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Kam is the slash ship between Tam Song and Keefe Sencen from the Keeper of the Lost Cities fandom.


In book 4, Neverseen, Keefe uses his mimicking to do a spot-on impression of Tam. Keefe ignores Linh's water tricks because he's too busy staring harshly at Tam. When Keefe questions the mental conversation Sophie and Tam are having about him, Tam makes a jab on the amount of time he takes to style his hair.

In book 6, Nightfall, Tam was "glaring through his silver-tipped bangs" when Keefe and Sophie were holding hands, possibly because he is jealous. When Biana tells Keefe and Tam that they are the worst, Keefe says "We try," showing a growth in friendship. Fitz points out that Keefe joined the enemy, Tam comforts him by disagreeing with Keefe’s statements of calling himself worthless. He continues by explaining how having a family like Keefe's (a mentally/verbally abusive one) messes with your head, as he would know, as he’s been in the same situation before. Tam then tells Keefe that if he doesn't run off and join the Neverseen again, the two of them are cool. After this, the side of Keefe's mouth twists up, showing his surprise and amusement as he nods.

In book 7, Flashback, Keefe thanks Tam for helping Sophie and Fitz when the Neverseen attacked. When trying to find his hidden memories, Keefe stays over at Tam and Linh's suite. While staying with Tam and Linh, Keefe tells Sophie he'll have Tam try to do the "shadowvapor-veil-lifting-thing" to see if it would brighten up some of the darker spots of his memory. Though, he admits that he'll most likely want to punch him in his bangs after about thirty seconds.

At the end of Flashback, Keefe tries to convince Tam not to go over to the Neverseen and genuinely seems concerned for Tam. '"Please tell me you're not actually considering this," Keefe begged. "Don't do it," Keefe pleaded.' (Since Keefe has been in the same situation before.)

In Legacy Tam pleads with Sophie to hide Keefe because Lady Gisela told Tam to murder Keefe, and Tam will be forced to obey because of the etherine bonds on his wrists, which are controlling him. Tam is described as looking "heartbroken" upon locking eyes with Keefe and telling him that he has to stay away from him, and Keefe is said to sound "broken" after Tam chooses staying with the Neverseen and leaps away with Lady Gisela, and Keefe then begins to shake.

Near the end of Legacy, Keefe doesn't seem to fully realize that Lady Gisela will kill Tam unless Keefe comes like she wanted him to. When Fitz points this out, Keefe freezes, then sneaks out to Ravagog after everyone leaves. When Tam is about to do "The Thing" to Keefe he is near tears, Keefe gets him to smile by saying he'll always make fun of his bangs, and Keefe says he doesn't blame Tam for what's about to happen. Tam attacks Lady Gisela, saying, "This one's for you, Keefe." then picks up Keefe because he is in a coma-like sleep, and swings him over his shoulder.

In book 8.5, Unlocked, Keefe seems to be happy that Tam is back, and he's also grateful that Tam wasn't injured. He praises Tam, saying the shade can be seriously powerful when he wants to be. Keefe denies that they are rivals, teasing Tam in the process. Keefe seems like he hates Glimmer a lot, which could mean that he is jealous (although this is a guess).

It is said several times in the series that Keefe and Tam would probably be best friends since they have so much in common if they could get over their differences.


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This ship is often shipped alongside Linhella, the femslash ship between Linh Song and Marella Redek.


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