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KamiMomoJirou is the poly ship between Denki Kaminari, Momo Yaoyorozu and Kyoka Jiro from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Battle Trial Arc

Denki and Kyoka are partnered on Team G for their Battle Trials as the 'hero' team against Team C's 'villain' opponents, Momo and Minoru.


The League of Villains suddenly ambushed the USJ Facility and Kurogiri warped some of the students and seperates them to different places. Denki, Momo and Kyoka got warped into the same area, to The Mountain Zone, and when they're arrived there, there's a bunch of villains waiting for them and attacks them.

Momo creates weapons for herself and Kyoka to defend themselves while Denki runs scared, avoiding the enemies' strikes. He begs for a weapon, but Kyoka tells him to use his Electrification Quirk to attack the villains and create an escape route. Denki explains he can surround his body with electricity but if he releases it, it will spread out across the area and risk hitting the girls. He also warns that he can't call for help as someone is jamming the signal, so they can't count on him. Hard Head takes a swipe at Denki, but he ducks. Annoyed by his whining, Kyoka kicks him into the villain, telling him to act like a human stun gun. Once he bumps into Hard Head, Denki instinctively activates his Quirk and electrocutes him. Even Denki himself is surprised by his potential and tells his teammates that they can now count on him in the fight. Kyoka tells him that he is too happy-go-lucky.

Gravitational Spring tries to use his elastic Quirk to strike Denki with a stone covered arm. Kyoka counters by blasting the stone apart with sound waves using her Earphone Jack Quirk. Gravitational Spring's fist slams on to Denki's face, and gets electrocuted. Another villain tries to jump in and Momo uses her Quirk to create a capture net. The villain fall into Denki and gets shocked as well. Momo asks them to take combat seriously. Kyoka apologizes and uses her amplified sound waves on the surrounding villains while complaining and askes why Denki did not request aiming gear for his costume. The villains to block their ears in pain due her attack, and some of them faint. She nearly suffers from an enemy sneak attack, but she doges the attack and Momo repels the criminal with a kick. Momo notes that she takes a while to create big objects. She creates a one-hundred-millimeter thick insulation sheet to protect her and Kyoka, allowing Denki to use his Quirk at its full power. Denki thanks Momo and sends his electricity shooting out, shocking all the villains at once.

Kyoka notices Momo's shirt is destroyed by the blast and her breasts are exposed, she got extremely flustered seeing it. Momo explains that she can easily create a new one. As Denki walks towards them, Kyoka covers Momo and tells him not to look. They are both surprised to see a stupider version of Denki walk past obliviously after short-circuiting his brain from his own attack. They are so distracted that they don't realize there is still one undefeated villain left. Tesla suddenly appears from his hiding underground and takes Denki hostage. The villain reveals that his own electric type Quirk allowed him to resist Denki's attack. The villain assures them that he would not like to kill someone with a Quirk similar to his, but he will do so without hesitation if Momo and Kyoka try to use their Quirks, ordering them to surrender. Kyoka regrets that they let their guard down completely, and Momo deduces that he is the villain responsible for jamming the communications. As the villain walks towards them, Kyoka tries to distract him with small talk so she can enter her earphone jack into her boot and attack, but Tesla notices and threatens to kill Denki if they do not comply with his demands immediately. Little by little, some of the defeated villains regain consciousness. The students are saved when Tenya returns to the USJ with reinforcements from UA High School.

Anime Version

Snipe uses his Homing Quirk to shoot Tesla, wounding him and saving Denki, Momo, and Kyoka. Soon after Snipe shoots Tesla, Ectoplasm joins them and help to subdue and restrain the remaining villains.

Manga Version

The only villains still standing are Tesla in the Mountain Zone, so Ectoplasm doesn't need to jump into the fight to help Denki. Momo and Kyoka but in the anime there are more villains to face

Sport Festival Arc

Denki and Minoru told Kyoka and Momo that the girls need to use cheerleader clothing

Final Exams Arc

Kyoka and Denki, along with Mina, Hanta and Mashirao got tutored by Momo for the written exam

School Festival Arc

When Denki finds out about her insecurities around her music hobby, he compliments her, encouraging her to embrace her hobbies publicly, while Momo stares at them with a " •o• " and " •v• " face. Kyoka gets flustered by his praise but is eventually convinced to pursue her hobby, but on the outside, he looks like that he made Kyoka embarassed so she returns to her seat after telling Denki to stop, and Momo is just looking at Denki with a "Look what have you done" face while Denki is confused about what just happened. Denki also tries to convince Kyoka to be the singer in the A Band, along with Koji. Momo stopped them and tells them to not force Kyoka, but Kyoka told Momo that she agrees to be the singer while blushing. In Chapter 174, Momo and Kyoka are talking to each other while Momo is pouring tea, Momo compliments Kyoka, telling that she's a natural when it comes to teaching, that even a beginner like Denki already has some chords down after only a week, she replies that it's nothing while blushing. The three of them, along with Fumikage and Katsuki perform in the stage as the musicians, Kyoka plays bass while singing, Momo is playing keyboard and Denki plays guitar

Tartarus Escapees Arc

Kyoka thinks about Shoto's words about the evacuees not having a full change of heart yet, dragging Denki, Momo, Fumikage and then Katsuki closer to her, stating that just like the last time there were other people that regarded them with apprehension, they need to do something to reassure them and bring smiles to their faces, just like they did at the School Festival. Class 1-A comes back together, as they declare they won’t just bring the world back to how it was, but to make it a better place than before, and do it all together.


Kyoka looks worriedly at Momo and Denki

Heroes Rising

Kyoka looks worriedly at Momo and Denki in silence, watching Momo creates supplies using her quirk and Denki using his quirk to give electricity to the people in the bunker before opening her mouth, telling them that they're using their quirk way too much. Momo, with a tired eyes that hides her usual natural beauty replies that they have literally no idea when the villains (Nine and his team) will be back, Denki added by stating that if he didn't charge that now then he won't get to, then he continues with an "O-ow" with his usual brain fried face and two thumbs up, Kyoka believes that they're using it too much more seeing it and remind Denki that his brain are already fried.


This ship isn't particularly popular even though 2 of the variations, KamiJirou and MomoJirou are in the list of the most popular ships in My Hero Academia. Being KamiJirou is one of the most popular het ship along with TodoMomo and IzuOcha and MomoJirou being the #1 most popular femslash ship with TsuChako (#2). Both MomoJirou and KamiJirou are Kyoka's most popular ship (MomoJirou is #1 and KamiJirou is #2). Most of the shippers ships this ship because they couldn't decide between KamiJirou or MomoJirou[1] or just 'which one is better? KamiJirou or MomoJirou? nah I won't choose, imma pick both'[2], so this ship is more Kyoka x Momo & Kyoka x Denki centric instead of being fairly Kyoka x Momo x Denki. But some of the shippers also like Momo x Denki even though it's pretty rare. Bisexual headcanon for the three of them are very indeed popular, especially for Kyoka, due to the fact that she is easily flustered around both genders, and two people that she most flustered around with Denki and Momo. There's currently 88+ works of them in AO3 (0.8% of Kyoka's ships).



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  • In Season 1's poster, everyone is looking at the you (4th Wall) except Kyoka. Kyoka, instead of looking at you, she's looking at Denki and Momo while smiling[3]
  • When the characters of My Hero Academia draws the face of their favorite person, Kyoka draws two people; Denki and Momo.
  • In the 1st Movie Two Heroes (僕のヒーローアカデミア THE MOVIE ~2人の英雄~Boku no Hīrō Akademia Za Mūbī ~Futari no Hīrō~) Official Art, Denki's hand are both behind Momo's and Kyoka's back, or more like... ass?[4]
  • Denki and Momo are the character that Kyoka most likely going to end up with, and most of the fandom agrees
  • KamiJirou and MomoJirou shippers are pretty chill with each other, due to them both having the almost exact same potential to be canon
  • The ship name "Perfect Electric Love" Are taken from:
    • Little Miss Perfect, being the song that resembles Momo (Pretty much also having the theory of TenMomo siblings?)
    • Electric Love, Electric. The song that contains Denki's quirk in the name and are often used for Denki ship videos
    • The names are taken from songs (Little Miss Perfect & Electric Love), and Kyoka have a strong resemblances to songs (Her quirk, her being the singer of the A Band, etc).


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MomoJirou - refers to the ship between Momo and Kyoka
KamiMomo - refers to the ship between Denki and Momo
KamiJirou - refers to the ship between Denki and Kyoka



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