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Kaether is the slash ship between Kaeya Alberich and Aether from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Kaeya is the first male character the Traveler meets in Genshin Impact.


In Kaeya's English voicelines, he teases the Traveler for not being able to handle the cold, and presumably not being able to drink, etc.

I didn't know you were such a slacker.
Come on, let's get moving. We're not frozen in place, after all.
What about a ghost story to go with the snow?
What's wrong? Can't handle the cold?
You're not scared of the dark, are you? That's... interesting.
Leaving already? See you next time then. Don't make me wait too long, though.

Archon Quest

In Act 1 of The Outlander Who Caught the Wind, the player is tasked to meet Kaeya at the Temple of the Wolf. Kaeya congratulates you on your battle and invites the Traveler to come to the Knights of Favonius headquarters to visit him, or go out for drinks with him.

After defeating Stormterror, the player is tasked with finding Sara at Good Hunter. There, the player runs into Kaeya again and has two dialogue options. If you choose "Ah, the handsome Mr. Kaeya", he will reply with "Ah, so you do feel something for me. And people say my charm is fake." If you choose "Oh hey, I didn't see you there..." he will reply with "Hahaha... It seems your great battle sharpened not only your combat skills but your wit as well. A knight after my own heart." Kaeya continues to flatter the Traveler with compliments, until Paimon steps in and calls him the sweet-talking-sugar-coated Captain Kaeya, to which he responds "Nonsense, I speak from the heart".

Pavo Ocellus

When completing the Pavo Ocellus Chapter (Kaeya's story quest: Secret Pirate Treasure), Kaeya flatters the Traveler relentlessly ("your arrival must be the grace of the gods!" "may I ask, envoy sent by the Anemo God to save this mere mortal, could you spare a moment?") to get them to help him find a secret treasure. He'll insist on meeting the player privately, saying that he cannot seek help from anybody but you. He tells the Traveler that his eyepatch was inherited from his grandfather, and will tease you if you choose the dialogue option "I never knew you could inherit eye patches", insisting that it is common knowledge.

When reading the hint for his treasure quest, Kaeya makes a dirty joke if you choose the dialogue option "maybe when there are people bathing in the spring water?", commenting on how bathing in public is inappropriate and growing more common in Mondstadt. He then asks the Traveler if they do so themselves, and that he wouldn't judge, to which Paimon takes great offense.

When it is revealed to the Traveler that Kaeya had tricked them into arresting a thief and Paimon expresses dismay that there is no treasure, he gives them a Harbinger of Dawn sword to repay them, and asks for forgiveness.

Kaeya's Mail

On his birthday, November 30th, instead of giving ascension materials to the player like most characters, Kaeya gifts impromptu bar snacks: fruity-mushroom skewer and five apple ciders (Kaeya recommends Mondstadt's apple cider vinegar to the Traveler early in game as they're non-alcoholic). He admits that he wrote the letter to the Traveler drunk, explaining why it feels much more lonely and vulnerable than usual. According to Kaeya, the Traveler (whom he refers to as a "certain someone") was the only one who remembered his birthday, and that if it weren't for them, Kaeya would not have remembered it himself. He then asks you to stay, have a few more drinks with him, and keep him company.

Lantern Rite

During the Lantern Rite, players are tasked with finding Kaeya to help decipher a Treasure Hoarder's symbol. When Kaeya questions why you're asking him specifically, the player has two dialogue options. If the player chooses "Because you're amazing at everything and we trust you", Kaeya will respond that he is flattered but that the Traveler is probably overestimating his abilities. If the player chooses "Because you flirt with the dark side," he'll respond with "Uh-ah, you should watch what you say, Honorary Knight," before giving a speech on how the Knights of Favonius are righteous people who don't collude with criminals. Either way, he still gives the Traveler information on his informant.

Windblume Festival

In the Windblume Festival wind-gliding activity at Falcon Coast, Kaeya's note reads "Oh dear, is this what they call a height advantage? I suppose I can go a little easy on you all to make things a bit more exciting", making fun of the Traveler's height.

Serenitea Pot

If Kaeya is placed in the player's Serenitea Pot as a companion, the player will be able to speak to him. His dialogue is as follows:

Kaeya: Well hello, (Traveler).
Kaeya: I didn't expect to see you again so soon.
How do you like it here?
Kaeya: Oh, I feel quite at home already.
Kaeya: Hmm, although I feel that "at home" doesn't express my feelings in their entirety.
Kaeya: "Surprised" is more how I'd describe the feeling I had when I first set eyes on this place.
You mean, pleasantly surprised?
Kaeya: Exactly that.
As in, it was a nasty surprise?
Kaeya: What? Of course not! It was a very pleasant surprise.
Kaeya: It's more beautiful than I imagined.
Kaeya: It's been a while since I moved here though, so the initial sense of surprise has mostly worn off. Now, this place feels comfortable, like somewhere I belong.
Kaeya: Heh, who'd have thought...

When unlocking friendship level 4 with Kaeya, he has a new option to pick from his conversations.

Would you like to have a chat with me?
Kaeya: You've come to the right person.
Kaeya: Speak your mind. I'm more than happy to keep you company.
Kaeya: Hmm... Though it's too bad we don't have anything to wet our whistles with...
Why do you like to drink so much, Kaeya?
Kaeya: Well... largely because I like the taste.
Kaeya: But I can't deny that I also like how it makes me feel.
I think I understand what you mean.
Kaeya: Oh really? Just from listening to me describe it? Despite having never tried it yourself?
Kaeya: That's quite a unique talent.
So what you mean is, you drink to numb the pain?
Kaeya: Goodness, look at you, leaping to conclusions... Do I look like I've been through that much?
Kaeya: I'm quite content with my life right now.
Kaeya: I have to say, though, that chatting with you is quite intoxicating...
Kaeya: Actually, in much the same way that drinking is.
Kaeya: So, I suppose... I'm just greedy and want to enjoy both of these pleasures at the same time.
So all in all, I'm just another layer in your cocktail of pleasure?
Kaeya: Hahaha... What an interesting metaphor! I hadn't looked at it from that angle...
Kaeya: Let me think...
Kaeya: Hmm... Your analogy seems largely correct.
Kaeya: Save for one small detail — you, of course, are the main ingredient in said cocktail.

When Kaeya is at friendship level 7, a new option for all of his conversation, will be unlocked.

Anything you'd like to do?
Kaeya: You're already here by my side, what more could I ask for?
Kaeya: Though, I would like to know one thing. Is there any way in which I can be of assistance to you, (Traveler)?
You really have a way with words, Kaeya...
Kaeya: Haha, how flattering!
Kaeya: As always, I speak only from the heart.
Kaeya: Nothing would make me feel prouder than knowing that my words of advice are of some help to you.
Kaeya: That would imply that you trust me and proves that I am capable of helping you solve your problems.
Can I rely on your words of wisdom in the future?
Kaeya: I'm at your service.
Kaeya: In fact... would you like me to compile a guide for you...?
Kaeya: It would contain all kinds of practical knowledge for at home and on the road, including the techniques I have developed for communicating with people from all walks of life. I'd like to share it all with you.
That sounds extremely useful.
You never fail to impress me, Kaeya.
Kaeya: Hahaha... My pleasure!
Kaeya: I'd better get to work then...

(Between 6:00 and 19:00)

Good morning, Kaeya.
Kaeya: Morning to you too, (Traveler).
Kaeya: Don't forget that I'm always here for you if you ever need to pour your heart out.

(Between 19:00 and 6:00)

Good night, Kaeya.
Kaeya: Is it that time already? I'm not sure I'm ready to say goodbye.
Kaeya: But then again... one has to get one's beauty sleep. Alright then, good night.


For every character birthday, miHoYo releases an article on their website that contains a short story and real-life recipe on how to make said character’s signature dish, Kaeya included. His story involves him inviting Aether to Starfell Valley. Aether mentions that he finds it hard to say no to Kaeya’s trademark smile. Kaeya and Aether travel across an ocean to an island, where Kaeya discovers Aether is scared of water, which he is delighted to tease him with. Aether holds his tongue because it is Kaeya’s birthday. Kaeya unveils a jar of apple cider that he kept at a cold temperature with his Cryo powers (Aether states that Kaeya is always using his abilities for weird reasons), and decides to have an impromptu picnic, farming some fowl from the shore. Kaeya teases Aether relentlessly as they cook, saying that he is “trying to impress his esteemed guest”. He tells Aether he can use scissors if he’s not comfortable with a knife, and that he can’t have any of his Death After Noon wine as Aether is not yet an adult.

As Kaeya eats his skewers happily, Aether ponders Kaeya’s past, wondering why he’s never brought up personal things like his birthplace or birthday. This prompts Aether to ask if Kaeya ever feels lonely. Kaeya responds, “lonely? How could I be, with someone nagging me all the time?” This, combined with his smile, according to Aether, made him want to punch Kaeya.

Aether drops the topic and accepts that Kaeya will share his feelings when the time is right. He states that he suspects that Kaeya’s arrogant smile is masking a fragile heart, just like the power of Cryo he holds: it’s cold as ice, but just as fragile.


Kaether is a decently popular ship in the Genshin Impact fandom, with a decent number of supporters. Because the Traveler's gender, name, dialogue options, and birthday are up to the player to choose, many fans admit to treating the Traveler as a self-insert when it comes to characters like Kaeya in-game. Kaether grew in popularity due to many of Kaeya's dialogues towards the Traveler being interpreted as flirting, and for the interesting dynamic they have.

Fans notice that for the flirty dialogue after defeating Dvalin, Kaeya's dialogue does not change based on which twin you choose. This led to the idea that Kaeya is bisexual, also supported by his flirtatiousness to Sara (female) and Albedo (male). In the Windblume event, upon entering Jean's office, there is a glitch where Kaeya will be standing on Jean's chair and then immediately sits once you enter his line of sight. Fans joked that this is confirmation that Kaeya is bisexual, as it is a ongoing bit in the LGBT+ community that bisexuals cannot sit properly.

This ship could be deemed controversial due to Kaeya being an adult (canonically at least 20 years old) and the Traveler looking like they could be a minor (as Kaeya mentions in his English voicelines), but it was later confirmed that the Traveler is at least 500 years old. As Venti can drink freely although he looks young, this was cause for debate on whether the Traveler's physical age lined up with their mental age, and vice versa. Ultimately, it's up to the individual as to how much their appearances and presumed ages play a part in their relationship.

On AO3, Kaether has over 200+ fanfictions.



Kaeya/Aether tag on AO3


Kaether posts on Tumblr


“Bravo! What a performance! You are to my surprise, a well-trained knight, The battles you just fought were sights to behold...Stories of your heroic deeds to save Mondstadt from the destruction shall be known throughout the City of Freedom, well into the future. ”
— Kaeya to the Traveler in The Outlander Who Caught the Wind
“Why, if it hadn’t been for a certain someone’s throwaway remark, I might have forgotten that today was my birthday. Which is just as well - I haven’t had cause for any private celebrations for a long time. Hmm, how do you think I should approach a day such as this? Haha, relax. I’m just fishing for your opinion. I am, unfortunately, not well-versed in matters of this sort. How mysterious…When you’re around, the truth just slips out of me at times. I must have had a glass too many, I fear. Still, I suppose a little honestly with oneself couldn’t hurt. Want to have a few more drinks with me? I’ll have the bartender bring you something non-alcoholic. Good drinks loosen lips, as they say, Don’t worry, I have plenty of stories…and plenty of time.”
— Kaeya to the Traveler in his birthday letter


  • In miHoYo's official Genshin Impact 4-komas (mini comics), there is quite a bit of additional Kaether content.
    • In "Beware Kaeya's praise", which takes place in his quest, Kaeya showers Aether with compliments as he defeats hilichurls. Aether can be seen blushing with flower graphics drawn around his face, implying bashfulness.
      • This panel of Aether is frequently used by Aether fans or Kaether shippers as a profile picture on Twitter and AO3.
    • When Paimon is pulling the Traveler away from Jean's office, Kaeya suggests they stay.
      • We get a comedic panel of Paimon trying to tug Aether out of the office by his braid, while Kaeya is tugging him back into the office by the leg, all while Aether is in tears.
  • Kaeya is shown as flirtatious in the Genshin Impact Official Webtoon.
    • A panel in Chapter 8 shows Kaeya leaving Dawn Winery after speaking to Diluc. A maid bids him farewell with "come back soon, master Kaeya!" to which he responds with "of course, I'll come back just to see you, sweetie."
      • This is only in the English translation. In Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and most other versions, he responds with "alright".
  • Kaeya is well-liked by the people of Mondstadt, and is a popular marriage prospect. Popular with the elderly, his looks and charms earned him the title of "best candidate for grandson-in-law". Similarly, the Traveler is desirable, too, as Hanfeng "Old Blade" will immediately comment on their handsomeness/beauty and well-spoken manner if you speak to him (he'll ask them to pay his son a visit). In the English version, he mentions his son's strong arms and cooking skills to try and set you up with him. Ying'er also comments on the Traveler's good looks very frequently.
  • Kaeya is confirmed to be from Khaenri'ah, and the Traveler has connection to Khaenri'ah as well.
    • In his voiceline about Fischl, he jokes that because they both wear eyepatches, they are both secret descendants of royalty ("descendants" specified in Chinese and Japanese dub only). Many fans have interpreted this to be foreshadowing that Kaeya is an heir to royalty in Khaenri'ah.
    • Many fans have theorized that the Traveler is from Khaenri'ah, or that they have some connection to Khaenri'ah.
      • This could possibly suggest much more interaction with Kaeya once Khaenri'ah is implemented.
  • Some commenters have pointed out that Kaeya's demeanor towards the Traveler has changed from the beginning of the game as opposed to during the Lantern Rite festival later.
    • When comparing lines like "Oh, ho-ho! You're quite the brave one, aren't you?" (The Outlander Who Caught the Wind, Act 1, Crash Course) and his party set-up lines to the new voicelines recorded for his brief appearance in the Lantern Rite festival, his voice actor speaks in a much less flirty way.
  • In the Chinese captions, Kaeya ends most of his sentences towards the Traveler with a "~" symbol, indicating a playful/flirtatious intonation.
  • Kaeya is the most mentioned playable characters in the Traveler's voicelines as of Version 2.0. They are as follows:
    • About Effort and Reward
    • About "Don't Play With Food, Don't Play With Money"
    • About Kaeya's Eyepatch
    • About Kaeya and Diluc
    • About Eyes
    • About Imitating Others
    • About Inazuma's Islands


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