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Kario is the het ship between Karma Akabane and Rio Nakamura from the Assassination Classroom fandom.



Beginning of the paintball battle.

Rio and Karma often agreed on decisions because of their similar mindsets, it's said(by the students) that they could finish each other's thoughts.

When Nagisa proposed to save Korosensei, they were the two the most against it, since they believed that their bond with their sensei is assassin-target, and that they cherished that relationship/thought. Rio acted as Karma's second-in-command in the battle.

"Evil" Karma and Rio.

When Nagisa kisses Kaede, the first thing Karma and Rio do is take out their phones and take pictures, which they use to tease Nagisa later.

Spying on Kaede and Nagisa.

On Valentine's Day, they decided to tease Kaede with the picture they took of her and Nagisa kissing. When they realize that Kaede had genuine romantic feelings for Nagisa, they smiled evilly and said if they could get them together they can "tease two lovebirds with one stone."

Later, the two spy on Kaede when she gives chocolates to Nagisa, Rio indirectly confesses to Karma that she wouldn't act on her own feelings for Nagisa, for Kaede's sake.


They are a decently popular pairing in the fandom, most ship them for their compatibility and similarities.

Rio had feelings for Nagisa, but when Kaede got him they turned to each other and developed feelings. They are partners in crime and do everything together. Many like to explore how their day spent spying on couples around the school ended, since they didn't have a valentine.



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  • Karma and Rio are both prodigies and rank the highest of Class E.


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