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Kanamari is the femslash ship between Kanan Matsuura and Mari Ohara from the Love Live! Sunshine!! fandom.


Mari and Kanan are close friends who know each other since childhood (along with Dia Kurosawa). Kanan convinced Mari to join her in creating a school idol group along with Dia. However, Mari had an injury before their performance so Kanan and Dia decided not to perform. The group was eventually disbanded.

They seem to be really different at first - Mari seems like an optimistic, enthusiastic, always cheerful girl, while Kanan is more mature and calm. But the more we get to know them, the more we see, how much these two have in common, after all.

Season 1

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Season 2

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Love Live! School Idol Festival

In School Idol Festival, Kanan and Mari have a story called "A Warm Hot Springs Date". In it, Mari and Kanan go to hot springs. After leaving a bath, Mari comments how warm her fingers and toes are. She asks Kanan if she wants to feel them, and Kanan agrees they are quite toasty. Kanan tries a shooting game and Mari compliments her on her abilities. Kanan says that they'll have to come back to this place with Dia one day, so Mari says that for today then, it'll be a date for just the two of them. Kanan tries a throwing game and Mari is impressed by her again. With Kanan's guidance, Mari tries it as well and wins a frog plush for Kanan, who thought it looked cute. She says to take good care of it as if it were her. Mari combines the first syllable of their names and names the frog "Maka".

Kanan and Mari return to the baths. Kanan says that it felt good having Mari wash her back. Mari asks Kanan to win her something from the shooting game. Kanan says she should practice so she can win things herself, but Mari will worry about that next time because today is their special date, and Kanan can't refuse when Mari acts like that. The two eat some cold sweets. Kanan asks Mari if she wants some of her shaved ice, so Mari asks Kanan to feed her. Kanan pauses, and Mari asks if she's embarrassed. Kanan says it's because she's hot from the bath, so Mari offers to share her ice cream crepe and tells Kanan to open her mouth. Kanan thinks it's even more embarrassing to be on the recieving end, but Mari says it's okay because it's just them.


Kanan and Mari seem to have the deepest connection in the Sunshine!! series, which is the reason why the ship sailed. As well, their contrasting yet similar personalities and childhood friendship helped fuel it.

KanaMari is one of the most popular ships of Sunshine!!. It's also often paralleled to NozoEli, the ship from the first Love Live! series, School Idol Project. This is most likely due to both pairs including only third-years and some similarities in appearance (Kanan and Nozomi, Mari and Eli) and personality (Kanan and Eli, Mari and Nozomi).

On AO3, KanaMari is the 9th most popular ship on the Love Live! School Idol Festival tag, the 8th on the Love Live! School Idol Project tag, and the 4th on the Love Live! Sunshine!! tag. It is also the most popular ship for both members.



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  • Both have the same hip size, 84.
  • They have only one centimetre in height difference.
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