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Kimax is the slash ship between Lê Chiến Kim and Max Kanté from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


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Kim and Max are best friends, who are usually seen sitting next to each other in class and hanging out together out side of school. Kim trusts Max and often looks to him for advice. Because Kim knows the high level of Max's inventions and intelligence he supports him, as well as him being impressed with the arm that he believed Max had added to Markov.

In "Syren", Max waits for Kim outside the theater. When Kim arrives he asks Max if Chloé Bourgeois has arrived, but Max tells him that the film they are going to see isn't one that she'd be interested in, before handing a disappointed Kim his ticket. Shortly after Syren floods the city and they all rush to the roof for higher ground. Kim drives into the water think that it is safe and Max becomes worried for his friend after Syren drags Kim under the water.

In "Party Crasher", Kim and Max help Nino throw a boys-only party in Adrien's honour. When Max gets captured by the titled villain, Kim comes to his and the other captured heroes recuse. Once freed the heroes work together in defeating Party Crasher and when the battle was done, Max and Kim help their friends in clearing up Adrien's room before they go to help the girls plant trees.


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Kimax is one of the more popular slash ships in the fandom. Some fans have Kimax rival the ship Kimdine, while Kimaxdine helps to form a peaceful compromise between the two ships.

After Max and Kim were given their own Miraculouses in season three, it inspired a few fans to feature the two as their hero selves in some of their Kimax fanart and fics. Along with there being Kimax fanart that makes references to their akumatized selves, as it is a common trait in the ML fandom, and even portraying Max and Kim as the holders of the Ladybug and Cat Mirculouses, for fun.

On AO3, Kimax is the most written ship for Max and the second most written for Kim.



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  • In one of the "snapshot photos" of the Season two to three opening, Kim and Max are briefly seen together.



Kimaxdine refers to the ship between Kim, Max and Ondine


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