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“I just want you to know that I realized when we were in Voltron, we're brothers, man. You know? Like, we're totally connected. No secrets, no barriers, no nothing. Brothers, all they way. I love you guys.”
— Hunk, while hugging Keith and Lance, Some Assembly Required.

Klunk is the polyship between Keith, Lance and Hunk from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Season 1

After a moderately successful day of training for the newly Team Voltron, everyone is sitting on the large couch-like furniture, Hunk comes down between Lance and Keith and hugs them both, calling them "brothers". Lance smiles up a Hunk, while Keith jokes that maybe Hunk had too much g-force.

After the disaster that Coran tried to make for the paladins, Hunk heads to the kitchen to whip up something with "spice". He returns with food that Lance and Keith scarf down.

At a celebration party, the Arusians are preforming a small protection. At the end, they say their cheer. Hearing this, Hunk walks over to where Lance and Keith are standing. He tells them they need their own team cheer. Lance tries comes up with one, "I say 'Vol' you say 'tron'" He says the first half, implying he wants Keith to finish it. Keith, not understanding, says, "Uh... Vol-tron?" Lance stares at him, before telling him, "We'll work on it." He turns away to drink his drink, as he does Keith turns to Hunk and shrugs. Lance soon gags on his drink, completely disgusted by its taste. Lance then turns to Coran standing near by. Has Coran walks off to where Shiro is, Lance is left standing there shuddering. Keith and Hunk can be seen in the back, poking Lance, Keith even tipping him over.


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Hance refers to the ship between Hunk and Lance
Heith refers to the ship between Hunk and Keith
Klance refers to the ship between Keith and Lance



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