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Karlnapity is the poly ship between Karl Jacobs, Sapnap and Quackity from the YouTube fandom.


The three share some similarities. They are all active members on the Dream SMP and get involved with lore. They all also collaborate with other content creators and stream on Twitch and post videos on YouTube. Karl, Sapnap and Quackity are all associated with the Dream Team. Karl and Quackity are friends with the Dream Team and Sapnap is part of the Dream Team himself. All three boys are also in the Crew Boys.

Karl has met up with both Sapnap and Quackity in real life. During the meet-up with Sapnap in August of 2021, Karl wore a shirt with Quackity's face that read "Quackity My Beloved <3". Many fans suspected if Quackity was with Sapnap and Karl, and even got it trending on Twitter. On stream, Karl continued to wear the "Quackity My Beloved <3" shirt and he and Sapnap even invited Quackity to join them. They showed a bed on camera that they claimed was for Quackity.

Dream SMP

Karl and Sapnap get engaged on the Dream SMP and opened their relationship to Quackity. They plan to get married and have a wedding, but complications cause the wedding to be set back.

Karl and Sapnap start Kinoko Kingdom with GeorgeNotFound, but Karl forget to tell Quackity, likely due to his character's memory loss. Quackity eventually heard about Kinoko Kingdom from George. This caused Quackity to drift away from his fiancés and be estranged to the two. Karl and Sapnap, who were still happily together, didn't know that they forgot to tell Quackity about Kinoko Kingdom, leading them to think they still have a positive relationship with him.

Sapnap stumbles upon Las Nevadas, Quackity's country, and reunites with Quackity. Quackity brings Sapnap to the top of the Space Needle and the two talk. Sapnap tells Quackity about Kinoko Kingdom and Quackity says that Sapnap and Karl left him to make their own nation. Sapnap says that Karl was suppposed to invite Quackity and is surprised to find out that Karl never invited Quackity. Sapnap suggests that they should ask Karl and settle things. Quackity agrees, though he still thinks it's a bad idea.

The two run into Karl. Karl and Sapnap continue to show Quackity around. Karl asks if Quackity wants to move in. Quackity reminds Karl that he was working on Las Nevadas after El Rapids' destruction. Sapnap and Quackity ask Karl if he remembers El Rapids.

Karl brings Sapnap upstairs and tells him that Quackity killed him. Sapnap and Quackity remind Karl that Karl agreed to the plan of dying. The conversation escalates to an argument. Karl says he doesn't know anything about Quackity except that he's the reason he died. The two continue to argue even while Sapnap tries to stop them.

After Quackity walks away from Karl, Sapnap tries to tell Quackity that Karl was probably joking or that something was wrong with him. Quackity says he appreciates Sapnap's efforts but that he doesn't care about Karl anymore. Quackity leaves, saying he never wants Karl around him again.


The ship has a big fanbase, mainly due to it being canon on the Dream SMP. Though, not many people ship them in real life due to Quackity expressing his discomfort in being shipped with his friends. While a lot of fanworks about the ship tend to be fluff, there is also a lot of angst because of the whole situation with Kinoko Kingdom. Because of the Dream SMP lore events, some prefer to ship Karlnap alone with TNT Duo instead of Karlnapity as a whole. Along with TNT Duo, Karlnapity is also rivaled by QuackNotFound, Dream Team, Dreamnap and SapNotFound. Regardless, Karlnapity is still very popular.

On Twitter, people are a part of "fiancetwt," a subtwt in which people are interested in Karlnapity.



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Crew Boys refers to the ship between the three, Dream and GeorgeNotFound
Home Quad refers to the ship between the three and Ranboo
Karlity refers to the ship between Karl and Quackity
Karlnap refers to the ship between Karl and Sapnap
Quacknap refers to the ship between Sapnap and Quackity


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