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Kimallura is the femslash ship between Lady Kima of Vord and Allura Vysoren from the Critical Role fandom.


Lady Allura summoned Vox Machina to go to Kraghammer in search of her dear friend Kima. She had sent her out after having a vision quest but had lost contact with her. She offered Vox Machina a reward in finding Kima and returning her safely.

Breaching the Emberhold

When Vox Machina finds Lady Kima and frees her, Vax informs her that Allura sent them. Kima says that she figured that Kima would, given how foolish it was for her to go down there.

Shopping and Shipping

Allura meets with Vox Machina, happy to see them. She turns to see Kima, and welcomes her back. They share a quiet look, before running forward and embracing. Allura lifts Kima and spins her around. She places her down and holds her hands, a tear running down her face. She tells her that she was worried, Kima shyly turns away and says that she's sorry. Allura reaches her hand out and ruffles Kima's hair, telling her that she had them all worried sick and she shouldn't keep running off like that. Kima knows, and Allura turns to the rest of the group and thanks them for bringing Kima back. Kima tells her that they helped her complete her quest, and Allura invited them all inside.


Breaching the Emberhold

  • Kima becomes angry over Scanlan threatening her after they rescued her under Allura's orders.

Shopping and Shipping

  • Vax tells Allura that they brought her a present, referring to Kima.
  • Kima calls Allura, Allie.

Dark Bargains

  • Allura mentions to Jester that she accidentally woke up her wife.


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On AO3, Kimallura is the most written ship for Allura and Kima.



Kima/Allura tag on AO3


  • Both Allura and Kima are NPC's, so they are both voiced by the DM, Matthew Mercer.
  • Kima calls Allura "Allie".


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