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KinKage is the slash ship between Kindaichi Yūtarō and Kageyama Tobio from the Haikyu!! fandom.


Kindaichi was Kageyama's former teammate in Kitagawa Junior High. Although it is unknown whether or not two were close during their first and second years, they were often seen together multiple times in Kageyama's past flashbacks. Kindaichi was mentioned to be Kageyama's partner back then by Oikawa because Kageyama had tossed to him a lot, almost like Hinata and Kageyama's relationship now. Kindaichi didn’t seem to like Kageyama at all and most of the time called him King of the Court. Though they weren’t friends, Kindaichi at one point admits that Kageyama is a very skilled and talented player.

During their third year, Kageyama demanded a lot from his teammates, but he seemed to toss to Kindaichi a lot as if he had trusted him. But since he was still a demanding tyrant back then, during one of there matches Kindaichi, along with the rest of his team, asked their coach to bench Kageyama. Kindaichi, also along with the rest of the team, ignored Kageyama's toss in the middle of a match, making it crystal clear that they were done with his attitude and that they didn't want to play on his team anymore.

Since Kindaichi's only impression of Kageyama was a demanding and selfish person, he was shocked when he saw that Kageyama improved on his teamwork skills with with Karasuno and Kindaichi couldn't accept it. He convinced himself to think that Kageyama was only faking the teamwork act and warned Hinata to watch out for him. But after Karasuno beat Aoba Johsai in their first practice match, Kindaichi finally accepted the fact that Kageyama had actually changed inside. When he went to the bathroom to cool off from the game, Kageyama approached him, wanting to apologize for his disrespectful and commanding personality in the past, but Kindaichi refused to accept his friendship because he still only saw Kageyama as a "oppressive king". Instead, Kindaichi announced that he would defeat him the next time they play in a match, which he did. Kageyama accepted Kindaichi's challenge, telling him "we will win". This one sentence shocked Kindaichi because Kageyama had never used "we" in junior high, as he only wanted to do everything by myself before. In the anime, after Aoba Johsai lost to Karasuno in the Spring High, Kageyama walked passed a crying Kindaichi and Kunimi in the hallway. They ignored one another until Kindaichi called Kageyama. Kumimi told Kageyama that they would both get revenge on him, as Kageyama agreed.

In Season 4, To the Top, Kindaichi seems to still think about Kageyama, as he asks Hinata how Kageyama's doing. When Hinata tells him that he's doing fine, Kindaichi doesn’t show it on his face, but he seems to be a bit more relived. Kunimi then comes and tells him that he spends to much time thinking about his life when he was in junior high. This might be implying that he thinks about his time and matches with Kageyama a lot.


This became a popular Haikyuu ship do to the fact that Kindaichi and Kageyama have a certain rivalry. Although this ship is decently popular, it doesn’t compare to ships like KuniKin and KageHina. Though Kindaichi is pretty popular around the Haikyuu fandom, Kageyama is a lot more popular, meaning he has many more ships that rival this KinKage. Even so, Kindaichi is probably one of the closest people to Kageyama in Haikyuu.



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