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KaraIri is the het ship between Tadaomi Karasuma and Irina Jelavić from the Assassination Classroom fandom.



Karasuma and Irina's wedding picture.

Karasuma and Irina first met on the job as the PE and English teachers of Class 3-E respectfully. In the beginning, Karasuma disliked Irina while Irina hated how Karasuma brushed her off so easily.

Irina and her former mentor, Lovro, plan a mock assassination of Karasuma, which became unsuccessful. The assassination attempt was pathetic and Karasuma demanded that Irina get serious if she really wanted to win. This scares Irina but she tries again, this time she manages to pin Karasuma down and tries to stab him with a fake knife, which Karasuma intercepts. Irina begs Karasuma to relent and let her win with puppy dog eyes, which the former is not at all impressed by but lets her win anyway.

The class arranges a dinner date for the two to try to get them together. Irina is thankful for the class's efforts but ends up ruining the date by talking about her first kill. Irina walks away from the table, flustered.

Currently, Karasuma and Irina are married and have a daughter.


  • Irina complains to Karasuma about the class calling her "Bitch-sensei."
  • Karasuma helps Irina climb a cliff.
  • Irina tries to seduce an ignorant Karasuma by the seaside.
  • Irina wipes Karasuma's mouth during a dinner date.


Many fans think Karasuma is a tsundere and doesn't ever show PDA because he wants to be seen as professional. He is a lot more affectionate and less stoic behind closed doors.

It is the most written ship for both Karasuma and Irina on AO3.



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  • Karasuma and Irina are both described as attractive by the class.


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