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Katelina is the femslash ship between Kate Kane and Selina Kyle from the DC Comics fandom.


Catwoman: Hunted

Selina seemingly gets away from the Leviathan men hunting her, when she sees Kate ahead on a motorcycle. She swerves to the side and crashes her car. Kate comes up to her and congratulates her for becoming Leviathan's number one target, when she passes out.

Selina wakes up and groans when she realizes that Kate is there. She says that if she'd known it was Kate she wouldn't have hit the breaks, but Kate says that she did. Selina doesn't see the jewel she stole, and Kate says she left it behind. Selina realizes that Kate was the one to screw up her heist, and becomes angry that she wouldn't let her steal from gangsters. Kate says that Barbara Minerva is no mere gangster and Selina asks for more. Kate says that Selina is just trying find a way to stall, but Selina says that she doesn't think it's in her future, since they're on a private jet. Kate then makes an introduction to two Interpol agents.

The Interpol agents explain that they're tracking Minerva, and Selina asks what this has to do with her. They say that multiple countries have warrants for her, and Selina says that she was always popular. Kate says that Selina's been getting around a lot lately, and asks why there's such a rush. She's normally much lazier. Selina says that she takes action, but only when properly motivated. The Interpol offer to get rid of her warrants, if she cooperates. Selina asks what she'll have to do, and Kate says that she'll have to make herself a target.

When they land, Interpol tells Kate to keep an eye on Selina. Selina says to make it to, since she's known to be pretty slippery, especially when wet. Kate is confused and Selina starts to draw herself a bath. Once they're gone, Selina comments that it's just them left. She comments that the bath is hot, and offers to let Kate test it. Kate says that she'll just trust her on that, and only on that. Selina bemoans that Kate is so suspicious, but steps away from the tub in nothing but a towel. She goes over to Kate and starts to play with her hair, and has a question for her. She brings up that whenever she wears a wig, she gets a little hot, but does love roleplay. Kate says it's a disguise, not roleplay. Selina says that Kate must want to get it off on hot Gotham nights and removes her mask and wig. She then removes her towel and whispers that the tub is large. Kate is ready to give in, but Selina then turns her down, but says that Kate is more than welcome to watch. Kate then says that she'll be in the cockpit, and that Selina shouldn't even think that she can escape the plane. Selina says that she wouldn't dream of it, and Kate angrily walks away.

The plane then flies over Shanghai and Kate says that they could get the call at any moment. She assumes Selina is ready for action, and Selina says that she always is. Kate says to cut it with the faux sexual tension, but Selina says that there's nothing faux about it. Kate tells "Cat" to stop it, and Selina tells her not to call her Cat. Kate points out that she's allowed to call her Cat, but apparently not the shorter version of her codename. Selina says that only he calls her Cat, and Kate understands. Kate gets a call, and tells Selina that she's the distraction, and she's up. Selina asks when they're landing, and Kate says that they aren't. Kate reminds her of the deal, and Selina says that she was being blackmailed. Kate doesn't want to get caught up in the semantics and gives Selina a parachute. She then gives her a communicator, and a new pair of goggles she thinks Selina might like.

When Selina jumps out of the plane, she starts to enjoy herself, but Kate comms her to tell her to open the parachute. Selina calls her a killjoy, but Kate says that she's been called worse. Selina releases the chute and screams in joy, but Kate cuts her short and tells her to press the button on the goggles. Selina asks why she won't just bail now that she's out of the plane, and Kate points out that she has her cat. Selina presses the button, and when she gets an a layout of the city, she says that Kate was right. She does like the goggles. She lands on the roof, and Kate asks if she's good. Selina is about to say that a cat always lands on her feet, but Kate waves it off. She asks if she ever gets tired of the Cat schtick, but Selina asks if she really wants to get into a schtick war and didn't thinks so when Kate stays silent.

As Selina is about to be killed by Cheshire, Kate drops down and kicks her in the face. Selina asks what she's doing there and Kate says that she didn't have a choice as Isis walks out. Her cat was going crazy, but Selina thinks Isis is too dignified for that. Cheshire suggests she's here as back up, and Selina asks if that's true. Kate says maybe, and that either way it's two against one. Cheshire then calls in Nosferata and says that Selina has her Bat, and she has hers. Kate and Selina both insist that they're not each others and Nosferata attacks Kate, while Selina fights Cheshire.

The four fall through a glass roof and Kate grabs onto the grappling hook she hooked around Nosferata. She then catches Selina, and Kate tells her they're gonna need something to break their fall. Selina suggests Nosferata, and Kate says that'll work. The two then do so, and land, but are then surrounded by the members of Leviathan. Black Mask tells his men to kill him, and Selina starts to suggest something, but Kate says she's way ahead of her and starts fighting the men. Selina hides behind a totem and says that she meant to run away, but Kate says it's not her style. Selina asks if Kate dies, does she still gets her deal, and Kate says she probably won't.

The two fight off the men, but then are surrounded by monsters. Selina says that she didn't sign up for this and asks if Kate did. Kate pauses and Selina can't believe that she has to think about that.

When all the bosses are defeated, Kate says that Selina did a good job. Selina thanks her. As Interpol comes over, Selina reminds them of their deal. Kate brings up that Selina said it was extortion, but Selina just tells her not to get caught up in semantics. Interpol gets her cleared, and Kate tells her to stay out of trouble. Selina asks if she can have the emerald back, and they all say no.

When Selina is in Paris, she comments that there are over one hundred league members surrounding her. Kate lands beside her and says that there are 52, and Selina sarcastically says that she was only prepared for 51. Selina asks if she can handle the extra, and Kate says that she's going to get more than her. As the two fight the League, Selina asks why she's there. Kate had a feeling things weren't over, and Selina thinks that Kate should just admit that she finds her irresistible. Kate is annoyed and says that she just has a responsibility to make sure that she lives. They continuously count how many they take out ill there's one left. He starts to run, and they both say that he's theirs and run after him.

Selina says that she won, but Kate points out that Isis took out two of them, so it's a tie. Selina says that her cat, so it counts as hers. Kate says she cheated, and Selina says she's just jealous about Isis. Suddenly a large crate shatters in front of them and Solomon Grundy is revealed to be inside. Isis runs and Kate says that she's pretty fair weather. Selina says that means she's smarter than they are and Kate agrees. They fight him, but Kate gets knocked out, and Selina distracts him so that he doesn't kill her.

As Selina falls off the crane, Kate catches her and they roll to the ground, Kate landing on top of her. Kate says her name, and Selina opens her eyes, calling her Bat and saying it was a nice catch. Kate supports Selina as they walk over to find Minerva's body. When Interpol arrive, Faraday says that Leviathan is down, and Selina asks if he actually believes Minerva was the true leader of Leviathan. She winces as Kate does her bandages, who tells her to hold still. Selina says that Kate is enjoying this, and Kate says that it's much less than she thinks, but more than she should. Selina gets annoyed and says that she's out of here. Kate says that she can go, and thanks her, because it was their lucky break she stole the emerald. Selina asks if she really thinks it was luck, when this could have been her plan all along. Kate doesn't believe her and Selina leaves.


Catwoman: Hunted

  • Kate throws a batarang at Selina, setting off the alarms.
  • Kate thinks it's suspicious that Selina only complained a little.
  • Selina looks back at Kate when she fights Nosferata.
  • Kate says that there's no worry of Selina scaring off the bosses.
  • Kate has no idea how Selina would have been able to steal the emerald.


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Katelina is a rarepair in the DC Comics fandom. This is due to the two almost never interacting in the comics or in adapted media. When the trailer for Catwoman: Hunted came out many, joked that it would cause them to ship the two. Then people did start genuinely shipping the two based on the film, but it still remained a rarepair.

On AO3, Katelina currently has 11 works.



Kate/Selina tag on AO3


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