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Korrasami is the femslash ship between Korra and Asami from The Legend of Korra fandom.


Book One

Korra's first reaction to Asami (due to her crush being Mako at this point).

Korra and Asami first meet in Chapter 4 of Book 1 at a gala, where Mako and Hiroshi introduce Asami to Korra. Korra was very jealous of Asami, due to her dating Mako. Asami was happy to meet Korra and said she had heard a lot about her, but Korra responded angrily that she hadn’t heard about her at all. She is concerned when she finds out how they met but Mako reassured her it was fine and said Hiroshi saved their team by sponsoring it. Korra said it was terrific, unenthusiastically, due to her jealousy. Later, during her speech, Asami was gazing at her in a way that could be perceived as being attracted.

In Chapter 5, Korra was still jealous of Asami and hated her, and tried to win Mako from her, and when she and Mako kissed, she was saddened. However, after she realized what she was doing to Mako and Bolin was petty, she put aside her animosity towards Asami and thanked her for sponsoring her team after she said that Korra had quite the comeback, and she never saw a trick she did like that. Their exchange was interrupted by Bolin, who needed healing.


However, Korra’s jealousy was not over yet. In Chapter 7, Korra was jealous that Mako and Bolin were staying with her, and didn’t want to hang out with her, but Bolin convinced her to, saying it would be fun. When Korra arrived, Asami said that she was glad she made it and looked happy to see her. Later, Korra asked what Asami had planned for her, and guessed that it would be shopping or makeovers, but Asami said he had something more exciting in mind, which turned out to be racecar driving. Korra was excited when Asami offered to drive her and they went on a lap around the ring.

After it was over, Korra admitted to Asami that she judged her wrong, and thought she was prissy, but Asami laughed and shrugged it off, saying she was used to people thinking she was “daddy’s helpless little girl”, but she could handle herself, and told Korra about her self defense classes she was enrolled in, and she remarked that Hiroshi was a smart guy. This seemed to begin the twos friendship. Years later, Korra tells Asami that the experience was freeing, and she felt she finally knew someone just as intense as she was.

However, this was short lived, because after Korra used the bathroom, she overheard Hiroshi plotting with the Equalists, and told Tenzin and Lin Beifong to investigate. When she told Asami, Asami was extremely angry at Korra, and exclaimed that she didn’t believe it, and ran away. Later, Mako asked Korra if this had to do with her jealousy towards him and Asami, and Korra said it had nothing to do with that, indicating that any jealousy towards Asami was over. Mako then went to Asami, who in turn gave Korra an angry look. However, Asami forgave Korra as soon as she realized she was right. After they confronted Hiroshi, Korra empathized with Asami and invited her to live with her on Air Temple Island, and told Mako to comfort Asami, since she needed him more than ever.

In Chapter 8, Korra made sure Asami was welcome at Air Temple Island and had the Air Acolytes carry her things. Korra showed Asami to her room with Ikki, and while walking, Ikki told Asami that Korra liked Mako. Korra became very embarassed. Asami said she wasn’t aware and Korra grabbed her arm and took her to her room. She opened the door for Asami while smiling and slammed it on Ikki, telling her to run along. Korra then showed her her room, saying it was rustic from what she was used to, but Asami said it was charming, and thanked Korra for her hospitality. Later, when Korra thought Ikki was trying to get in her room, Korra yelled for her to leave them alone, but it turned out to be Tenzin.


That night, Asami, along with Mako and Bolin, comforted Korra on how she hadn’t mastered airbending, and said she was amazing. The 4 then declared themselves the new Team Avatar. They all decided to defeat Equalists and they all went on Naga, but they all fell, with Asami falling on Korra with her hands around her waist. Asami, along with Mako and Bolin, helped defeat equalists using her racecar that night. Korra was very angry when Asami was arrested and wanted her out of jail, because she was innocent.


In Chapter 9, after Korra was kidnapped, Asami was very concerned for her and helped look her her, but was very suspicious when Mako was too worried about Korra. She eventually asked Bolin if Mako had feelings for Korra, and Bolin said that they kissed at the arena. However, Asami was not angry at Korra, only at Mako. The next episode, she told Mako that she liked Korra (as a friend). Even after all of that, Asami helped Korra defeat Amon and was concerned when her bending was taken away, and went to the South Pole with her. While she was with Katara, Asami was worried. She was relieved when Korras bending was restored.

Book Two

In Book Two, Asami is a full fledged member of Team Avatar and a good friend of Korra. She was not jealous of Mako dating her and was very supportive. In Episode 4, after Korra told Mako and Asami about Unalaq and Asami helped her break Tonraq out of jail. Asami then accompanied Korra back to Republic City with the rest of Team Avatar.

In Chapter 5, Korra bumped into Asami, and annoyed, asked her if she was in a hurry, and Korra said she was going to see Varrick. Asami said she was too, and they both went together. As they walked in, Korra grabbed Asami’s shoulder and gasped in fear, saving her from being hit by arrows. They both confronted Varrick and were next to each other as Varrick talked to them. They both glanced at each other when Varrick ate red hot peppers.

In Chapter 6, when things at Future Industries were going awry for Asami, she suggested that Korra help her, saying that she has muscle, but Mako refused. Asami asked if Mako and Korra were okay and Mako said they were fine. Asami became concerned about Mako and Korra’s relationship and was shocked to find out they broke up. In Chapter 11, Korra finally reunited with Bolin and Asami and told them about what Unalaq was doing. Asami promised to help her and Korra thanked her, and said it was glad to see her and Bolin again. Later, when Korra kisses Mako after forgetting the break up, Asami glared at Mako, not blaming Korra for what happened.

In Chapter 12, Korra ordered Asami to help heal Desna. Two chapters later, Asami was happy when Korra saved the world.

Book Three

Korra gets 'distracted' when Asami teaches her how to drive.

2 weeks after Harmonic Convergence, Korra and Asami seemed to have gotten close and became best friends. In Chapter 1 Asami reassured Korra after Raiko and the others gave her a hard time, and told her to not take the poll numbers (8% approval ratings) to heart. Later, as Korra excitedly told Asami that new airbenders is exciting, Asami took Korra to practice driving, telling her it would be relaxing. However, when Korra was a bad driver, Asami told Korra to try again. Korra saluted her, and the two burst out laughing.

Korra then asked Asami how long talking to Mako would be awkward, and Asami said he was never in touch with his emotions, but would get better. Korra then asked Asami if she knew they broke up, and she said she did. Korra then blushed, saying that was embarrassing. Asami then apologized and told Korra that she kissed Mako while she was gone, and Korra laughed. When Asami was shocked and asked why she wasn’t mad, Korra said she kissed Mako while they were dating too. Asami pretended to be mad and Korra apologized, but Asami said she knew for a long time. Korra then said she was glad Mako hadn’t came between them and that she never had a “girlfriend” to hang out with before, and that it was nice. Their conversation was interrupted by a spirit. After the Spirit insulted her, Asami asked if she was okay.

In Chapter 2, Asami accompanied Korra to Ba Sing Se to find new airbenders and lent her a Future Industries Airship. Korra thanked Asami and told her it was perfect. In Chapter 3, Korra and Asami went to collect taxes for Earth Queen Hou-Ting. On the way, Korra reassures Asami that Hou-Ting just liked ordering her around and nothing would happen. When they arrived to collect the taxes, Korra told Asami she didn’t like the looks of it and that they should be quick. They were soon ambushed by a gang, and Korra agreed with Asami that they should’ve brought everyone else. They fended the gang off together, but they both soon became suspicious that the gang was right about them fighting the wrong side.

In Chapter 4, Korra angrily sparred with Asami to bring off steam, saying she knows Hou-Ting is lying to her, and she was angry she helped her. After Korra punched hard, Asami suggested that she stopped, saying that her bringing off steam was starting to hurt. Korra quickly apologized. Their conversation was interrupted by Bolin and Mako. After they were told about the Dai Li kidnapping airbenders, they made a plan with the boys to save them. When Hou-Ting interrupted them, Asami covered for Korra and said they couldn’t leave Ba Sing Se yet, saying their airship was having engine trouble. Korea thanked Asami after Hou-Ting left.

In Chapter 8, Asami, Bolin, Mako, and The Metal Clan helped save Korra from the Red Lotus kidnapping her. Asami later helps Korra prove that Aiwei betrayed Suyin to the Red Lotus.

Asami attempting to comfort and support a broken Korra.

In Chapter 9, Korra and Asami wait in the Si Wong desert while Mako and Bolin infiltrate the Misty Palms Oasis, and glance at each other when they see Bolin’a ridiculous disguise. As Korra moped, Asami asked if she was okay and Korra told her she didn’t know what Zaheer wanted with her, and Asami found a clue. Asami and Korra tried to find Xai Bau’s grove together to track down Aiwei and Zaheer, but they couldn’t find it. Later, when Korra went into the Spirit World, Asami watched her body while the was gone and then helped her escape from the Red Lotus on Naga, with Asami holding her with her arms around her waist.

Asami continued to protect Korra until they were captured by the Earth Queen and taken to Ba Sing Se. Korra and Asami plotted to escape from the ship and Asami easily broke out of her bonds, then escaped and got keys to break Korra out of her bonds. When Asami broke Korra out, Korra said Asami did nice work. When they hijacked the front of the ship, Korra destroyed the controls with their airbending making the ship crash, Asami did not blame Korra. Korra and Asami, with the help of the ships crew, escaped from the Si Wong desert and fixed the ship. The two then met with Lin, Tonraq, and Zuko, and Korra said they got out of the desert, thanks to Asami, and gave her a loving look.

In chapter 11, Asami and Korra reunited with Mako and Bolin, and they awkwardly glanced at each other when Makos grandmother, Yin, asked why Mako wasn’t dating any pretty girls like them. Later, when they arrived in Zaofu, Asami watched Korra’s body again while she went into the Spirit World looking for Zaheer. When Korra woke up, Asami was curious and asked if she liked Zaheer, and Asami had a big smile while Korra talked, indicating she may have been attracted to Korra at that point. In Chapter 12, Asami and Korra hugged when Korra went to sacrifice herself to Zaheer, and when they were done hugging, Korra had her hand on Asamis shoulder, gave each other loving looks, and told each other to be careful. In Chapter 13, Asami was very scared when Korra was poisoned by Zaheer and the Red Lotus.

2 weeks after Korra was poisoned by Zaheer, Asami cared for a wheelchair bound Korra and helped her get ready for Jinora’s tattoo ceremony, and she thanked Asami. Asami reminded her that she didn’t need to bounce back right away and needed time to heal. Asami then held Korra’s hand and said that she will be there for her, if she needed to talk or “anything”, and they should try to enjoy the day for Jinora. Asami wheeled Korra around in her wheelchair and took yet to the ceremony. During this time, Korra realized that she was in love with Asami, but due to her mental state, she didn’t know if her feelings were real or not.

Book Four

When Korra left for the South Pole to heal, Asami put her hands on Korra’s shoulders and asked if she wanted company in the Southern Water Tribe, and said she was happy to come with, but Korra declined and said it would only be for a few weeks, saying time alone would be good for her. Asami waved goodbye as Korra left for the South. She ended up being gone for 3 years. While she was gone, Asami wrote to Korra and said how she missed her while she was gone and how Republic City wasn’t the same without her, and talked about her life. Korra didn’t write back for 2 years due to not feeling she could relate to her friends anymore. She eventually wrote back to Asami, apologizing for not writing sooner, but she tried and didn’t know what to say. Korra said how her 2 years were the hardest in her life and how she had visions of what happened and couldn’t go into the Avatar State, and worried she would never recover. Korra told Asami to not tell Mako and Bolin she wrote to her, because she felt it was easier to tell Asami these things.

While she was gone, Asami realized she was in love with Korra and considered confessing her love to her via letter, but didn’t because she worried she would be rejected. A year later, Asami was very happy when she found out that Korra was returning and confided to Mako that she couldn’t wait to see her, and it’ll be weird having Team Avatar reunited. That night, Asami was excited when Korra arrived, but was saddened when she found out she wasn’t there and had left a year before,

In Chapter 7, Korra finally reunited with Asami (with Wu and Mako) at dinner, and Korra said she hoped she hadn’t been waiting long, and Asami said only three years, and gave her a hug. Asami then held her shoulders and said it was good to see her and that she loved her hair. Korra blushed and played with her hair, saying she looked snazzy as always. Asami then held Korra’s hand and took her to the dinner table. Asami sat next to Korra and asked if she could go into the Avatar State, saying she was nervous when she said she couldn’t, and Mako became suspicious, asking what was going on with the two. Korra confessed to Mako that she wrote to Asami and asked her not to tell him.

Korra then asked Asami what was going on with her life, and Asami said she was talking to her father, Hiroshi, again. Korra became worried and asked if she was sure she could trust him, saying he may be manipulating her again, and Asami became angry. Asami asked Korra if she thinks she doesn’t know what Hiroshi is capable of, and Korra denied her accusation, and Asami said she couldn’t disappear for three years then act like she knows what’s best got her. Korra then said she wanted to come back but never felt ready. Their conversation was cut short when Wu was kidnapped and the three had to track him down. After they rescued Wu, Asami said it was kind of like old times, being on the run in dangerous situations, except for the fighting, and Korra apologized for things being tense between them. Korra went into a group hug with Asami and Mako.

In Chapter 8, Asami brought Korra tea while she sat outside on Air Temple Island, saying that she thought Korra might be cold, and Korra said she was sweet and thanked her. Asami then asked if she was okay and said she seemed out of sorts, and Korra confided in Asami that Toph said the world didn’t need her and that it’s pointless to try to stop Kuvira. Asami said it was ridiculous, but Korra said she thought it was at first, but now she thinks it’s true. Asami told Korra that the world needed her and that she was the Avatar. The two then confided in each other: with Korra telling Asami how she messed up, and Asami telling her all the good she had done. After Tenzin also gave Korra advice, Korra thanked them both.

Asami & Korra in the final scene of Book Four.

In Chapter 13, after Korra defeated Kuvira, Korra sat alone at Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding to take a break from the party, talking to Tenzin, and Asami went to talk to Korra and said that Varrick needed him. Korra asked for Asami to sit with her, not ready to return to the party, and apologized for being gone for 3 years. Asami reassured Korra that she did not need to apologize for anything and that she was glad she was there now, saying she couldn’t lose her and her father on the same day. Korra apologized for what happened and Asami said she was glad she could forgive him, and they hugged. Asami and Korra both agreed they were partied out and needed a vacation. Korra invited Asami to go on a vacation with her, anywhere she wanted, and Asami and Korra agreed on The Spirit World. In the final scene of the show, Korra and Asami walked towards the Spirit portal together in Republic City, and they both smiled and looked at each other. The two then held hands and went into the portal, and gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Asami & Korra after the Book Four finale.


Korra and Asami kiss, The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars- Part One.

Their relationship is further explored in the new comic release named The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars. The beginning of the comics shows them on their vacation and talks about how they developed their feelings for one another. Asami states that she wasn't sure Korra felt the same way she did before Korra left to the South Pole, and that she even was about to confess to Korra in one of her letters. Korra stated that she questioned her own feelings for Asami during the time she was away; however, she eventually realized during the time that she indeed had romantic feelings for Asami. After losing their materials due to an angry spirit, they decide to cut their vacation short. However, to make it memorable, Asami suggests doing one last thing before they go—confirming their romantic involvement with each other with their first kiss. Three weeks after Asami was rescued, Korra confessed to Asami that she is in love with her, to which Asami said she felt the same way about Korra.

A few months later, Korra attended Kuvira's trial. Asami didn't go, as she was still grieving her father's death. The couple disagreed, though respectfully, about how much Kuvira could help in the democratic crisis in the Earth Kingdom city of Gaoling. Korra, Asami, Team Avatar and Kuvira went to Gaoling, where Asami warned Kuvira that she would be in trouble if she hurt her. Asami and Korra kissed on Gaoling airfield before they split up for their missions. Asami was captured by Commander Guan of the Earth Empire and brainwashed, attacking Korra the next time she saw her. However, Korra undid the brainwashing in Zaofu. At once, Asami came to her senses and apologized for whatever she had done. The two shared a bedroom in Zaofu and were about to go to bed together before Suyin interrupted them. They fought Guan along with their allies and returned to Republic City.


Asami“Love the hair.”
Korra“Thanks! You're looking as snazzy as always.”
— Book Four.
“Let's do it! A vacation, just you and me! Wherever you like!”
— Korra, The Last Stand.
“Writing to ONLY you wasn't an accident.”
— Korra, Turf Wars - Part 1.
Korra“What we're trying to say is...”
Korra & Asami“We're together.”
Turf Wars - Part 1.
Korra“The spirit world is a pretty unpredictable place. You never know when the ground might drop right out from under you. So, stay close. I don't want us to get separated.”
Asami“Me either...”
Turf Wars - Part 1.
Korra“I've been afraid to say something, but I can't keep to myself any longer. I love you, Asami.”
Asami“I love you too.”
Turf Wars - Part 3.


This ship has risen during Books Three and Four among fans, and the finale of the show has confirmed that these two are canon. The creators are known for having the finale end with two characters that are finally confirmed to be romantically involved. In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kataang is that couple that gets together during the finale. In The Legend of Korra, it ends with Korra and Asami gazing at each other's eyes before they enter the Spirit World for a vacation. Their relationship is further explored in The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars comics.

Despite starting out as a crack ship, Korrasami became increasingly popular throughout Book One and even won a Tumblr poll as the most popular ship after Book One. As Books Three and Four progressed, many fans grew hopeful that Korrasami might become canon, but others were doubtful that Nickelodeon would allow a same-sex relationship. However, when Korra and Asami smiled at each other and held hands at the end of the series, many fans concluded the relationship to be canon, including many who did not even ship Korrasami. However, some fans were still in denial and claimed that the moment just signified a close friendship. Three days after the finale aired, Bryan and Mike both posted on Tumblr and confirmed that their relationship was indeed romantic. While many were happy, some fans still felt that the relationship was far too out of the blue and had little to no development before the reveal in the final episode, while others feel it was done purely for fanservice, though the creators denied this. Other fans do not ship them because they are still supporters of its biggest rival Makorra. Even though the Comic -Turf Wars 3- Showed Korra and Asami kissing, Michael DiMartino said that he did not agree to what has happened and wished to change it back. His team persuaded him to put it into the Comic so he finally gave in. Michael then denies it ever happened later on.



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Mako's reaction to Korra and Asami's romantic relationship.

  • Korra and Asami are the first same-sex couple in the history of Nickelodeon.
  • Bryan Konietzko claims to be the first ever Korrasami shipper and has been shipping it since 2010. [1]
  • The manner in which Korra and Asami held hands and gazed into each other's eyes at the end of the series was meant to mirror Varrick and Zhu Li's nuptial.
  • Korrasami is thought to be predicted all along with little clues from the animation:





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