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KazuXiaoVen is the poly ship between Kaedehara Kazuha, Xiao and Venti from the Genshin Impact fandom.


The 3 have never met nor interacted as in a group, except for Xiao and Venti, though they're only considered to be acquaintances and Venti and Kazuha briefly during the Irodori Festival. Which can make it quite rare for them to meet or interact as a group. What makes it even rarer for them to all meet together is that they're all from different regions. Venti is from Mondstadt, Xiao is from Liyue and Kauzha is from Inazuma. In addition, getting from Mondstadt or Liyue to Inazuma is a very hard task to do, as stated in-game.

All three characters has some similarities, the 3 characters both are in possession of an Anemo Vision. Though Venti is an exception and instead, has a gnosis as he is the Anemo Archon. They have all had people close to them die. Kazuha had his friend, who died to the Electro Archon. Xiao had many of who he knew due to his canon age of 2000+. Venti had his close friend, of whom he has taken the physical form of.

The three seems to share some similarities within their appearances, like their color schemes, however, Kazuha's color scheme is a lot more different to Xiao's and Venti's color schemes. They also share the same model in the game. When it comes to their attacks, there are very few similarities if you rule out their shared ability of Anemo. They all use different weapons; Kazuha uses a sword, Xiao uses a polearm and Venti uses a bow. Though, Xiao and Kazuha share an aspect of their attacks, being able to use their elemental skill in the air.


KazuXiaoVen is a small ship in the Genshin Impact fandom and is considered to be a rare pair. All three have artistic talents in canon (mentioned both implicitly and explicitly), and are often depicted writing poetry or music together. Being that, there is a popular tag within the 3 and Aether called 4NEMO, it depicts the 4 of them in a band together, or mostly likely, in a Band AU. A portion of the fanon interactions are usually angst, as Xiao and Venti are both forms of god-like beings meaning that they're immortal while Kazuha is not as he is seen to be only a mortal. This leads to Kazuha to prematurely die and leaves to the two, XiaoVen alone.



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4NEMO refers to the ship between the three and Aether
5WIRL refers to the ship between the three, Aether and Shikanoin Heizou
KazuVen refers to the ship between Kazuha and Venti
KazuXiao refers to the ship between Kazuha and Xiao
ScaraKazuXiaoVen refers to the ship between the three and Scaramouche
XiaoVen refers to the ship between Xiao and Venti


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