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KaiNami is the femslash ship between Kairi and Naminé from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.


Kairi and Naminé were connected long before the two ever met because Naminé is Kairi's nobody. At first, Naminé replaced Sora's memories of Kairi with memories of her so that he would come and save her. However, she felt guilty of this and later helped Sora remember Kairi and agreed to fix his memories. Naminé was slightly jealous of Kairi at first after seeing how much Sora cared for her but eventually got over it because she realized that it was wrong to mess with memories.

One year later, Kairi was kidnapped by Organization XIII and imprisoned in the Castle that Never Was. Naminé appeared with a corridor to darkness and helped Kairi escape from her cell. She helped her run away from the organization while holding her hand but eventually began to blink away because they were so close to each other. Riku eventually appeared so Naminé had him continue the rescue mission for her. After Xemnas' first defeat, Naminé appears in a transparent state and opens a corridor to darkness so that everybody can get home and Kairi thanks her. The two then merged and were both happy when they returned to Destiny Islands.

In Kingdom Hearts III Naminé is given her own body again and is seen spending time in Destiny Islands before she and the others notice Kairi's return. The ending of Kingdom Hearts III ReMind reveals that Kairi secretly had Sora free Naminé's heart from within her and how it was her and Sora's kind actions that allowed her Nobody to wake up in her new body. Without letting Naminé or the others know that she was there at that very moment, before Naminé later met up with Kairi's friend Riku.


KaiNami has a decent amount of popularity and is one of the most popular femslash ships in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. Femslash ships in this fandom tend to not be very popular unlike the slash ships so it is not as popular as ships such as Soriku or RokuNami. KaiNami mostly set sail in Kingdom Hearts II as that is the game where the two finally met. Many liked the fact that Naminé helped Kairi escape while holding her hand, and that Kairi got to thank Naminé for her help before even Sora did. Also, the Kingdom Hearts II novels show Naminé as having a particular fascination with Kairi and had her desperately wanting to meet her for a long time.

There have even been those who see Kairi and Naminé forming a sister-like bond, with Kairi acting as the oldest of the two from them being counterparts who become friends.

On AO3 it is the eighth most written ship for Kairi and the fourth most written for Naminé. It is also the forty sixth most written ship in the Kingdom Hearts tag.



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  • Naminé was actually created when Sora released his and Kairi's hearts and not when Kairi first lost her heart.


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