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KateBabs is the femslash ship between Kate Kane and Barbara Gordon from the DC Comics fandom.



Barbara is trying to get some answers out of Sally McKnight about Knightfall, when Kate kicks in the window and knocks McKnight aside. Barbara is surprised when McKnight grabs her gun and says that Kate is with Knightfall. Barbara tries to remember everything she knows about Kate, and doesn't think she knows anything about her combat skills. She grabs Kate and tells her to stop, when Kate knees Babs in the stomach and the two start to fight. Barabara calls "uncle" and Kate asks who does that anymore. Babs tries to clean up her bloody nose, and Kate hands her a handkerchief. Kate says that she's her for McKnight after she caught the attention of the DEO, but Babs says she needs to stays with her. McKnight gets a call from Knightfall who wants Babs to come to her alone.

Babs arrives at the meeting point and starts to fight Knightfall's goons. Babs reveals that she didn't come alone and both Kate and McKnight arrive. Kate tells Babs to go, and Babs asks if she's sure. Kate assures her that they have this and Babs needs to go.


Babs finishes taking out Knightfall, when Kate comes in and she sarcastically thinks that the cavalry's just now arriving. McKnight and Kate then help Babs get Knightfall's prisoner's out and to the hospital.



Issue #12

  • Both Babs and Kate say they don't know what the word heroes means anymore.
  • Babs thinks that she might know what a hero looks like, and it wears Red and Black.


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Kate Babs is a very rarepair in the DC Comics and Batfamily sub fandom. While there aren't many shippers, there are still many articles and meta discussions surrounding the two. Most sites will typically outline how Batwoman and Babs' Batgirl are different characters, and the differences in their stories. Some also pitting the two against each other. Those that do ship the two typically ship them due to them being some of the more prominent female members of the batfamily. As well as their similar aesthetics making them look good together. Shippers also would like to see the two develop a deeper relationship in canon. Most fan fic of the two is of NSFW nature.

On AO3, KateBabs has 15 fics.



Barbara/Kate tag on AO3


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