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Klee×Bombs is the cargo ship between Klee and bombs from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Klee uses bombs as her main attacks, elemental skill, and elemental burst. Klee also has a Jumpty Dumpty, which is a bomb that she uses. Klee also has a particular talent for creating explosives and adores everything that is blowing up. Jean also takes care of her since the toys she uses aren't just normal toys, she mentions about bombs a lot in her voice lines, her adoring with bombs can be a bit abnormal due to the fact Klee's appearance is seemingly young girl and since using bombs as a hobby can also be weird.

Klee uses her bombs for "fish blasting", she calls. She usually gets a punishment by Jean when trying to bomb something, though after her punishment, she will usually do it again by an instant anytime.


In Act I, when the Traveler talks to Six-Fingered Jose, he tells the Traveler that he witnessed the most destructive force on his life when he went to Stormbearer Mountains to look for inspiration for his new song. And he told Traveler that it changed the whole landscape in that part of the mountains. Six-Fingered Jose continues to tell the Traveler that he was hiding in a bush and saw a little girlie in red clothing running into the distance, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. When Traveler went to Jean who they thought had any relevant documentation on the strongest fighter in Mondstadt, then now went outside of the Acting Grand's office but the Traveler apparently came across Klee.

Klee then says that she lost her treasure so the Traveler and Klee went to the treasure place to find there was a pyro abyss mage with her treasure that looked like a bomb. So as soon when they finally found the pyro abyss mage. The pyro abyss mage exploded due to Klee's treasure. This concludes that Klee's treasures are bombs. After that, they went to Jean's office because Klee have broke the survival rules. Klee got sent to solitary confinements for trying the blew up the fishes, Klee almost got away with it although. When the Traveler approaches Klee, outside of solitary confinements, Klee was making an extra-special new treasure that was the Ludi Harpastum version. The Traveler knew that Klee was making another bomb as she said that.


“This is Dodoco, my oldest and bestest friend! Okay, now I've introduced you, don't forget her name again alright? No more calling Dodoco (puts on silly voice) "that silly doll Klee always hangs on her rucksack."”
— Klee's Voiceline about More About Klee: IV
“I like things that are fluffy~! Like Dodoco! And dandelions! And Razor's hair!”
— Klee's Voiceline about Klee's Hobbies
“Mm, new-bomb research complete! Now, let's get outta here before Jean finds out...”
— Klee's Voiceline about Feelings About Ascension: Intro
“Thanks for helping me gather so much stuff for my research! If you ever wanna learn how to make a bomb, I can teach you y'know.”
— Klee's Voiceline about Feelings About Ascension: Climax
“I remember the first time I ever heard an explosion... I wasn't scared at all. Later on, I found out that apparently, that's not "normal", and most people would've been scared. But hey, you're not scared of my bombs right? Tee-hee, I knew it! That's why your my bestest friend ever!”
— Klee's Voiceline about Feelings About Ascension: Conclusion


The fandom jokes about Klee committing arson around or being a terrorist due to the fact she uses bombs everywhere she goes. In one of Albedo's voice lines, Albedo confirms that Klee's current destructiveness is nothing compared to Alice (Klee's mother), making the fandom make memes about it and thinking that she will be broke if she becomes a playable character.

Klee x Bombs isn't really a popular cargo ship in the fandom, but it's more popular when it isn't a ship and is more like Klee committing arson around or being a terrorist as said. Though people will say Klee x Bombs is their OTP as a joke.



Klee x Bombs posts on Tumblr


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