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Korpal is the femslash ship between Korra and Opal from The Legend of Korra fandom.


Opal first met Korra when the latter was visiting Zaofu. Korra was there to meet Opal since she was a new airbender and Korra was helping recruit new airbenders to become Air Nomads. Opal was excited to meet Korra and stated that she was amazing. She was excited at the idea of being taken to Northern Air Temple but her mother brushed it off and had Korra teach her there. Korra taught Opal some basic airbending and she really enjoyed it. Opal was worried at first because she did not think that she was very good at airbending but Korra helped set her at ease.

Opal wanted to spend time with her aunt Lin but was too afraid to talk to her. There was a rift between Lin and Opal's mother Su as a result of their past. Korra decided to take a shy Opal to Lin to give her support. Lin ended up yelling at Opal which sent her off crying. Korra yelled at Lin for hurting her feelings when she had done nothing wrong. Korra also later went back into Lin's room and told her that she needed to apologize to Opal. After Opal decided to leave for the Northern Air Temple, Korra called Tenzin over the radio and excitedly informed him that Opal would be joining them.

Three years later, Korra and Opal reunited in Zaofu after the former had finally recovered from a serious injury. Kuvira was about to attack Zaofu and Opal's mother along with her younger twin brothers had been captured. The two initially got into an argument about Kuvira's actions and the best way to approach her but Korra later decided to go face her and Opal decided to join her. Korra ended up losing the battle so Opal jumped in to save her and escape with her.

Upon returning to Republic City, Opal was upset about her family being captured and felt like nobody cared about what happened to her. Korra comforted her and assured her that they would get her family back. When Jinora said that she felt a disturbance, Opal decided to join them in investigating. When Korra stepped back in shock, Opal asked if she was okay and Korra explained that Kuvira was attacking the swamp. They ran to City Hall together to inform President Raiko of what was happening.


Fans began to start shipping Korpal from the moment that she was introduced. A lot of fans saw their airbending training as "dancing" and even found it to be similar to the time when Aang and Katara danced. Opal also called Korra "amazing" when they first met which is something that Mako and Asami have also said to Korra. A lot of fan fiction about Korra and Opal involves them airbending together.



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