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Kataang is the het ship between Aang and Katara from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.


Book One: Water


Aang wakes up from the iceberg

Katara first met Aang after freeing him from an iceberg. Katara’s was the first face Aang saw in one hundred years. Aang immediately wanted to go penguin sledding with her and Katara was excited to meet an airbender. When Aang discovered Katara was a waterbender, he suggested they go to the North Pole together to find a master to teach her. Sokka did not trust Aang and tried to banish him at one point which upset Katara. While Aang initially lied about being the Avatar, Katara eventually learned the truth and Aang admitted that he did not want to be the Avatar. Katara assured him that he brought hope to the world and joined Aang in his journey to master the elements and save the world.

1southern air temple

Katara comforts Aang at the Southern Air Temple

Aang and Katara quickly became good friends. When Aang discovered that the Fire Nation had wiped out the Air Nomads, he was so distraught that he unwillingly entered the Avatar State. Katara was able to reach him and comfort him by telling him that she and Sokka were his new family. Aang soon developed a crush on Katara and was always looking for ways to impress her.

2warriers of kyoshi

Katara is annoyed at Aang for basking in the attention from the children on Kyoshi Island

When they visited Kyoshi Island, Katara expressed annoyance that all the children there were monopolizing Aang’s time and distracting him from their trip. The two got into a minor fight when Aang recklessly wanted to ride the Unagi and Katara says she wouldn’t stop him. They apologized to each other when Katara showed up to say she was worried and Aang admitted he let the attention get to his head. After defending Kyoshi Island from an attack by Zuko, Aang rode the Unagi and got it to put out the fires in the village with water. Aang then said he knows it was stupid and dangerous. Instead of being mad, Katara said “yes, it was,” and hugged him.


Aang makes a necklace for Katara

Katara continued to be generally oblivious of Aang’s feelings. After Katara lost her Mother’s necklace, Aang made a new one for her out of Sokka’s fishing line. When Sokka teased him about being “in love,” Katara said Aang was “just a good friend,” much to Aang’s dismay. When the group visited Makapu Village, Aang eavesdropped on one of Katara’s conversations with Aunt Wu, the Fortunteller. Aunt Wu predicted that she saw a “great romance,” in her future, and that she would marry a “very powerful bender.” Aang was ecstatic, assuming she was talking about him, but was later disappointed when Aunt Wu told him she did not see any romance in his future. Aang continued to try to tell Katara about his feelings with no success. Sokka advised him to be “aloof,” which did not work.

Katara realizes she might have a romantic future with Aang

Aang eventually climbed up the volcano near the village to get a rare panda lily for Katara, but his plan was cut short upon discovering the volcano was close to eruption. After successfully saving the village from the erupting volcano, Sokka offhandedly said “sometimes I forget what a powerful bender that kid is.” Katara then has an epiphany, remembering Aunt Wu’s words earlier, and said “I suppose he is.” Aunt Wu later tells Aang that he has the power to shape his own destiny.

6bato of the water tribe

Katara thanks Aang for returning her necklace

Aang retrieved Katara’s necklace in a fight with Zuko. Katara gave him a kiss on the cheek as thanks. The group eventually arrived at the North Pole so that Aang and Katara could learn waterbending from Master Pakku. But, when they discovered that custom forbids women from learning waterbending, Aang supported Katara by declaring he wouldn’t learn from him either. Katara encouraged him to learn anyways. Aang later supported Katara when she challenged Pakku to a fight. During the Fire Nation siege of the North Pole, Katara guarded Aang’s body while he entered the Spirit World. She cried and was upset when he was captured by Zuko despite her best efforts to defend him. After Aang and the Ocean Spirit successfully defeated the Fire Navy, Katara and Aang shared a long hug.

Book Two: Earth

8cave of two lovers

Aang and Katara lean in for a kiss before their torch goes out

After leaving the North Pole, the group traveled to an Earth Kingdom military base where General Fong pressured Aang to fight the Fire Lord in the Avatar State. Katara did not like the plan and told Aang that she did not like seeing him in so much pain while in the Avatar State. When nothing else worked, General Fong threatened Katara by sinking her into the ground which triggered Aang’s Avatar State. When Aang became lucid again, he apologized to Katara and said he hoped she never had to see him like that again.

9cave of two lovers

Katara blushes after the group emerges from the Cave of Two Lovers

While continuing to travel across the Earth Kingdom, Katara and Aang eventually became trapped in the Cave of Two Lovers together. The singing nomads they had been traveling with told them the only way to get through the tunnels was to trust in love. They came across the tombs of Oma and Shu, the two lovers who would secretly meet in the cave. In their tomb there were statues of them kissing with the inscription "Love Is Brightest In The Dark." Seeing this, Katara suggested she and Aang kiss as a "crazy" idea for how to escape. However, Aang botched his attempt at agreeing with her which only made her angry and embarrassed. When their torch was about to run out, the two appeared to kiss right before the light went out and the cave was illuminated by crystals. They blushed at each other after they made it out of the cave.


Katara comforting Aang in the Avatar State

After visiting Wan Shi Tong’s Library in the Si Wong Desert, Appa was stolen by sandbenders. Aang was greatly upset by this. Upon learning that the sandbenders had traded Appa and no longer knew where he was, he went into the Avatar State out of anger. While everyone else ran away, Katara approached Aang and calmed him down, expressing understanding at his grief.
11serpents pass

Katara and Aang hug after crossing the Serpent's Pass.

The two embraced in tears. Aang remained emotionally distant for a while afterwards, afraid of his anger from the desert. Katara told him he wasn’t allowing himself to feel anything and that it was okay to be upset. Aang eventually regained hope after helping refugees cross the Serpent’s Pass and the two exchanged a tearful hug.

12earth king

Katara kisses Aang before he leaves for his training with Guru Pathik

Aang later split from the group to learn how to master the Avatar State from Guru Pathik. Before leaving, he attempted to tell Katara how he felt about her but was interrupted by Sokka. Katara gave him a kiss on the cheek before he left. While opening his chakras, Aang discovered that the Air Nomads’ love for him was reborn in the form of his love for Katara. Guru Pathik told Aang that he would have to let go of his earthly attachment to Katara to open the last chakra. Aang then has a vision of Katara captured in Ba Sing Se and left his training to save her.

13crossroads of destiny

Aang is struck by Azula's lightning

During a battle in the Catacombs of Ba Sing Se, Katara and Aang were quickly outnumbered by Zuko, Azula, and Dai Li agents. Aang, realizing he needed to enter the Avatar State to win, apologized to Katara before opening his last chakra. But before he could do anything, Azula shot him with lightning and killed him. Katara tearfully summoned a wave of water to catch Aang as he fell. While fleeing Ba Sing Se, Katara healed Aang with spirit water and was very relieved when he woke up. She hugged him before he fell back asleep. Katara continued to heal him while he was unconscious for weeks.

Book Three: Fire


Katara helped heal Aang after Ba Sing Se

Aang awoke a few weeks later. During a healing session, Aang realized that he died in Ba Sing Se and Katara brought him back to life. Upon learning that the world thought he was dead, Aang became very upset and ran away so as not to endanger his friends. Katara was deeply worried and angry at him but embraced him with relief when they later found him on Crescent Island.


Aang and Katara dance in the Fire Nation

The group traveled in disguise through the Fire Nation in the weeks leading up to the Invasion. Aang threw a secret dance party for the kids at a Fire Nation school. Katara showed signs of jealousy when Aang danced with On Ji, a girl from school. Aang surprised her by asking her to dance. Katara seemed nervous at first but, with Aang’s encouragement, the two danced naturally and happily, drawing the attention of the whole party. Katara kissed Aang on the cheek again as they flew away on Appa.


Fleeing Combustion Man

Aang and Katara continued to be close to each other while traveling around the Fire Nation. Aang told Katara she was pretty while she was disguised as The Painted Lady. Katara held Aang when they narrowly escaped an attack by Combustion Man. And Aang comforted Katara when she unwillingly learned how to bloodbend.

18nightmares and daydreams

Aang and Katara kiss in Aang's daydream

Aang suffered from extreme anxiety and insomnia in the days leading up to the Invasion. He was so sleep deprived that he had a daydream that he finally confessed his feelings to Katara and the two shared a kiss. Katara’s words of encouragement helped Aang to finally sleep the night before the Invasion.

19day of black sun

Aang kisses Katara before the Invasion

The day of the Invasion, Aang kissed Katara because he was afraid that he would not return. Katara returned the kiss after her initial shock wore off. However, the Invasion was unsuccessful and the two did not discuss the kiss for some time afterwards. When Zuko joined the group, Katara remained distrustful and threatened him in private. She told him if he ever made her believe he might hurt Aang, she would make sure his “destiny ends right then and there.” When Zuko and Katara borrowed Appa to find the man who killed Katara’s father, Aang encouraged her to have mercy instead of take revenge. She spared his life but did not forgive him. Aang told her he was proud of her.

20ember island players

Aang confronts Katara during the Ember Island Players play

Aang later confronted Katara about her feelings during the performance by the Ember Island Players. Aang began to doubt himself when the actress playing Katara referred to him as a “little brother,” and that she never saw him in a romantic way. When Aang asked Katara how she really felt, she said that it wasn’t the right time because they were in the middle of a war. When Aang asked when it would be the right time, Katara said she was confused. Aang kissed her again which caused her to yell at him and leave. Aang realized his mistake and was downcast the rest of the evening.

21avatar aang

Aang and Katara kiss in Ba Sing Se

Their relationship became tense after the event, with neither addressing it at all. But Katara confidently supported Aang, even after his disappearance before Sozin's Comet. She believed Aang would not lose to the Fire Lord and that he would come back. After Aang defeated the Fire Lord, Katara attended the coronation for the new Fire Lord, Zuko, and smiled at Aang. At a celebration at Iroh’s tea shop in Ba Sing Se, the two kissed passionately and finally became a couple.

After the 100 Year War

Aang, Katara, and their children

Aang and Katara's family

Aang and Katara's relationship continued for years later and Katara always joined Aang in helping him deal with world affairs. At some point, they got married and had three children. Aang eventually passed away, leaving Katara as a widow. Katara would train Aang's reincarnation, Korra, in waterbending. Even after seventeen years, she still greatly missed her husband and spoke fondly of him.


Aang“A hundred years! I can't believe it”
Katara“I'm sorry, Aang. Maybe somehow there's a bright side to all this.”
Aang“I did get to meet you.”
The Boy in the Iceberg.
“The world can't afford to lose you to the Fire Nation. Neither can I.”
— Katara in Winter Solstice, Part 2: Avatar Rok.
“Since I got you here, uh, there's something I want to tell you. I like you, but more than normal.”
— Aang trying to confess to Katara in The Fortuneteller.
“I'm not saying the Avatar State doesn't have incredible and helpful power ... but you have to understand ... for the people who love you, watching you be in that much rage and pain is really scary.”
— Katara to Aang in The Avatar State.
Katara"Well, what if we kissed"
Aang"Us, kissing?"
Katara"See? It was a crazy idea."
Aang"Us... kissing."
Katara"Us, kissing! What was I thinking?! Can you imagine that?"
Aang"Yeah, I definitely wouldn't want to kiss you!"
Katara"Oh, well, I didn't realize it was such a horrible option. Sorry I suggested it!"
Aang"No, no, I mean, if it was a choice between kissing you and dying-"
Aang"What? I'm saying I'd rather kiss you than die, that's a compliment!"
Katara"Well I am not sure which I'd rather do!"
Aang"What is wrong with me?"
– Katara and Aang talking about kissing in The Cave of Two Lovers.
“Seeing this family together, so full of happiness and love, it's reminded me how I feel about Appa... and how I feel about you.”
— Aang to Katara in The Serpent's Pass.
“You have indeed felt a great loss, but love is a form of energy, and it swirls all around us. The Air Nomads' love for you has not left this world. It is still inside of your heart, and is reborn in the form of new love.”
— Guru Pathik to Aang in The Guru.
“What? Why would I let go of Katara? I ... I love her!”
— Aang in The Guru'.
Katara“He left.”
Katara“Aang. He just took his glider and disappeared. He has this ridiculous notion that he has to save the world alone, that it's all his responsibility.”
Hakoda“Maybe that's his way of being brave.”
Katara“It's not brave, it's selfish and stupid! We could be helping him and I know the world needs him, but doesn't he know how much we need him, too? How can he just leave us behind?”
— Katara cries to Hakoda when Aang disappears in The Awakening.
Katara“Aang, everyone's watching.”
Aang“Don't worry about them. It's just you and me right now.”
— Aang and Katara dancing in The Headband.
“You know, you're really pretty for a spirit. I don't meet too many spirits, but the ones I do meet, not very attractive.”
— Aang to Katara in The Painted Lady.
“Baby, you're my forever girl.”
— Aang to Katara while he is daydreaming in Nightmares and Daydreams.
“We kissed at the Invasion, and I thought we were gonna be together. But we're not.”
— Aang in The Ember Island Players.
“There, Aang and I ... We figured out what we meant to each other.”
— Katara narrating the start of their relationship in The Promise, Part One.


Kataang is a very popular ship as it is the endgame ship between the two main characters of the show. It is also the main ship of the series. This ship was initially not nearly as popular as Zutara but it eventually gained in popularity by the series end when it became canon, though not to the point that it surpassed its rival. A lot of fans supported the ship for its unique relationship dynamic: an energetic and lighthearted younger boy whisks away the burdened and mature older girl on an adventure, showing her sights and helping her achieve her dreams. Fans also appreciate Aang's sweet romantic gestures towards Katara--his making her a replacement necklace out of fish line, inviting her to dance when she was sitting by herself, etc.--and that their relationship was built on a strong friendship and mutual trust and respect.

Many fans celebrated after The Legend of Korra was announced and it was revealed that they had children. A lot of fanon was written about their wedding and their parenting.

The actual depiction of their romantic relationship in the comics and in Korra divided some shippers. In the earlier comics, Katara has very little to do other than be with Aang, and the duo's interactions with one another are reduced to simply kissing/cuddling, Aang rescuing Katara, and Katara listening to Aang's problems. Later issues gave Katara more independence and showed her and Aang's relationship in a more mature way. Some fans attribute the overly-sweet interactions from the earlier comics to a natural "honeymoon phase" for the two teens.

In Korra, very little of their married life is shown. Tenzin and his siblings are shown disagreeing over their childhood. Kya and Bumi were resentful of Aang because he showed favoritism for Tenzin being the only airbender. Tenzin disagrees and claims Aang loved them all equally. In the end, they agree they were a happy family. In the comics, Kya remembers Aang supported her when she revealed her sexual preference for women. Fans are divided over whether Aang was a good or bad parent. Some fans feel the show didn't represent the ship as they thought they would.

Many fans have since written fanfics that follow Aang and Katara's romance after the end of the show to address these issues, allowing the ship to grow and prosper in ways some supporters found lacking in the canon follow-ups.



Bumi (LoK)
Bumi is the first son of Aang and Katara and was born as a non-bender. However, he became an airbender after Harmonic Convergence and joined the new Air Nation. Bumi was a commander of the United Forces until he retired and moved in with Tenzin. He is named after Aang's friend Bumi who was the king of Omashu. Bumi was known for being a wild man and likes to tell ridiculous stories of his past.


Kya (LoK)
Kya is the second child and only daughter of Aang and Katara. She is a waterbender and a healer like her mother. Kya has lived the hippie lifestyle and traveled around the world in order to find herself. However, after Aang passed away, she moved in with Katara to support and comfort her. Kya is named after her deceased maternal grandmother, who was killed by the Fire Nation. "Secret Tunnel" is her favorite song. She is lesbian, and it is notable to mention that her father was extremely supportive to her coming out of the closet.


Tenzin is the third child and second son of Aang and Katara. He is a master airbender and was the Air Nomad representative of the United Republic Council until it was dissolved. Tenzin is also Korra's airbending teacher and served as a spiritual guide for her until it was revealed that he could not enter the Spirit World. He is the only of Aang and Katara's children who got married and had children.



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  • One of the official soundtracks for the show is called "The Avatar's Love". It was played whenever moments between the two occurred throughout the series. It was played in its entirety during the final scene with the team in Iroh's tea shop and when Aang & Katara hug and kiss. It is sometimes referred by fans as the "Kataang theme".


Jetaraang refers to the ship between Jet, Aang and Katara
Katangji refers to the ship between On Ji, Aang and Katara
Katmaang refers to the ship between Meng, Aang and Katara
Kattaang refers to the ship between Toph, Aang and Katara
Maitaraang refers to the ship between Mai, Aang and Katara
Ty Laraang refers to the ship between Ty Lee, Aang and Katara
Zutaraang refers to the ship between Zuko, Aang and Katara


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