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KawaSara is the het ship between Sarada Uchiha and Kawaki from the Naruto fandom.


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It wasn't a very popular pairing but is steadily growing in popularity as recent chapters have continued to develop them. It has even garnered some support from BoruSara shippers. It has a decent amount of followers mainly on Tumblr and Twitter and is shipped mainly for their dynamic, how they look together and the potential their relationship has for the future and their newfound trust and understanding of one another. Mainly pertaining to Naruto and their father issues. It could also be how despite the way Kawaki treated her at first, she still showed him compassion after witnessing him freak out when remembering his trauma.

A popular theory amongst the fandom is that in the flash-forward that isn't the Kawaki we currently know in the manga but Jigen inside him, this is because Jigen and the rest of Kara refer to Kawaki as 'vessel' and so many speculate that Kawaki isnt the one who destroys Konoha but Jigen inside him, this makes it possible for KawaSara to still happen without it being perceived as toxic or abusive.

Another popular fan theory is that Kawaki has a sort of Itachi situation where he's actually a good guy but just doing something horrible for the greater good, what that could be no one knows but this again makes it possible for KawaSara to still happen in the future for the same reasons.



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  • In the article for Naruto To Boruto The Live 2019, Sarada and Kawaki are seen together advertising the event.[1]
  • Kawaki and Sarada both didn't have proper father figures throughout most of their life, Saradas' being absent on a top-secret mission and Kawaki's biological and adoptive fathers being abusive towards him.
  • Kawaki and Sarada both share a similar admiration of Naruto, viewing him as a father figure and aspiring to be like him in different ways. Sarada wanting to become a Hokage like him and Kawaki wanting to become a better person like Naruto and training to learn ninjutsu.
  • Kawaki always refers to people he dislikes as "assholes", only addressing people he likes or respects by name. In chapter 38, Kawaki calls Sarada by name for the first time, showing he respects her now.
  • Sarada comforting Kawaki after Naruto's loss parallels the time Naruto once comforted her over her father's absence. Even similarly sitting next to each other with Kawaki sitting in Saradas place and Sarada sitting in Narutos.
  • When next to each other, the clan symbols on their backs look very similar, although it is unknown what the symbol on Kawaki's back truly symbolizes.
  • Naruto is the link that brings Sarada and Kawaki together, as the two begin to bond through Naruto's positive influence on them
  • Ever since Sarada told Kawaki he could rely on her, Sarada has kept her word and has helped Kawaki on several occasions. Teaching him shurikenjutsu, looking into potential clues about Kāma], comforting him after Naruto's disappearance, going with him to aid him in rescuing Naruto, saving him when he was almost killed by Boro, and finding Boro's core.
  • Kawaki never takes orders from anyone and hates being told what to do. However, Kawaki actually doesn't argue against Mitsuki about naming Sarada their commander and is willing to take orders from her. Only disobeying when Naruto was threatened.
  • Kawaki downplays Boruto's capabilities twice in favor of Sarada, believing her to be a far more valuable and key asset compared to Boruto who he himself says isn't suitable to lead them, and then purposefully excludes him when telling Naruto Sarada and Mitsuki are the ones he should thank for his rescue, not him or Boruto.



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