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Knuxouge is the het ship between Knuckles and Rouge from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



While it was never shown how the two met, in their first appearance together (and Rouge's first appearance in general) in Sonic Adventure 2, they were fighting over the Master Emerald. During their fight, Eggman stole the Emerald. Knuckles broke it in order to avoid Eggman getting it, causing Rouge to get angry. The two started searching for Master Emerald pieces own.

When the two met again, they fought. Following the battle, Rouge fell, and Knuckles saved her. Rouge got angry, claiming Knuckles only saved her to hold her hand, which Knuckles denied. Rouge then gave the Master Emerald pieces she had found to Knuckles, claiming they stunk like echidnas, which made Knuckles wonder why she even went after the Master Emerald in the first place.

The two later teamed up with Sonic, Tails, Eggman, Amy and later Shadow to save the ARK from falling.

In Sonic Heroes, their teams (Team Sonic for Knuckles and Team Dark for Rouge) encountered in Lost Jungle and ended up in a fight as both were trying to defeat Eggman first. Later, when Metal Sonic grew stronger, the teams (along with Team Rose and Team Chaotix) teamed up to defeat Metal Sonic. After the battle was over, Rouge mentioned getting treasure and left, after which Knuckles ran after her.

The two teamed up in Sonic Rivals 2 in order to find the Master Emerald.

The two were among the guests to attend Sonic's birthday party in Sonic Generations. Before the Time Eater attacked, Knuckles and Rouge were seen talking to each other.

Archie Comics

Pre-Super Genesis Wave

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Post-Super Genesis Wave

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Some details can be found on the Rougamy page.

Sonic X


Knuxouge is a popular ship. Its most notable rival ships include Shadouge for Rouge and Knuxikal for Knuckles.

On AO3, it is Rouge's most written ship and Knuckles' second most written, behind Sonuckles.


Rouge“Well I'm off. Oh, and there's just one more thing...”
Knuckles“What's that?”
Rouge“I hope we share a cell.”
— Sonic X



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