KaruNagiKae is the polyship Karma Akabane, Nagisa Shiota, and Kaede Kayano from the Assassination Classroom fandom.


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Karma, Nagisa, and Kaede are the main protagonists of Assassination Classroom.

Nagisa has a strong bond with Karma since they are childhood friends and are currently best friends. Kaede and Karma don't have many notable interactions, but he does care for her and makes an effort to keep her out of harm's way.

Kaede has a crush on Nagisa, it is not made clear if he reciprocates her feelings. They have kissed once and Kaede gave him a box of chocolates on Valentines(with Karma spying on them).

When Nagisa gets trapped on top of a rooftop with Takaoka, Kaede and Karma are worried for Nagisa.

After graduation, Nagisa and Karma remain as best friends while Kaede hasn't really been in touch. When questioned, she responds that she wants Nagisa to focus on his teaching career, and that she could distract him.


As the main protagonists of the series, they were a ship that started early and strong in the beginning of the series. They are the combination of the two most popular AssClass ships: NagiKae and Karmagisa.

Karma and Kaede bond over their mutual love for Nagisa, who is usually "the middle one" in their relationship.



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Karmagisa refers to the ship between Karma and Nagisa
NagiKae refers to the ship between Nagisa and Kaede


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