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“The deal is just that nobody goes after her, okay? Not on my watch.”
— Frank to David about Karen.

Kastle is the het ship between Frank Castle and Karen Page from The Punisher fandom.


Daredevil Season Two

Karen is still working at Nelson & Murdock, when Grotto, a man who survived a massacre, comes to them and begs them to save him. A man called the Punisher, is after him. When Grotto is brought to the hospital by Karen and her associates, the Punisher attacks. The man dies, and Karen, distraught, begins investigating the mysterious assassin. She learns his true identity and real name, Frank Castle, once a husband and father who was hospitalized with a bullet in his head. She finds truth about him having been a marine, and how he was on the verge of death having been tortured. She breaks into his home to find more information, where she finds a picture of his family and learns that Frank’s entire family had been murdered. Having finding out the truth, Karen dedicates herself to proving to the public that Frank Castle is more than just the Punisher. Whereas everyone saw Frank as a terrorist or a merciless killer, Karen was the only one who cared deeply enough to find his home; and willingly engage in the humanity that was taken away from him. She later visits Mitchell Ellison at the New York Bulletin, and tells him that she found the Bulletin's article on Frank to be incomplete. Citing the omission of any mention of his family and his impressive military record.


Frank is captured and awaits trial (and possible death sentence), when he is visited by Karen, Murdock, and Nelson. When they meet face to face and Frank refuses to cooperate, Karen rushes at Frank, showing him the photo she had taken from his home. She angrily tells him that someone was trying to cover up his family's murder, and that the three of them were the only ones who cared. Frank was suprised to hear she'd been in his home, and when Karen reveals to him what she knows about his past, she earns his trust. In midst of Nelson's questioning, Frank requests that he wants Karen to stay with him alone. Karen stays with him; and after talking about what really happened to his family, the two become at ease with each other. Frank assures her that she was never in any danger when he was trying to assasinate Grotto, and if he wanted her dead, she wouldn't be here right now. After Nelson and Murdock agree to part ways, Karen continues her personal investigation on Castle. She finds another victim in his case, in addition to Frank’s family. In the meantime, Castle escapes prison. When Karen is attacked, Castle saves her, which she openly admits to Murdock. Karen believes that the Blacksmith is targeting her, so she needs to leave. Murdock tells her that he's going with her, but she tells him that she is not his to protect. Later she meets with Frank in the parking lot. She is uneasy because they are lying to the police, but she trusts Frank enough to leave with him nonetheless.


Frank takes Karen to a diner, where they discuss how they might find the Blacksmith. Changing the subject, he compliments her on her choice of gun, and says he's surprised she didn't shoot him. The two laugh and continue talking, before Castle asks her about Murdock, guessing that she was in love with him. Karen stammers and says that she felt many things about Murdock— and that it was a swirl of emotions, but it wasn't love. When she argues that Murdock hurts people, Frank tells her that he would give anything to have his wife hurt him again. Karen soon finds out that by coming here, Frank had used her as live bait. He then tells her to get the waitress and cook, and hide. Frank gets attacked by the Blacksmith's men, but he easily fights them off. Karen sees Frank beating information out one of the men, and then killing them all. Karen looks, repulsed.

Castle later locates a man who he thought was the Blacksmith, however he finds out by Daredevil that the man had lied. When the man speaks into a walkie-talkie and calls reinforcements, Castle pushes Daredevil off the ship and waits for the men to show. When the Blacksmith's men show up and open fire on Castle, it isn't long before the ship blows up. Karen shows up with the NYPD and looks at the burning ship with tears in her eyes.


When police believe that Castle is dead, Page reluctantly agrees; rather than dropping her investigation into Castle, which she was going to write an exposé on for the New York Bulletin, Page decides to write a profile to show the public that there was more to Castle than just the Punisher. She interviews Castle's marine commander but realizes that he is the Blacksmith. The Colonel holds Page at gunpoint and forces her to drive somewhere secluded to kill her, however Castle arrives and saves Page. After, he prepares to murder him despite Karen’s pleas.

In the final episode of Daredevil, Karen watches in shock as Frank helps Daredevil defeat two of The Hand's men before dissapearing.

The Punisher


The two are reunited again, when Frank asks Karen to help him find the man stalking him. Karen invites him to her apartment, but he doesn't stay long. When he is about to leave, Karen tears up and grabs him, drawing Frank into a tight hug. They both seem to be extremely relieved and comforted by the embrace. Afterwards Karen seems embarassed as she drops her gaze and runs her fingers though her hair (one of her nervous tics).


Later they meet by the docks and Karen says she found the man Frank is looking for. She is anxious about disclosing the man's identity as she fears Frank might want to kill him. Castle promises that if Micro proves to be no threat to him, then he will not kill him. Before Frank leaves, Karen asks when they will meet again; he is surprised she wants to see him again. Karen says she cares about what happens to Castle, even if he doesn't care about himself. She tells him to be careful. Some time later, they meet by the bridge. Karen tries to convince Castle to allow either her or Madani to expose the criminals he is hunting, but Frank refuses to let that happen. Frank begs her not to put herself in grave danger as he does not want Karen to become a target like his family. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

Kastle 4.gif

When Karen arrives at the Royal Hospitality hotel, they get under a terrorist attack. When things go awry, Lewis, the terrorist, captures Karen and tries to escape, shielding himself with her. Looking at Lewis with barely restrained rage, Frank reassures Karen that he would come for her. He later persues them and tries to talk him down. Frank gives Karen a signal and she disarms the bomb and shoots Lewis in the foot. When the bomb is rewired, Lewis sets it off, and Karen and Frank get hit by the blast. When Frank comes to, he checks Karen. The forces are waiting behind the door, convienced that it was Frank who set off the bomb, and Karen lets herself be used as a human shield to get him escape to an elevator. Inside, they catch their breath and Karen reaches out to him. Before Frank escapes through the zip-line, he and Karen share a silent moment, pressing their foreheads against each other and saying goodbye.


  • In Daredevil Season 2 Episode 12, Karen stays all day at the docks to see a sign of Frank.
  • In Daredevil Season 2, after Karen tells Frank she'd been in his old house, he asks for her to stay.
  • Karen always defended Frank against anyone who thought he was just a merciless killer.
  • Frank kisses Karen on the cheek in The Punisher and tells her he can't let anything happen to her.
  • In The Punisher, David referred to Karen as Frank's girlfriend.


“You, stay. Please.”
— Frank to Karen in the hospital.
“You're still all heart, huh?”
— Frank to Karen.
“... Good luck, Frank.”
— Karen to Frank.
“I think he was looking out for me.”
— Karen about Frank.
“All of them, they all think you're a monster. But I know that you're not. You're not!”
— Karen to Frank.
“Karen... hey. I cannot let that happen to you, you got that? I can't let that happen. Please.”
— Frank to Karen about her getting hurt.
“Are you okay?”
— Frank after he saves Karen.
“Listen to me. Listen. I’m only gonna say this once. So is Karen.”
— Frank to David after he says that Sarah is his wife and family.
“If anything happens to her I...”
— Frank to David.
“I will come for you.”
— Frank to Karen after she gets taken hostage.
Karen“You brought me flowers?”
Frank“I'm an old fashioned kind of guy.”

Behind The Scenes

“The big difference for me is that with Frank, I can be more honest about who I am, in my past, even if I don’t show specifics.”
— Deborah Ann Woll.[1]
“I think a lot of the connection with Frank was that if he's a monster, then so am I.. because I did the same thing. Now, I did it once, maybe twice. I think that connection was that I, on a deeper level, can understand his pain and the instinct. I maybe wouldn't follow through in the same way Frank does, but he can't fully be a monster to me.”
— Deborah Ann Woll.[2]
“I think part of what makes Karen and Frank so special, is they’ve allowed each other deeper. So that every time we see them with other characters, you go, ‘Oh, but they’re not showing their whole self,’ and that’s why it’s such a breath of fresh air when they come together, because there’s much more of a revelation.”
— Deborah Ann Woll.[3]
“I think if anything, it’s easier for Karen to sympathize with Frank than it is with Matt in some ways, because Karen in a lot of ways is more like Frank… I think the relationship growth for Karen and Matt will be ‘How can they really open up and show their true self to each other?’ And in a way, I think she’s already there with Frank. I mean, Karen’s a vigilante more akin to Frank in many ways than to Matt, who has his religiousness and his righteousness that is sort of pulling him in many directions. I think in some ways, Karen can’t be really honest about who she is with Matt in a way that she can be with Frank.”
— Deborah.[4]
“I think it’s ‘cause they’re more alike than either of them first realized. She has killed, even if it was in self-defense, and she protects the people that she cares about. That’s something that she’s done and can relate to in him. If he’s a monster, what does that make her? One of my favorite qualities of Karen is that she’s all about the common ground. She’s about, how can we understand each other and relate to each other? She’s not interested in absolutes. She’s interested in the grey area, in between, and the complexity of issues, not the simplicity of them. There have been great lines about how the truth isn’t necessarily better, but at least it’s real. She’s interested in understanding more than condemning, and I think that’s why she’s able to see through Frank. And I think Frank looks at her and sees that, but he can also see that she’s more complex. He doesn’t put her on a pedestal, the way that Matt and Foggy did. To Matt and Foggy, she’s just the light, and she may want that. She maybe doesn’t want them to see the darker side to her, but Frank sees it, recognizes it and, most importantly, accepts it.”
— Deborah Ann Woll.[5]
“I wish there could have been more of Karen and those two [Frank and Karen] together. If there’s one person in this world that I think that has the fortitude to handle anything Frank’s got to give, and vice versa — I mean, they’ve both been to some dark and ugly places, but it’s nothing either one of them can’t handle, and they truly accept each other for who they are. I think if there’s one person he could really connect with, it would be her. And that she could sort of get him out of it, if there is any getting out of it. But you have to pay homage, at the end of the day, to the source material, and to me, the Frank Castle that’s always resonated with me from the comics is the guy who’s not looking for any light. He’s not looking for any light or happiness or peace, he’s accepted this world of darkness and he feels like he’s got a purpose, and that’s what keeps him on mission. That’s what keeps him sane.”
— Jon Bernthal.[6]
“I love, love, love working with Jon [Bernthal]. I think what we found with Frank and Karen is really unique, obviously has never been done in the comics, so it really belongs to us in the Netflix world.”
— Deborah Ann Woll.[7]
“Yeah, I mean, I think that Frank has a soft spot in Karen's heart. And certainly with the dark history that Karen has there's very few people she can share her true, authentic self with. And certainly Matt with his Catholicism and not wanting to kill anybody and things like that- would have trouble understanding some of the... decisions that Karen has made. And I think Frank is someone who could understand, who she could potentially fully open up to. So yeah, I think she's always excited to come back into Frank's arena.”
— Deborah.[8]
“I think Frank can tell. When Karen shot Wesley in Season 1 of Daredevil, there was a mention of some stuff that happened before she got to New York, and we don’t really know exactly what her deep dark past is. I like to say that Karen wears a disguise as much as Daredevil and Punisher do. The pretty blonde smiling girl is just a way of saying, 'Hey, don't look too deep, because you might not like what you find,' and I think Frank is capable of seeing past that. Karen certainly looks at him and says, 'Well, he takes justice into his own hands. I did that at least once, so I can’t just call him a monster.' She's a little more open to understanding him instead of writing him off.”
— Deborah.[9]
Q:“He does the same to Karen, pushing her away just when she re-enters his life. Reflecting on that, do you think Frank loves Karen, that he genuinely feels that way?”
Jon Bernthal“I think he does [love her], and I wish that we could have had a little bit more time together. It’s a relationship worth exploring. I think if anybody could handle Frank, it’s Karen. He says to her, "You’ve got to stay away from me. I know for a fact now that I’m the one that brings all this darkness." It’s funny because I think Karen truly understands that and accepts that. She can handle it. But it’s part of the evolution of Frank realising that solitude is the only way forward.”
— Jon Bernthal[citation needed]
Q:“If there is a third season, what would you like to see Frank do? I know you’ve studied the comics thoroughly and own this character, so I’m just wondering what’s on your wish list.”
Jon Bernthal“Oh, I don’t know. [Pauses] More Karen, for sure. See where that would go. But I really don’t know. I try to not think about things like that. There’s so much uncertainty in this profession and that’s something that I’ve come to not only accept, but to embrace and really dig, in a way. Not knowing what comes next can seem daunting and worrisome at times, but it’s also tremendously exciting, and it makes life a bit of an adventure. I like to be surprised, and I like to just let what’s coming next come. But [more Karen] is one thing, for sure — I just know that it’s a real joy to work with Deborah Ann, and I hope she and I can find something to work on together one way or the other.”
[citation needed]
“What’s great about the character of Karen, and what’s so beautiful about the way that Deborah Ann plays her, is that she cracked me [Frank] open and she gets in there. She’s relentless, and she’s strong. For Frank, he really looked at that character as, he swore to himself no one would ever affect him again. He would never have any emotion except for loss, and anger, and rage, and pain. Here’s this character, all of a sudden, that he’s talking to and that’s opening him up...Deborah Ann, she’s such a joy to work with, and a wonderfully, wonderfully talented, smart actress.”
— Jon Bernthal.[10]
“There’s a bit at the end of the series where the two of them are just alone in an elevator together and they’re looking at each other and we didn’t know what it was gonna be, we didn’t know what was gonna happen, we didn’t know what it was gonna mean, but it definitely means something.”
— Jon Bernthal.[11]
“Karen is a character that he very much cares for. Whether he wants to or not. And I think he’s the kind of guy who views that as a weakness. But, you know, the heart is a tricky thing. And when your heart’s affected, your heart’s affected.”
— Jon Bernthal. [12]
“And for Frank and Karen, even though it ends with them going their separate ways and having made their choices, he did say that he loves Karen, and she was able to say that back. It felt great to do that.”
— Deborah Ann Woll.[13]
“One of the first things I did when I knew that was the direction they were going was, I reread "Silence of the Lambs," because for me, that felt very similar to this. In a way, he is a mentor for her, even though he may do things that she doesn't agree with, or he does them in a way that she finds to be too violent, or unjust, or illegal. He still represents someone who is trying to make a difference, who is doing it his own way. So the relationship can be one of admiration, and distaste. It's a very interesting, complex relationship.”
— Deborah Ann Woll.[14]
“We talked a lot about it being a fight for Frank's soul, and that if he's someone that she loves to some extent, we can't even entertain the idea of being together or being there for one another unless he comes back from the dark side. So I think it's a moment to ask him: hey, you're gonna have to pick. Is it going to be this vendetta, or is going to be life? Presumably, maybe, life with me, and then when he says no, it's just doubly devastating.”
— Deborah Ann Woll.[15]
“Jon and I certainly feel that there's room within that story to go there. But I also think as a woman, not every relationship with a man in the story has to be romantic. Frank’s whole plot line is about avenging the murders of his wife and children, who he loved desperately, and until he comes to some closure with that, I don't know that Karen can really step on those toes. I do think that there's affection and longing between them, and just how that manifests, we'll just have to see.”
— Deborah Ann Woll.[16]
“What I love about that relationship is that, across the three seasons of shows that it’s appeared in now, we’ve never defined it. Some people see romance there, and some people see a brother and sister dynamic between them. I love that we still have the possibility to go wherever we like with that, in the future.”
— Steve Lightfoot on Frank and Karen's relationship.[17]


Kastle is one of the most popular ships in the Daredevil and Punisher fandoms. It's rival ships are Fratt and KareDevil.

Kastle has a big Fandom on Tumblr, Twitter and AO3. Many fans believe that Karen and Frank could have had future together as a couple, had the show been renewed. However, Kastle fans were saddened by Frank and Karen's final scene. Frank rejects Karen's offer to love something else instead of another war and the two part ways.

On AO3, Kastle is the most written ship for both Karen and Frank. It is the third most popular ship written in the Daredevil (TV) tag, and the most written in The Punisher (TV 2017) tag.



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  • Frank Castle and Karen Page don't interact in the original Marvel comics.
  • There is a Fan Forum made for Kastle by the Punisher and Daredevil fans. The fan forum also features an appreciation thread for Kastle.[9]
  • Jon Bernthal's favorite Kastle quote is Frank's "I will come for you."[10]
  • Kastle was 9th on the most popular ships list on Fandometrics.[11]
  • The official Punisher twitter responded "Red can't protect Karen." when a KareDevil fan asked Karen if she remembered Matt. Punisher later posted a gif of Karen and Frank with the caption "Nothing happens to her on his watch." to which Deborah Ann Woll quote retweeted, "Awww.."[12]
  • Deborah Ann Woll liked multiple Kastle fan arts on Twitter.[13]
  • In the Punisher Season 1 episode 2, Frank gives Karen white roses. White roses are viewed as a way to symbolize a new beginning and have come to represent love.
  • Frank shields Karen from bullets in The Punisher.
  • Deborah Ann Woll and Jon Bernthal are both Kastle shippers; and have expressed their support for Karen and Frank's romantic relationship on numerous occasions.
    • Deborah used the #Kastle tag on Twitter.[18] She also retweeted Kastle fan art and called it beautiful.[19]
    • Jon quote retweeted a post with him and Deborah during an interview from a Kastle fan account with the caption, "Miss. You. Prosecutor."[20]
    • Deborah asked her audience on Instagram of what they think happens to Karen and Frank in their fan fiction.[21]
  • Deborah said during an interview that while they are hyping up Season 3 of Daredevil, she wants everyone to not forget that she did a whole season with Frank Castle and she wants to keep that alive.[22]


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