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Kanej is the het ship between Kaz Brekker and Inej Ghafa from the Six of Crows fandom.


Inej and Kaz are extremely close and have fought side by side in the Dregs for over two years. Kaz originally rescued her from the severe treatment of Tante Heleen at the Menagerie after convincing her to become indentured with The Dregs instead. Inej is Kaz's second-in-command and the person he trusts the most in the world, enough to take his gloves off in front of her. Despite Kaz's rough and brutal reputation, Inej believes Kaz has a good heart deep down, and continually validates this by pointing out action's he's taken for others that he didn't necessarily have to.

Kaz acknowledges his growing feelings for Inej, but tries to suppress them, viewing them as a weakness or a liability for both himself and Inej. Still, he makes a particular effort to prevent harm coming to her, and to do right by her, even if he believes she deserves better.

Despite Inej's reciprocation of Kaz's romantic feelings toward her, Inej continues to put her life goals above her relationship with Kaz. In the end, Kaz shows her he has found her parents and brought them to Ketterdam. Beside herself with joy, Inej invites Kaz to come meet them with her.


Kanej is a very popular ship in the Six of Crows fandom as it has proven to be canon. Fans enjoy the contrast between the two personalities, as well as the closeness of their relationship. There is also an appreciation for their smaller moments.

Some where upset that they didn't officially become a couple at the end of the series, but other's were okay with it. There were others who appreciated it as the two both suffered from PTSD, and many thought they needed to heal before becoming a part of a romantic relationship.



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