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Kangs is the slash ship between Kevin and Fangs from the Riverdale fandom.


Fangs and Kevin meet in the Student Lounge, when Southside High is shut down and the Southside students are transferred to Riverdale High. Fangs asks if he's Kevin and explains that he knows about Kevin from Joaquin, with whom Fangs was good friends. There seems to be a flirtatious vibe from Fangs, while Kevin seems kinda flustered at being reminded of his ex-boyfriend.[1] They don't really spend a lot of time together, and Kevin seems more focused on rekindling his flings with Moose Mason. When Kevin ends up in an awkward hangout with Moose and Midge, Midge tries to encourage Kevin to date one of the new Southside Students that she heard is gay, to which Kevin replies, "If it's Fangs Fogarty, I don't think I can date someone named Fangs". This could be construed as an indication of Kevin's despondent state of mind, rather than him actually putting down Fangs, although it doesn't seem very nice.[2]


Fangs and Kevin, after Midge's funeral

When Kevin becomes the Director for the school musical, "Carrie", Fangs signs on as his assistant director and proceeds to openly flirt with a bemused Kevin throughout the proceedings. Ironically, it is later revealed that Fangs was having an affair with Midge at that time, although he could be exploring all options and not be monogamous.[3] Following Midge's death, everyone attends the funeral together.[4] After it's revealed that Fangs and Midge had an affair, Kevin teams up with Moose and Reggie in their ongoing feud with the Southsiders, blaming them for what happened to Midge.[5] During the riots, when Archie and Jughead work together to safeguard the Serpents on the Northside, and seeing all the violence that transpires, Kevin, like Reggie, has an eye-opening experience and a change of heart, no longer trying to fight and blame the Southsiders.[6][7]


Over the summer Fangs and Sweet Pea work with Jughead to stave off the Ghoulies and set up all the displaced Serpents, while Kevin is in a secret relationship with Moose.[8] Kevin and Fangs don't really interact much, apart from being part of the mission to rescue Archie from juvie and keeping his whereabouts a secret.[9] They both start playing G&G, with Kevin starting to do Fizzle Rocks while Fangs at one point deals them, to get money for his ill mother.[10] After Moose leaves Riverdale, Kevin joins The Farm and becomes a bit separated from his friends.[11] He still, however, directs the school musical, albeit with Evelyn Evernever as his co-director. Fangs stars in the musical, but it's bringing back memories of his relationship with Midge and he's having nightmares about her death. Evelyn gives Kevin a hallucinogenic brownie and Kevin sees the spectre of Midge's murder on the bathroom wall.

Evelyn, trying to recruit more wayward teens for the farm, decides that using the cast's real emotions will create a close-knit dynamic and enhance performances. Kevin shares that he saw Midge at the cast party and Fangs, haunted by his nightmares, in turn shares and Evelyn focuses on their connection, practically asking the indoctrinated Kevin to pursue a relationship with the vulnerable Fangs. Betty gets wind of a closed rehearsal and goes to the new Farm HQ to take pictures, finding a disturbing ceremony taking place. There are Farm members dressed all in white, in a ritual ceremony resembling a wedding conducted by Evelyn. Fangs and Kevin are on their knees facing each other, saying things that sound like makeshift vows and the ceremony ends with them sharing a kiss.[12]


Kangs quickly became a popular pairing, when the meeting of Fangs and Kevin was teased,[13] but is more of a rare-pair on the series, as it never really developed, seemed like a one-sided flirtation, and, as many Riverdale ships, had limited screen time. Many didn't like Kevin dissing Fangs to Moose and Midge, nor his overall attitude towards Fangs and the Southsiders. Despite this, the ship remains a more popular pairing in the fandom than Kevin's current canon relationship



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