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Karlnap is the slash ship between Karl Jacobs and Sapnap from Dream SMP fandom.


Karl and Sapnap share some similarities. They are both boys that skate and like anime. They are also both on the Dream SMP and could be considered MCYTs, or Minecraft YouTubers. Along with this, both are associated with the Dream Team, with Karl being a friend of the Dream Team and Sapnap being a part of the Dream Team.

The two have met up in real life multiple times.

After meeting up on August 6, 2021, the two posted photos of them together online. Along with the photos, Sapnap asked for stream ideas on his private Twitter account. This caused various things to trend on Twitter in one day. On Twitter, "karl", "SAPNAP", "ALEX QUACKITY", "COOKING STREAM", "MY FAVORITE BOY" and "Skateboard" trended. "ALEX QUACKITY" trended since fans were speculating if Quackity was with Karl and Sapnap. "COOKING STREAM" was trending because fans were suggesting a cooking stream. "MY FAVORITE BOY" was trending since that's the caption that Karl used when he posted photos of him and Sapnap. "Skateboard" was trending since Sapnap posted photos of him and Karl holding skateboards. Like "COOKING STREAM", it also trended since fans were suggesting a skateboarding stream.

On August 7, 2021, Sapnap went live on Twitch with Karl, who was wearing the "Quackity My Beloved" shirt. The two said that Quackity was invited if he was watching and even showed a bed for him. The two started buying things on Amazon and decided to spend $1,000 on each other. This caused #karlnapamazon to trend on Twitter, and it even got to the #1 spot on the US trending page. After Sapnap's stream ended, Karl immediately went live and streamed Roblox.

Dream SMP

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Sapnap and Karl became engaged on the Dream SMP after Karl’s debut and opened their relationship to Quackity. With the help of Punz, the two built a wooden structure resembling the Eiffel Tower near Skeppy’s house for their future honeymoon.


“Nothing can break us apart, George.”
— Sapnap about him and Karl to GeorgeNotFound[1]


The ship is very popular in its fandom, even being more popular than rival ships such as Dreamnap and SapNotFound. Karlnap was mainly fueled by them canonically being together on the Dream SMP along with their meetups in real life. There is plenty of fanart with the two, typically relating to the Dream SMP. It can be shipped along with ships such as Puffychu, Skephalo and DreamNotFound. It can also be shipped along with Quacknap and Karlity, forming the Karlnapity ship. Or alternatively, people sometimes ship Karlnap as a monogamous relationship along with TNT Duo.

A common trope for the Karlnap ship involves Karl mistaking Sapnap for James. James was a character from "The Masquerade," one of the Tales from the SMP, who happened to be played by Sapnap.

Similarly to how DreamNotFound is associated with green and blue, Karlnap is sometimes associated with purple and orange.


Karlnap does cause some controversy due to Karl and Sapnap being real people. Despite both of them seeming to be okay with shipping, some still find it weird to ship real people. While Karlnap isn't as hated as DreamNotFound, people still think both ships are fetishization of men-loving-men relationships. This isn't helped by the fact three of them have said they're straight and all of them are okay with not safe for work content. Most people just ship for the fun of shipping and don't expect Karl and Sapnap or Dream and George to get together, though that doesn't stop any hate the ships receive. Other people only ship their Dream SMP characters or personas, though that also doesn't stop hate.



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19th APR 5th 2021


  • Karl sometimes calls Sapnap Nick instead of Sapnap.


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