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Kennham is the het ship between Leon Kennedy and Ashley Graham from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 4

In 2004, Leon is assigned to guard the newly elected President of the United States’ family. When Ashley Graham, the President’s daughter, is kidnapped, it’s Leon’s mission to track her down. Information gathered pointed to the kidnappers being located in a remote area of Spain. Leon is sent there to investigate.

Leon finds Ashley in the church.

Leon discovers that the local villagers are members of Los Iluminados, converted to their beliefs through parasitic organisms known as Plaga. Leon fights his way through the village and discovers Ashley in a church on the outskirts of the village. As Leon enters the room where Ashley is being held, she immediately starts throwing things at him and telling him to go away. Ashley backs into a corner, clearly in fear and Leon comes forward, addressing himself and that he’s under orders of the President, Ashley’s father, to rescue her. Upon hearing this, Ashley’s fear fades and she willingly goes with him. Leon calls his only government contact, Ingrid Hunnigan, with the news and she sends a helicopter is way for the extraction.

As Leon and Ashley are leaving the church, they’re met by Lord Saddler who tells them they’ve been infected with the Plaga. Some villagers come through and attempt to shoot them with fire bows as they jump through a window, landing hard. Leon rushes for Ashley, asking if she’s okay, only to be met with concern, asking him what’s going to happen to them. Leon tells her not to worry, that they’ll “get out of this mess.” He reaches down and helps her to her feet before continuing their way for the rescue helicopter.

Across a bridge, Leon and Ashley realize they’re sandwiched in and make for a cabin not too far. As the villages swarm, Leon tells Ashley to run up stairs as he, along with Luis Sera, who was also in the cabin, take out the villagers. After the battle and upon leaving the cabin, they come up to a barn Leon senses something isn’t right, so he has Ashley stay outside and find a place to hind. Inside the barn Leon is met by the village elder, Father Bitores Mendez. Mendaz mutates and a fight ensues. With Mendaz dead, and Leon exits the barn, Ashley’s first question is if Leon is alright before continuing their trek for the new extraction point.

Leon and Ashley run from raging villagers.

Leon and Ashley make for a castle when they’re being chased by more villagers; they work together to close the castle’s gate to stop from being followed across. Throughout the castle Leon protects Ashley from cultists. Ashley starts coughing up blood from the Plaga she’s infected with. She runs away as Leon gets close to check on her. They get separated and Ashley ends up bind to a revolving wall that takes her out of Leon’s sight. Leon tells her not to worry and that he’s coming for her.

Ashley runs into Leon’s arms.

Awhile later, Leon finds Ashley still binned to the wall. He shoots the binds, releasing her. Cultists begin to approach her and Leon screams for her to get out of there. Ashley crouches in a cornier as Leon shoots the attacking men from above. Ashley makes for a door only to discover it’s locked when more cultists begin to approach her. Leon takes them out; upon killing the red-clocked cultist Ashley takes their key allowing her to leave. Ashley is unable to reach Leon right away as she’s left in a different area where she must go around in order to meet back up with Leon. Once they do meet, Ashley sees Leon first, yelling his name with relive; in return so does Leon with her name. Ashley runs up and hugs Leon close. Leon proudly tells her, “You did good.” Ashley attempts to apologize for her actions earlier for getting separated, and Leon tells her not to worry about it.

As Leon and Ashley continue to make their way though the castle, Ashley is taken and flown away by massive insects that Leon had faced off prior. Soon after, Leon receives a transmission from Ramon Salazar, asking Leon if he can see him. Leon immediately tells him, “If you even scratch her, I’ll break your bones.” Salazar mocks him and ends their call when Leon takes out his binoculars to see Ashley handcuffed with Salazar leading her away from Leon. Knowing Leon has to get to her, he forces his way forward through more of Salazar’s traps.

Leon comes to find Ashley being held at blade point by two large cultists. At his end, Salazar drops Leon through the floor he stands on, waiting for the sound of Leon’s impalement. The sounds never come as Leon hooked a grapple to the wall. As Ashley is being led away for the “ritual,” she openly comments, “Leon, you’re alive.”

Sometime later, Salazar informs Leon that the ritual has been done and Ashley has since been moved to a nearby island. Once Salazar is defeated, Leon takes a boat with Ada Wong to the island. Once Ada leaves, Leon can hear Ashley screaming his name for help. When Leon hears her again he bursts into a security room where he finds Ashley banging on a jail cell door on a screen as two men come in and push her to the ground. The men take notice of the camera on them and shut down the feed. As Leon watches on, he says, “Just hang in there, Ashley. I’m comin’ for ya.”

Ashley and Leon having jumped down the waste disposal vent.

Leon searches the facility on the island and hears Ashley calling to him for help. Leon arrives to the room he saw on the screen; with a key card he had to go back for to enter the room, Leon and Ashley are reunited. He asks her if she’s okay and she nodes in reply before the two head off for the waste disposal vent as an escape. Ashley is having none of it, telling Leon “no way,” to which Leon grabs her by the hand, jumping down with her, saying, “Way!” The two land and Ashley is annoyed, but quickly instead worrying about the new threat after them.

Within the facility, they steal a mining truck, taking out on-coming enemies as they do. Outside, an enemy plows their own truck in theirs, causing them to swerve and crash into a building. Leon and Ashley are met by Lord Saddler, who comments how he can feel the Plaga growing strongly inside of them; they can resist, but they cannot disobey. Leon runs for Sadder in a failed attempt of an attack and brought down by Saddler’s power. As Leon clutches his body in pain, Sadder switches his attention to Ashley who quickly succumbs to Saddler’s control, walking straight to him. In Leon’s pained state, he manages to throw a small taker onto Ashley’s shirt as she is lead away by Saddler.

Ashley hugs Leon close.

Leon finds Ashley in a chamber, unconscious. With help from Ada by holding off Saddler, he frees Ashley, holding her tight as Saddler mutates. Leon escapes with Ashley to an operating room where they attempt to rid the Las Plaga from their bodies. Leon goes first with Ashley operating the machine. Ashley looks on with worry as Leon groans in pain, though the operation proving to be a success, with the Plaga out of Leon. Ashley is next and endues the same treatment. With the operation competed, Leon asks Ashley if she’s okay and Ashley’s answer is to simply hug Leon close.

Ashley offers Leon “overtime”.

Leon and Ashley run outside where Leon realizes something isn’t right. He tells Ashley to stay put while he goes up to investigate. Leon’s senses prove correct as up top the elevator is Saddler, who mutates again. With more help from Ada, Leon is able to defeat Saddler with a rocket launcher she gives him. Not before leaving, Ada alarms a bomb intending to destroy the island. She tosses Leon keys to a jet-ski located beneath the island. Reaching the jet-ski, Leon yells for Ashley to hang on as Ashley wraps her arms Leon’s waist. Leon successfully gets them out of the cave and into open water as the island explodes. Though following some rough waves, Ashley falls off the jet-ski and Leon panics and screams for her when she emerges above the surface. Leon smiles and helps her up back on the jet-ski. They begin the journey home when Ashley flirts with him about once he gets her home they should do some “overtime”. Leon politely declines the offer.


Resident Evil 4

  • Ashley runs up and hugs Leon close once meeting back up.
  • Leon affectingly pats Ashley’s head.
  • Ashley runs her hands down Leon’s chest.
  • Ashley offers Leon some “overtime”.
  • When Ashley jumps down from higher places, Leon catches her in his arms, bridal style.


Resident Evil 4

“You did good.”
— Leon, to Ashley, Resident Evil 4.
Ashley“I’m sorry if I was…”
Leon“Ah, don’t worry about it.”
Resident Evil 4.
“If you even scratch her, I’ll break your bones.”
— Leon, to Salazar, about Ashley, Resident Evil 4.
“Just hang in there, Ashley. I’m comin’ for ya.”
— Leon, Resident Evil 4.
Ashley“No way, Leon.”
Resident Evil 4.
“Hang on, sweetheart!”
— Leon, Resident Evil 4.
Ashley“Mission accomplished! Right, Leon?”
Leon“Not quite, I still need to get you home safe.”
Resident Evil 4.
Ashley“So… uh, after you take me back to my place, how about we do some… uhm… “overtime?””
Ashley“Somehow I’d knew you’d say that.”
Resident Evil 4.


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A smaller paring of the Resident Evil fandom, Kennham has 16 works in its AO3 tag.



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  • Sometimes when Leon shoots an enemy with Ashley in tow, Ashley will do a small cheer from behind him.




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