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KakaHana is the het ship between Kakashi Hatake and Hanare from the Naruto fandom.


Kakashi and Hanare first met when Kakashi was still a member of Konoha's Anbu. He saved her when she was lost and crying. Years later, Anbu had trouble interrogating Hanare so they asked Kakashi for help. He later took her around the village while Naruto and the others spied on them. Naruto eventually fell on them which caused them to kiss by accident. He then admitted that he approved of their relationship which embarrassed both Kakashi and Hanare.

A ninja from Konoha was eventually captured and held hostage in exchange for Hanare. However, Kakashi refused to give her up. Hanare later ran away and tried to convince Kakashi to kill her but she refused. She later seemingly jumped to her death. Kakashi later told the others that she was an admirable ninja. However, Hanare actually survived and later walked to the location where she first met Kakashi.


KakaHana is not that well known of a pairing in the Naruto fandom due to the fact that it only happened in filler episodes and that Hanare is not even a canon character. However, fans who watched these episodes tend to support this pairing as there chemistry was shown between them. KakaHana is mainly supported due to their accidental kiss and the fact that Kakashi refused to allow Hanare to be hurt.

Fanfiction of the two is normally with the two as a background pair, although they do have some of their own. Despite it's small presence many still ship the two. There is also some fan art of the two.

On AO3, it is the most written ship for Hanare.



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