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Dante“I don’t know who I am anymore.”
Kat“I know exactly who you are— you are Dante, nothing more, and nothing less.”
DmC Devil May Cry.

Kante is the het ship between Dante and Kat from the Devil May Cry fandom.


The Chronicles of Vergil

TCoV - Dante and Kat meet

Vergil and Kat successfully locate Dante. Vergil stays back at base while Kat goes to retrieve Dante. Dante and Kat first meet at the very ending, which is the very beginning of DmC Devil May Cry. She informs him that he’s been found out again by the demons and that he’s “got to come meet him” and “the survival of the human race depends on it.”

DmC Devil May Cry

Kante - Dante and Kat meet for the first time

Naked first impression.

Dante is hungover and just waking up from a wild night. Moments after waking a girl bangs on his trailer’s door, yelling, “Dante! Get out of there! You’re in danger!” Dante opens the door, asking who she is. She informs him that the Hunter demon has found him. Realizing it’s too late, Dante is pulled into Limbo, the underworld not seen by the naked human eye. Throughout his fight with demons the girl guides him.

Kante - Dante holds Kat at gunpoint while in Limbo

Dante holds Kat at gunpoint, having their official first meeting.

Once the fighting has ceased for the moment, the girl comes up to Dante, with him pulling his guns on her. She throws her hands up, introducing herself, “Don’t shoot! My name is Kat — I’m not a demon.” Kat tells him she’s a medium, and that’s why she can communicate with him while he’s in Limbo. She then tells him again to follow her. Trying to lead Dante to a rift back into the real-world, the Hunter demon traps him in. Kat helps Dante by throwing a molotov at its face, weakening it a bit so Dante can kill it. Once back in the real-world, Kat pulls up to Dante in a car saying how she helped him back there and that her boss, the leader of The Order, wants to see him. Dante reluctantly gets into the car.

After meeting with Kat’s boss, Vergil, Dante’s twin brother, the three of them travel to Dante and Vergil’s old home — the place where Vergil learned who he was, and now it’s Dante’s turn. Vergil makes a comment about it being “rough” in there and just before entering Limbo again, Dante turns to Kat saying, “I like it rough.”

Kante - First moment of trust

First moment of trust: Dante trust Kat not to send him plummeting to his death.

With Dante knowing who he is by getting the answers from his old family home, he wants to help Vergil and Kat in their mission of eradicating the demons, doing so by hurting the Demon King, Mundus, where it’s most affected without a face-to-face confrontation. With The Order’s first mission underway — to take down Virility, Dante is spotted by a demon surveillance camera, pulling him into Limbo. Kat knows she’s not safe if she stays, and she voices this to Dante, him telling her to go. Kat comes back with the locations of the other cameras, telling him to follow her. In the Virility factory, Dante and Kat have a small heart-to-heart about their pasts. As they make their way through the factory, they come to a point where Kat can’t follow — Dante in Limbo, Kat in the real-world. To get Dante down to the Succubus he has to kill, Kat tells Dante to trust her, saying, “You jump. I twist.” Dante looks at her for a moment then repeats, “I jump, you twist.” She wishes him good luck as he then falls off the edge. True to her word, Limbo changes and the massive pipe Dante’s falls down flattens out under his feet enough for him to latch onto another latch to follow and find the Succubus.

Kante - Second moment of trust

Second moment of trust: Kat trust Dante enough to tell him of her abusive past.

With the Succubus defeated, Dante and Kat drive back to The Order’s base. While driving, Dante asks how Kat and Vergil met, with Kat reluctant to answer. Dante tells her, “Listen, I never asked for your help, but you gave it and I appreciate it. I trust you. You can trust me too.” After a minute, Kat opens up to Dante about her past — something she refused to talk with him earlier during the game. As Kat talks, Dante seems to regret bringing it up, now knowing why Kat didn’t want to discuss it before. Kat assures him it’s okay and continues. After telling her story, Kat asks Dante if he’s going to stick with her (and Vergil) until the end, to which Dante responds, “Count on it.”

Dante and Kat meet up with Vergil to start their second mission. Vergil tells Dante he’ll have to go alone as Kat can’t follow where he’s headed. Dante tells him in a soft voice, “Alone is fine. She’s done enough.” Before Dante leaves, Kat warns him of Bob Barbas — the demon he’ll be facing. He tells her he’s sure it’ll be lovely before winking at her.

During Dante’s fight with Bob, Bob uses his position as a TV news anchor to relay the news of The Order being under siege. The broadcast shows photos of Vergil and Kat; zooming in on Kat’s photo to show how concerned Dante is for her. Dante rushes to The Order seeing police and S.W.A.T, relived that they’re not inside yet. Using an alleyway, Dante finds his own way in. Once in, and still in Limbo, Dante yells for Kat. Dante sees demons attempting to break in, but unable to because of Kat’s wards of graffiti. Upon seeing this, Dante says to himself, “Nice work, Kat.”

In the real-world, with S.W.A.T now inside the building, Dante hopes Kat can hear him. He yells for her to stay out of sight, saying to himself, “I gotta get to her first.” Dante again calls for Kat. The deeper he goes into the building, the more infested it becomes. He voices more concern to himself, saying, “I hope Kat’s okay.” Dante finally locates Kat crouching behind a desk. When he gets her attention, Kat runs up to him, panicking. Knowing they have to find Vergil now, they work together again. Kat is still in immense danger, so she guides Dante through the building, allowing him to protect her. Kat is soon spotted by a S.W.A.T member, and Dante tells her, “Hide! Quick!” The member gets so close to Kat in her hiding spot that once he’s gone Dante asks Kat if she’s okay.

Kante - Dante tries to hold Kat's hand in Limbo

Dante tries to hold Kat’s hand.

Once Vergil is found, Dante is adamant the three of them get out immediately. Vergil refuses, wanting to protect the highly sensitive data of The Order. Vergil tells Kat to arm the self-destruct system. Kat follows his orders, shaking a bit. Dante is angry, saying, “Vergil, I can keep the demons off your back for as long as you need, but I can’t protect Kat from the feds! Step on it!” As more times goes over, Dante gets more frustrated with Vergil, telling him, “You’re putting her in danger!” Kat tries to reassure Dante by telling him what they’re doing is important. Once the data is secure and self-destruct is imminent Vergil tells Dante it’s time to leave, leaving Kat behind. Dante fires at Vergil about Kat, with Kat explaining that there’s no way out in the real-word; Vergil agrees telling Dante they can’t help her. Dante yells, “We can’t just leave her!” Dante and Vergil go back and forth, with Dante refusing to give up on Kat. The S.W.A.T. team is now right outside the door and Dante instructs Kat to get on her knees, put her hands up and to not fight back. Kat voices her concern, telling him she’s scared. Dante tells her all she needs to do is hold out for as long as she can and that he will come back for her. Seconds later, the S.W.A.T blows through the doors and immediately shoots Kat in the shoulder. Kat falls to the floor and Dante screams, “No!” Knowing there’s nothing Dante can do while he’s in Limbo; he’s forced to watch Kat get beaten. Dante makes a solemn attempt to hold her hand, only for his hand to phase through her’s from being in different realms. Seconds later, Kat is ripped away from him and dragged away by her ankles. The self-destruct kicks in and Dante runs to Vergil, with the two of them making it out via a portal. As the building breaks, Dante watches on with a heartbroken expression before following Vergil.

At Vergil’s safe house, Dante and Vergil watch a video sent by the demon king, Mundus. Kat is barely conscious, but nevertheless alive. Dante gets close to the screen and says, “She must have been strong to hold out.” Vergil listens and sees where Dante is going with this. Dante argues saving Kat, while Vergil argues against it. The entire time they’re arguing, Dante is pacing around the room and cocks one of his guns. Dante argues they should use Mundus’ mistress, Lilith, as a trade for Kat (as she’s pregnant with Mundus’ child, something Dante learned back during his mission of Bob). When Vergil argues back, Dante shouts, “No! We use this to save Kat!” Slamming his gun down in frustration. He continues by saying Kat put herself through hell to protect them. Vergil disagrees again. Dante stares Vergil down, calmly walks up to him and says, “I am not abandoning her.” Realizing Dante is serious, Vergil gives in.

Kante - Dante carries Kat

Dante carries Kat bridal-style, getting hit by a couple bullets in the process.

Vergil tracks down Lilith and Dante infiltrates her night club. Dante defeats her and lets her and her unborn child live. He takes her back to their safe house and records a video message for Mundus: “the life of Kat for the life of your child.” A trade goes forth. As Kat and Lilith pass each other, Vergil is unable to allow Lilith a chance to get away; he shoots her in the abdomen, then in the head. Kat is frozen in shock as bullets fly by. Dante stares at Virgil with disbelieve and shock, before he sprints to Kat, lifting her in his arms bridal-style and runs her back to the car where Vergil is, taking a few bullets to his back. Dante hurriedly gets Kat into the car and yells at Vergil, “Get her out of here! Go!” Mundus, undoubtedly furious, breaks the city. Dante protects Vergil and Kat while they’re in the car. Once out of immediate danger the three head for their safe house. Kat is resting with Dante sitting close to her. As Kat is slowly coming to, Dante tells Vergil, “Kat is in no state to do anything.” Kat weakly protests that she is and Dante looks to her with concern. Kat mentions how she was able to endure for so long being tortured; at this Dante hangs his head.

Kante - Dante sits protectively close to Kat

Dante sits protectively close to Kat, having just got her back from the Demon King, Mundus.

The team makes a plan to overthrow Mundus, and as Kat kneels on the floor drawing the plan on a chalkboard leaning against boxes, Dante crouches right behind her, affectedly shielding her. As Kat is still recovering from her time with Mundus, she does not accompany Dante and Vergil to Mundus’ tower. She does what she can to guide the brothers through their mission. Once Dante and Vergil rendezvous, Vergil says, “Seems we underestimated Kat.” Without hesitation Dante responds, “I didn’t.” Vergil tells Dante, “You really care about her — about all of this. You once said you didn’t give a shit.”

Kante - Dante helps Kat walk

Dante helps Kat walk.

After the defeat of Mundus, the three are walking and overlooking the now destroyed city in the wake of the battle. Dante helps Kat walk, lending her his arm as a crutch, while gently touching her hand with his other free one in a comforting hold. Vergil soon reveals his plot how all along he wanted to rule over the humans with Dante. Vergil argues how frail humans are and how he and Dante had saved them. Hearing this, Dante turns to Vergil questioning how he and Vergil saved them. Vergil is puzzled by this, and in an answer, Dante makes a gesture to Kat — a human. Dante defense Kat even more by saying, “Kat saved my life! Kat held out under torture to keep your existence a secret! Kat lead us through the tower to Mundus’ lair! We would have failed twenty-times over if it weren’t for her!”

Kante - Dante and Kat walk away from the battleground

Dante and Kat walk away from the battleground; Dante shyly inches down to touch Kat’s butt. In response, Kat elbows him in the abdomen.

Dante and Vergil are soon engaged in a fight to kill. Dante gets the upper hand by activating his Devil’s Trigger, where he stabs Vergil through the chest and plunges Rebellion, his sword, deeper into Vergil, going straight through him. Moments away from killing his twin brother, Dante hears Kat plead for Vergil’s life. Dante turns his head to Kat, her words reach him and he releases Vergil, sparing him. The brothers speak shortly; Dante proclaims “the world is under his protection now.” As Vergil limps away, Kat moves closer to Dante and Dante raises an arm to shield her — in the off chance Vergil strikes again. Once Vergil leaves, Dante and Kat are left alone together. Dante is left broken, questioning who he is, saying, “I don’t know who I am anymore.” Without hesitation, Kat caresses Dante’s cheek, reassuring him, responding, “I know exactly who you are— you are Dante, nothing more, and nothing less.” She places that same hand over his heart. As Dante and Kat walk away, Dante slowly slides his hand down Kat’s back to her butt, showing Kat that he’s still himself. In response, Kat elbows him in the abdomen and the two walk off together as the game ends.

Vergil’s Downfall

Dante and Kat themselves don’t appear in Vergil’s Downfall, but rather the “hallow” versions of them that Vergil conjures up. The hallow versions of them have no interaction.


Kat“Shit. I’m not safe here.”
Dante“Then go.”
DmC Devil May Cry.
Dante“Never seen a witch use a spray can before.”
Kat“Well, spells can take hours if not days to prepare. So why not can it for instant use later?”
Dante“And they do it with cheese…”
— Dante making Kat genuinely laugh a little for the first time, DmC Devil May Cry.
“Listen, I never asked for your help, but you gave it and I appreciate it. I trust you. You can trust me too.”
— Dante to Kat, DmC Devil May Cry.
“Nice work, Kat.”
— Dante says to himself, after seeing Kat’s wards of graffiti, DmC Devil May Cry.
Dante“I’m here.”
DmC Devil May Cry.
“All you need to do is hold on for as long as you can. I will come back for you.”
— Dante to Kat, DmC Devil May Cry.
“I am not abandoning her.”
— Dante to Vergil, DmC Devil May Cry.
Vergil“Seems we underestimated Kat.”
Dante“I didn’t.”
DmC Devil May Cry.
“You really care about her — about all of this. You once said you didn’t give a shit.”
— Vergil to Dante, DmC Devil May Cry.
“Kat saved my life! Kat held out under torture to keep your existence a secret! Kat lead us through the tower to Mundus’ lair! We would have failed twenty-times over if it weren’t for her!”
— Dante to Vergil, DmC Devil May Cry.
Dante“I don’t know who I am anymore.”
Kat, caressing Dante’s cheek“I know exactly who you are— you are Dante, nothing more, and nothing less.”
DmC Devil May Cry.


Dante starts off the game as a rather unlikable character, but as the game goes on he shows major character development, which is all due to his bond/friendship with Kat. As his relationship with Kat grew people began really shipping them, seeing their relationship as a possible romance following with the pattern of the classic Devil May Cry games — introducing a new possible love interest but not definitively hooking them up.



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