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KiriBakuMina is the poly ship between Eijiro Kirishima, Katsuki Bakugou, and Mina Ashido from the My Hero Academia fandom.


The trio of Katsuki, Mina and Eijiro are all on notably good terms with one another. However, the three do not interact too heavily as a whole, rather than in groups of two.

The bond between Eijiro and Katsuki is the strongest from the bunch (above Katsuki/Mina and Mina/Eijiro). Upon entering U.A, Eijiro found himself truly captivated by the sheer “manliness” he found in Katsuki when ignoring the aggressive, volatile side that made itself so prominent. He seemed to have quickly made it a goal of sorts to break through Katsuki’s rough exterior, and did, eventually manage to worm his way into Katsuki’s heart. The strength of their bond is soon tested after Katsuki is kidnapped by the LoV (League of Villains) during the Training Camp; Eijiro risks his chances of becoming a hero (by defying U.A’s orders to NOT go on a mission), and potentially his life to save Katsuki from the villains. Eijiro takes the ‘squadron’ of Izuku, Shoto, Momo and a hesitant Tenya to find Katsuki, and after locating him in the midst of Kamino Ward, struggling in a battle against the most of the Vanguard Squad (main villains), Izuku contemplates a plan, albeit risky to remove him from his fight. Izuku comes to the conclusion that his quickly though up plan would only work if Eijiro was the one to ignite it, as he is the only one Katsuki would allow to rescue him without taking it as an offense, or a strike to his ego. When they set off, and catch Katsuki’s eyes, Eijiro and Katsuki join hands, and set off to safety. Their relationship seems to strengthen after this, as Katsuki begins to call Eijiro by his name (rather than ‘Shitty-Hair’) much, much more often, and becomes evidently more affectionate in his own Katsuki way.

Mina and Eijiro somewhat share a backstory, as revealed in Eijiro’s fight against Rappa. As Eijiro fights, a long flashback of his middle school days are shown (for the first time). Mina is portrayed as the ‘rising star’ of the school, with a shining attitude and all the charisma one could dream of, all the attribute of a modern-day hero. One of Eijiro’s friends points this out to him, and says that the two of them would never be able to amount to someone like her in heroics to which he simply responds with an annoyed laugh. He finds a seed of jealousy beginning to sprout in him after this, which only explodes after he fails to save two of his classmates from a villain intruder; Mina swooped in to say the day, while he simply froze in place. After this, Eijiro writes off heroics- and U.A as future plans, but is saved from this path after he remembers the “manly” words of his idol, ‘vintage’ hero Crimson Riot. He begins to train, and work on himself until he holds an exceptional physique for a teenager, and a charming nature to boot. Before entering U.A, he and Mina encounter each other. Mina comments on his glow-up, finding it funny, and says that if she catches him being gloomy like his old self, she’ll spread rumors about him (in a playful/joking sense).

Mina and Katsuki interact the least out of the bunch, although they still are quite close, especially compared to Katsuki’s feelings about the majority of people. They first interacted in the Cavalry Battle sector of the Sports Festival; Katsuki chose Mina (alongside Hanta and Eijiro) to partake in his team, as he dubbed her and her quirk the be above most of the ‘extras’. However, Mina found herself feeling rather useless after this event, as she felt that Katsuki just wanted her for her quirk above all. However, this doesn’t hamper her opinion of Katsuki, and she continues to be friendly, overtly so towards him in a simple (but lesser) manner as Eijiro. Something that Katsuki seems to appreciate about her, outside of her strength is the lack of fear she has in him, something she portrayed when literally forcing Katsuki to partake in the class’s Christmas party by forcibly dressing him in a Santa-themed cape and hat with the help of Denki.


As poly ships tend to be less popular in the shipping community (as compared to two person pairings), KiriBakuMina is not a particularly popular pairing, and it is thus listed as one of MHA/BNHA's many 'rare-pairs'. However, in poly ship territory, it holds a relatively large community, due to the charming relations both Katsuki and Mina have with Eijiro.

The ship is mostly Eijiro-centric, as Katsuki and Mina (both) are considered to be the most likely contestants for Eijiro's endgame love interest, and many fans would rather not choose between KiriBaku and KiriMina. However, KiriBaku seems to win over the latter when things do come down to choosing, as Mina is more often than not seen as an avid ‘shipper’ of the boys rather than being infatuated (with both or either) with them.

KiriBakuMina is commonly shipped alongside other poly-ships between characters that could not be decided for, such as KiriDekuBaku, TodoIzuOcha and KamiMomoJirou.



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  • Mina and Eijiro are both original members of the Bakusquad (Katsuki’s closest friend group).
  • The relationship between Mina and Eijiro is sometimes compared to BakuDeku (not in a romantic sense), as Mina and Katsuki both served as sources of inspiration and negativity to Eijiro and Izuku respectively.
  • Mina is the first girl Katsuki truly seemed to have befriended.
  • All three characters had the addition of sleeves to their (winter/cold weather) hero costumes.
  • Katsuki and Mina have both been stated to be the characters (of either sex) that Horikoshi is most fond of.
  • Eijiro, Mina and Katsuki wear clunky boots as chosen footwear for their hero costumes.
  • The respective colors of the three follow in synch to the color wheel (purplish-pink [Mina], red [Eijiro], orange [Katsuki]).



BakuMina refers to the ship between Katsuki Bakugou and Mina Ashido
Bakusquad refers to the ship between Katsuki, Mina, Eijiro, Denki and Hanta
KiriBaku refers to the ship between Eijiro Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugou
KiriMina refers to the ship between Mina Ashido and Eijiro Kirishima


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