable.”) This implies that her roundness is a quality that he admires.
    • In the official VIZ Media English translation, Bakugou says "Number One in sheer guts and roundness, but that's about it." when it comes to Uraraka. Fans noted that Uraraka is the only other person Bakugou has called "Number One" besides All Might.

BNHA Drama CDs

In the Season 2 Vol. 1 The Determination for the Sports Festival 体育祭への覚悟 (July 19, 2017), Kirishima is trying to talk to Bakugou about the upcoming sport festival when Ashido and Uraraka walk in. Bakugou refers to them by their nicknames, prompting Ashido to ask why he doesn’t remember their names. Uraraka responds, “It’s not that he doesn’t remember, it’s that he doesn’t care.” Bakugou agrees and rants loudly and angrily about why he won't use any of their names, prompting Uraraka to ask why he’s always so mad, and that maybe he should take more Calcium to-“, before Bakugou cuts her off.


On AO3, Kacchako is the second most written ship for Uraraka and the fourth most written for Bakugou. It is the seventh most written ship within the ship in the My Hero Academia tag.

According to Tumblr Fandometrics the ship was the twenty-seventh and sixty-ninth most reblogged ship of 2018 and 2019 respectively; making it the most reblogged Het ship for My Hero Academia for two years consecutively.

Despite its popularity, Kacchako remains one of the more controversial ships in the western BNHA fandom. Even with its "controversial" status in the fandom, many fans will point out that the Kacchako fandom produces a lot of good fanworks, especially fanart.

Bakugou's father said he was always weak for strong willed women (Bakugou's mother), some people put this in relation to Bakugou's Japanese Voice actor saying that Bakugou is weak when dealing with Ochako. Also, Kacchako is rivalled ship between IzuOcha and TsuChako for Ochako and KiriBaku and BakuDeku for Katsuki. Kacchako is a commonly ship it beside TodoMomo, KiriMina, DekuMeli, KamiJirou and TokoTsuyu and Bakugou and Uraraka have full trust on each other.



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37th 2018


  • Bakugou's Japanese voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto states that “Bakugou is strong when dealing with Deku, but when it comes to Ochako, he is weak.”
  • Bakugou makes mochi with Kirishima for Uraraka in an official sketch by Horikoshi
  • Uraraka and Bakugou share the same costume designer when it comes to their superhero costumes.
  • Bakugou and Uraraka are often paired together in Horikoshi’s official sketches
  • Bakugou and Uraraka are often wearing matching/complementary clothes in promotional material and color spreads.
  • In promotional material, they are also often seen holding things which are the other's colours (Ochako's color is pink and Bakugou's color is orange),
  • They were created with opposite motifs/aesthetics.

Screenshot 2020-06-01-02-00-12-913.jpeg

  • They are often standing side-by-side in many screencaps and panels of the manga.
  • They bond mostly over food. Bakugou seems to know Uraraka likes sweets according to chapter 272 of My hero academia.
  • Bakugo's english voice actor Clifford Chapin once jokingly said on Twitter that he hoped Bakugo and Uraraka would end up together so that it would make Deku sad.
  • They also wear the same Froppy costumes in Horikoshi's sketch.
  • They even dance together side by side and hold hands in BNHA Smash chapter 26
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto said that Katsuki has respect and admiration for Ochako.[1]


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BakuDekuChako refers to the ship between the two and Izuku Midoriya
KiriKacchako - the ship between the two and Eijiro Kirishima
KiriBakuDekuChako refers to the ship between the two, Eijiro Kirishima and Izuku Midoriya
TodoKacchako refers to the ship between the two and Shoto Todoroki
TodoKiriShinBakuDekuraka refers to the ship between the two, Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima, Hitoshi Shinso and Izuku Midoriya


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