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Kimaxdine is the polyship ship between Lê Chiến Kim, Max Kanté and Ondine from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Max doesn't know Ondine very well, but he had heard about her from Kim who enjoys spending time with her at the pool; and the end of "Syren" indicates that Kim and Ondine might have started dating after he begins to return Ondine's feelings for him. Since Kim tells Max in "Gamer 2.0" that he had made plans to spend sometime with Ondine. While the two boys are best friends and classmates. Before "Syren" aired, the three of them make a appearance in Clara Nightingale's music video in "Frightningale", while during the season two finale, all three of them were re-akumatized by a crimson Hawk Moth.


Kimaxdine is a very rare, slow growing polyship Miraculous Ladybug ship that focuses on Kim's friendship with both Max and Ondine, who have both been shipped with Kim; and some fans have Kimax (Kim x Max) and Kimdine (Kim x Ondine) rival with each other. While Kimaxdine helps to form a peaceful compromise between the two ships.

Unlike Max, Ondine is sporty like Kim and enjoys spending time with him at the pool, as well as her having romantic feelings for Kim. While Max has been friends with Kim since the preview school year before the events in the series began, and possible longer, he is always by Kim's side and helps him with any kind of help. Since Max helped Kim on Valentines day, and Chloe's mean personality being the only reason why Max's surjections didn't work, there is a chance that Kim might ask Max for the same kind of advice on how he can make Ondine his Valentine. Even though it has only be presumed and not officially conformed that Kim and Ondine started dating each other after the events of "Syren", when he asked her to see a movie with him.

Since both Kim and Max are on and off holders of the Monkey and Horse Miraculouses in season three, and the twelve Chinese Zodiac Miraculouses were added in season two, there is a chance that if any new Miraculouses, where one of might be of a watery dwelling animal, get added to the series, since the season three episode "Feast" reveals that there are indeed other kinds of Miraculouses, one of them might end up being entrusted to Ondine. In which would have her fighting by King Monkey and Pegasus's sides.

On AO3, the poly ship only has about 4 fanfics.



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Kimax refers to the ship between Kim and Max
Kimdine refers to the ship between Kim and Ondine


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