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Kagalyanette is the polyship ship between Kagami Tsurugi, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Alya Césaire from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


While Alya and Kagami don't know really each other well, Marinette is friends with both girls and had entrusted them with Miraculouses on separate occasions. Marinette is the first friend who Alya meets on her first day in Marinette's class, and the two have been friends ever since. Along with Alya being a large Ladybug supporter and stared a blog, with while having no idea that she is her friend. Because Marinette commonly tells Alya about the girls who catches Adrien's attention, like Kagami who sees Marinette as a love rival for his heart, Alya hears a few things about Kagami from Marinette. After Marinette got paired up with Kagami in the Friendship games during "Ikari Gozen", it gets an upset Marinette to call Alya about her partner and how she plans to keep Kagami away from Adrien. Because Marinette had switch phones with Kagami when Alya called Marinette back, Kagami sees Ayla's reply and gets hurt by it until Marinette amended things between them, in which allowed Marinette and Kagami to become true friends.

Before season three has Marinette and Alya become friends with Kagami and during the season two finale, "Heroes' Day", Kagami is one of the first few people to be re-akumatized for Scarlet Moth's army to which has Ladybug asking for Rena Rouge's help to turn Kagami and the others back to normal. Even though the two were able to turn Crimson Riposte back into Kagami, Crimson Dark Cupid hits both Kagami and Rena Rouge with his arrows in which leads allows Scarlet Moth to re-akumatize Kagami back into Riposte, while Rena Rouge become Red Rouge. Luckily for the two, Ladybug was able to free them from Scarlet Moth's hold by destroying his cane. While Kagami was wondering what has happened to her and recovering from what she was about to do, Rena Rouge dashes off to Ladybug's aid so they could make sure that Hawk Moth could akumatize Kagami or anyone else again, but he got away before they could.

The way that Alya and Kagami acted with one another in "Desperada" hits that Marinette may have told Alya about her new friendship with Kagami and how she is someone who Alya would also like to befriend. When Kagami decided to skip her fencing lesson that day, she and Adrien met up with Alya and Marinette at the Couffaine's houseboat. Once both Alya and Kagami saw Marinette with Luka they could see that the two make a cute couple. Alya and Kagami were later captured by Desperada when she attacked them, and Ladybug had to call in a new hero, Viperion, to help her and Cat Noir save Kagami, Alya and the others, by defeating the titled villain. The girls then spent the rest of the day watching their musical friends play music together, before Kagami tells Marinette how love is something that people can't get a second chance at, which is why Marinette needs to quickly make up her mind about picking either Adrien or Luka. Hearing Kagami tell Marinette this, Alya reminds both girls that either of the two said boys haven't made their own choices yet.


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Kagalyanette is a rare poly Miraculous Ladybug ship, as Alya and Kagami don't know each other well, while Marinette knows both of them and has had bonding time with each individually. Because both Alya and Kagami are temporarily intrusted with Miraculouses, many fans hope that future episodes in the series would have Rena Rouge and Ryuko helping Ladybug, together as a team of three. Along with Marinette introducing Kagami to Alya so she can have another friend.



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Alyami refers to the ship between Alya and Kagami
Alyanette refers to the ship between Alya and Marinette
Kagaminette refers to the ship between Kagami and Marinette


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