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Kokorou is the het ship between Sangonomiya Kokomi and Gorou from the Genshin Impact fandom.


During the battle between the resistance and the Shogun's army, water bubbles appear, signaling Kokomi's arrival. To which Gorou reacts with joy. After the battle, Kokomi thanks Gorou. Kokomi tells Gorou to stay a while longer, keeping out for the Shogun's army and to tend to the wounded soldiers, which Gorou obliges. When the Traveler talks to Gorou, he mentions that Kokomi has never had and never will fail them.

During the Archon Quest, they are seen together having a serious discussion at the shrine in Watatsumi Island. When Gorou informs Kokomi that some resistance soldiers are aging at an accelerated rate, when the Traveler informs them that is because the soldiers were using delusions Kokomi orders Gorou to order the soldiers to stop using their delusions.

After checking on Teppei, Kokomi informs the Traveler that she has ordered a ban on the use of Delusions and delegates Gorou to deal with it before departing to the front line to uphold morale.

In Kokomi's official introductiom, Gorou describes Kokomi as an astute strategist, talking about how she can accurately predict the enemies' movements from thousands of miles of way. Gorou talks about how the resistance fought the Shogun's Army, but they lacked in manpower and weaponry. Kokomi with her tactical prowess always save them. Gorou calls Kokomi one of her titles, 'Her Excellency'. saying if it wasn't for Kokomi, then not a single one of Watatsumi Island's victories would have been possible.

Kokomi classifies Gorou as an exceptional general, stating that he's sincere, determined, and courageous. Having a strong camaraderie with the troop, and can come up with creative battle plans. However, Kokomi tells the Traveler that Gorou has one shortcoming, which he lets the excitement of battle to get his head. Kokomi informs the Traveler to have a good rein on him if they're ever deployed to the battlefield together.

Gorou talks about Kokomi's duties of assessing the scenario and formulating the plan, while for his duty, his duty was to put every detail of the plan into action. And, to keep the situation under control on the front line. And they are united with the whole resistance to achieve one single purpose, which was victory. Gorou proclaims that he has utmost respect for Kokomi, being that without her ingenious and insightful strategies. Then the resistance could have never go so far as it was today. Gorou tells the Traveler that Kokomi prefers a much more quieter existence, meaning she prefers to be at a much more quieter place. And when there's no pressing military matters. he states that he tries to not disturb her too much as a respect for her privacy and peace.

During the event in Irodori, Paimon welcomes them to the harbor together. Kokomi says she came to buy some books and Gorou hasn't interest in the festival but has joined her. Gorou says it is his duty to keep Kokomi safety at every turn.


This ship started off due to how close Gorou and Kokomi are, being that they are both high ranking members of the Watatsumi island resistance. Many see their relationship as romantic due to the adoration Gorou shows towards Kokomi during the Archon Quest. A popular dynamic between them is that of mutual pining, with both heavily crushing on each other while being oblivious to the other's reciprocation, and alternatively, unrequited love on Gorou's part. A prevelant theme in Kokorou fanworks is Kokomi giving Gorou head pats and belly rubs.

Some non-shippers see them as just best friends, with many depicting Gorou as being supportive of Kokomi's other ships, while Kokomi is mostly omitted from Gorou's other ships.

This ship is one of Gorou's most popular ships, whom rivals that of KazuGorou, IttoGorou, AyaKomi, and KokoSara, respectively.


“Gorou is an exceptional general... sincere, determined, and courageous. He has a strong camaraderie with the troops and is able to come up with creative battle plans. He does, however, have one shortcoming... He often lets the excitement of battle get to his head. If you are ever deployed to the battlefield together, be sure to have a good rein on him when things get underway.”
— Kokomi about Gorou
“As the leader of Watatsumi Island, Her Excellency is responsible for assessing the scenario and formulating a plan. It is then my duty to put every detail of the plan into action and to keep under control on the front line. We are united with the whole resistance in achieving a single purpose: victory.”
— Gorou about Kokomi: Duties
“I have only utmost respect for Her Excellency. Without her ingenious and insightful strategies, the resistance could never have come as far as it has today. If you ask me, it seems that deep down she prefers a much quieter existence. So when there's no pressing military matters, I try not to disturb her too much.”
— Gorou about Kokomi: Attitude
“Her Excellency, Sangonomiya, is an astute strategist. She can accurately predict enemy movements from thousands of miles of way. When we fought against the Shogun's army, what we lacked in manpower and weaponry, we more than made up for with Her Excellency's tactical prowess. Were it not for Her Excellency, not a single one of Watatsumi Island's victories would have been possible.”
— Gorou describing Kokomi



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Sangonomiya Troops of Kokorou on Discord


  • The two both use Sango Pearls as ascension materials, and are, at the moment, the only characters who need them.
  • Quite a handful of fan art of the ship is often paired with IttoSara, wherein both Gorou and Itto are depicted as Kokomi and Sara's loyal and overly affectionate "dogs".
  • The ship name, Kokorou, reads the same as the Japanese word for "heart".


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