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Knuxara is the het ship between Knuckles and Sara from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


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Sara only appeared in the 1996 original video animation.

At one point, Dr. Robotnik took Sara hostage as part of a plot to destroy the Land of the Sky and rule Planet Freedom. While Sonic was busy fighting Hyper Metal Sonic, both crashed into Robotnik's Egg Mobile. Robotnik tried to catch Sonic while Sara kicked Hyper Metal Sonic's head repeatedly. Sonic pulled the robot down with great force, pushing Sara out of the Egg Mobile and screaming to her likely doom. Knuckles glides the ice and catches her, but slips on thin ice. Sara thanks him kisses him on the cheek, even to the point of calling him "Mr. Mole". Robotnik took Sara's hand after Knuckles stopped slipping but a snowballed Tails separates them once again.

Sonic and Hyper Metal Sonic are still fighting, neither of which gaining the upper hand. Sara was able to distract the robot, with Sonic pushing it down to the ground. The following impact causes magma to rise. Tails fears the worst, with Knuckles uncertain of his next step. Sara kisses Knuckles again, calling him a brave man. Knuckles, motivated by Sara's kiss, dug multiple holes to redirect the magma flow. Sara and Tails cheer on.

After Hyper Metal Sonic perished in the magma, the main characters got to their own terms. Knuckles gets even with Sonic by hitting him in the head. Sonic then chases Knuckles on the snow with Tails following. Aboard the Egg Mobile, Sara, her father, Old Man Owl, and Robotnik follow behind them.


This pairing has some following, since there is growing interest in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie despite mixed criticism at the time of its release. For example, DeviantArt artist pandaioh has been creating fan art of this ship since 2018.

The scene where Knuckles carries Sara can be compared to the scene where Sonic carries Elise in Sonic the Hedgehog.



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