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Knightfall is the het ship between Jaune Arc and Cinder Fall from the RWBY fandom.


Cinder and Jaune formally meet in volume 3 chapter 11, when Ozpin sets up the transfer of the fall maiden powers from Amber to Pyrrha. She suddenly appears, and then kills Amber and disrupts the process to Pyrrha and allowing her to get all of the fall maiden powers from Amber. Then when Jaune and Pyrrha attempt to fight Cinder, Ozpin tells them to leave and that he would deal with her. They then reluctantly leave.

After it was revealed that Cinder killed Pyrrha Jaune was devastated, and became a much colder, more serious person. Cinder and Jaune were reintroduced to each other in volume 5 chapter 11. Cinder cruelly and coldly mocked lionheart about betraying everyone, saying tyrian and hazel would've found all those huntsmen they killed on their own eventually. This causes Jaune to snap at her. He yells at her saying how could she be so cruel and broken inside after killing so many people. He then looks up revealing he had been crying and yells "All with that damn smile on your face". Jaune then continues to yell at her and threaten her until Cinder with an unimpressed look on her face responds "Who are you again?". This causes Jaune to fly into a blind fit of rage and angrily attacks Cinder, to which Cinder smugly responds to.

Cinder continues to mock Jaune throughout the fight, making him more unhinged and angry. He then yells at her to stop messing with him to which she agrees and then goes in for the kill. Ruby then activates her silver eyes on Cinder which momentarily paralyzes her and gives Jaune the opportunity to hit a strike against Cinder. He manages to make a dent in the mask covering her damaged eye which angers Cinder to no end. She then walks over to Jaune on the ground and steps on his chest with her heal. She then angrily mocks Jaune asking him if he really thought he had a chance against her, then saying he's just a failure with a death wish. Jaune responds by saying Maybe, but if he died buying them time it'd be worth it. They were the ones who mattered not him. Cinder smugly says "You think so?" then proceeds to impale Weiss with a spear, as Jaune watches in horor.


Knightfall is a rarepair in the rwby fandom. Mainly because Cinder and Jaune are enemies and she also killed Jaune's teammate Pyrrha. One of the tropes that some fans of this ship give Cinder is that she's the crazy, obsessive, stalker ex-girlfriend. Since Cinder seems to have a habit for either killing or attempting to kill all of Jaune's potential love interests, examples being Pyrrha, Weiss and now Ruby. The ship grew in popularity during volume 5 when Cinder and Jaune fought against each other. Some fans have theorized Pyrrha's soul being reincarnated into Cinder as a way for the ship to occur.



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  • Their ship name is pun on the word "nightfall". It also comes from Jaune being a knight, and Cinder's surname being Fall.



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