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KazuXiao is the slash ship between Kaedehara Kazuha and Xiao from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Xiao is from Liyue, and Kazuha is from Inazuma. Given Kazuha stayed in Liyue, there is a chance he might have met Xiao at one point. Although at the same time, it is unlikely as Xiao does not interact with humans much. Other than that. the two share similar color, this mainly being because they both are anemo users. Their color schemes are also kind of oppposite as most of Kazuha's design consists of warm colors with Xiao's mainly consist of cool colors. They also both lost someone in there lifetime. Xiao losing his fellow yakshas' and Kazuha losing his friend because of the Vision Hunt Decree in Inazuma.

Currently, they are both playable characters. In game, they two are both 5 star characters in a limited time banner. They're also both anemo. Despite using different weapons, they still share some similarities. This mainly being because they use the same element (anemo). Both can/do use plunge attacks. While Kazuha can do a plunge attack using his skill, as he can go high up in the air then plunge down, Xiao can do a plunge attacks when his burst is used. The two also have similar attacks.

Although Xiao and Kazuha have similarities in a lot of different things, they do have some differences in their personalities. The two both like to keep to themselves but while Kazuha is more relaxed and care-free, Xiao can be seen as distant and intimidating. Though they have differences, there are some more similarities to mention. Both Xiao and Kazuha are very grateful to certain people. Xiao is immensely grateful to Morax for saving him, dedicating his life to protecting Liyue as payment. He does not take lightly to those who speak ill of the Geo Archon regardless of whoever they are. As for Kazuha, he is forever grateful to Beidou and Gorou for taking him in when he needed shelter.


KazuXiao is notably a rarepair within the Genshin fandom, however it is still a known one. There are currently 174 works of the ship on ao3. Their main rival ships are XiaoVen and Xiaother, two of Xiao’s most popular ships. Others are KazuScara and TomoKazu, Kazuha’s most popular ships. The ships has a fan base on twitter, as there is a lot of content there. The ship most likely gained its shippers because of their dynamic, since Kazuha is so carefree, most fans of the ship think that it would be good for Xiao to have someone like Kazuha. They both can also bond over the fact they've lost people in their lives.



Kaedehara Kazuha/Xiao tag on AO3


4NEMO refers to the ship between the two, Aether and Venti
5WIRL refers to the ship between the two, Aether, Venti and Shikanoin Heizou
KazuXiaoVen refers to the ship between the two and Venti


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