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KaeLisa is the het ship between Kaeya Alberich and Lisa Minci from the Genshin Impact fandom.



Prologue: Act I

After facing off with Stormterror (Dvalin) with the help of a mysterious voice, Traveler lands their glider, and soon after meets cavalry captain Kaeya. He then brings Traveler to meet with the Acting Grandmaster, Jean. Lisa is also present, and it is established that they are all a part of the same order, known as the Knights of Favonius. Kaeya and Lisa are shown to interact in regards to the Stormterror crisis. Jean mentions that Lisa, having used her detection magic, discovered that a leyline disorder is enhancing Stormterror's powers. Kaeya, intrigued, questions "Is that so?" Lisa then turns to him and provides further information. She states that the leylines are located in the Four Winds Temples, as well as reaffirms that Stormterror is drawing power from said temples. Following this interaction, Kaeya, Lisa, and Amber work together to cut off the source of power, by tackling a temple each. Traveler meets up with each of them, and both Kaeya and Lisa officially join the party.

Midsummer Island Adventure: Part III

Prior to this part in the event, Jean had given the role of Acting Grand Master to Kaeya while she was away at the archipelago. In this part, however, he was discovered to be at the archipelago as well. When asked who was overseeing the Knights of Favonius, Kaeya stated that he had given the role to "the mighty Librarian, Lisa, of course."[1] He then went on further to compliment her strictness when it came to keeping things in order. Kaeya is known for dedicating himself to "studying threats in and around Mondstadt,"[2] and therefore, Mondstadt's security is something of importance to him. Of all the knights, it was Lisa whom he entrusted the task of overseeing the Knights and keeping the city secure.

Character Lore


Kaeya warns the Traveler to not forget to return their books on time, continuing to state in a cheeky tone that he "made that mistake once and boy was she angry." He explains that his arm is still numb from the last time he made the mistake, likely from being zapped with Lisa's electro abilities.

While Lisa does not have a direct voiceline talking about Kaeya, her voiceline about Diluc involves her sounding amused when she states that she knows someone else the Traveler should talk to instead. That person (likely) being Kaeya, who had grown up with Diluc.


With Lisa, "though her attitude to life may appear at first to be one of ruthless efficiency, it is in fact better understood as a product of her incorrigibly lazy nature."[3] Kaeya, on the other hand, "is sometimes seen as overly laid-back and even lazy, but he takes his work seriously."[4] To an observer, Kaeya and Lisa offer almost opposite first impressions, and upon further inspection, have different ways of approaching their work. Yet at the end of the day, they both end up being some of the most effective members of the Knights of Favonius, as noted by many of their fellow Knights. Though, the two do appear to have a knack for passing their work to other people when they get the chance. Kaeya gets a certain kick out of "convincing others to do his work."[5] And Lisa, when she first joined the Knights, was tasked with much more than just the management of books and documents. She was even considered for a captaincy position (that she promptly declined). In her story, it is revealed that she negotiated with Kaeya to offload some of her work.[6]

Eula: Character Story 1

In this part, Eula had just walked into Master Jean's office while carrying a sword. The occurrence was noticed by some recently-recruited guards, who decided to bring it up to Kaeya and Lisa as they were walking together. Soon after, Lisa rushed into the office, concerned about missing out on a tea break. Kaeya, on the other hand, stayed to take the opportunity and tease the guards. With some flourished explaining, he managed to convince them that 'tea break' was actually code for 'sparring'.

Official Art

miHoYo had released some promotional artworks featuring Kaeya and Lisa as chibis, interacting with one another in a friendly fashion.


KaeLisa, being a rare pair, doesn't have much traction within the fandom. It is more often seen as a platonic ship rather than a romantic one. On a platonic front, Kaeya and Lisa's dynamic is generally envisioned as best friends and co-workers that enjoy kicking back and gossiping together. Both are known to be flirtatious, charming, secretive people, with a tendency to tease others. On top of that, they both have a desire to gather information, albeit using different methods. Overall, they are considered a casual, but engaging, back-and-forth duo. Romantic KaeLisa's dynamic tends to be seen as all the platonic aspects put together, plus a romantic layer. Friends-With-Benefits and Friends-To-Lovers are common tropes used in their romantic portrayals.

Kaeya and Lisa both have different ways of engaging themselves with the world. Lisa finds herself reserving her energy and keeping things laid back. As Albedo sees it, she is almost limiting herself in a way. Kaeya, on the other hand, finds himself expending his energy, and seeks to push the limits of himself and others. However, they do so in the name of enjoyment and fun. Shippers feel the two would appreciate that in each other, and would strive to have fun and enjoy time together. Even in high-stress situations, such as combat, they would still find the time to flirt and banter.

One particular headcanon that is involved in KaeLisa scenarios is that Kaeya is imagined to be a bookworm. This is due to his love of stories, and the fact that he keeps his intel list in a copy of The Adventures of Angelos.[7] Additionally, in one of his official birthday artworks, Kaeya was depicted to be reading on a couch while surrounded by multiple books. With all this in consideration, the Mondstadt Library (where Lisa works) is likely a spot that Kaeya would visit in his spare time, asides from bars. This leads to imagined scenarios of the two interacting and hanging out, bonding over the shared hobby of literature/stories/information.

While the two are outwardly charming and have no troubles discussing with people, they are incredibly secretive when it comes to discussing themselves. Kaeya's story reveals that, to him, his only way is to hide the truth. Lisa's story implies that there are things from her pursuit of the truth of visions that she is keeping under wraps. Some feel that Kaeya and Lisa would be able to a provide a solid support system for each other, one that allows them to open up to a "bird of a feather" who would understand. On another note, their secretive trait also leads to an interpretation that they would likely prefer to keep their relationship and affection in private.

Another take on KaeLisa is that they are friends/lovers, but are both on borrowed time. They'd be uplifting one another as they try to make the best of their situations, making the most of the days they have left. The borrowed time aspect is inspired from the Khaenri'ah curse, which is potentially affecting Kaeya, as well as Lisa's limited lifespan curse (an early concept described by a product manager at miHoYo).[8]



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  • Both Kaeya and Lisa have "afternoon" beverages they enjoy drinking. For Kaeya, it's his favorite drink, known as Death After Noon. For Lisa, it's her Afternoon Tea.
  • On Lisa's 2021 birthday, she had gifted the Traveler calla lilies, Kaeya's ascension material.
  • They both have a) tied hair, resting over their left shoulders b) one single earring, on their left ears.
  • Kaeya and Lisa are offered together in the event Fate Foretold. The event's screen displays them side-by-side.
  • 🦚⏳ / 💙💜 / ❄️⚡ are emojis often paired with each other in reference to KaeLisa. The first symbolizes their constellations, the second is based on their color schemes, and the third represents their elements.
  • Both use Ballad talent books.
  • They are the only two characters to have their constellation name as their namecard title.



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